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Deceived (Dedicated to the parents of circumcised boys)

2011 Christina King

Moms and dads of circumcised boys this is for you
It is easy to forget that you have been deceived too
When your son was born you held him in your arms
You fell in love instantly and wanted to do him no harm
Then the doctor came in and asked, "Do you want to circumcise?"
He told you it was for the best and fed you nothing but lies
"It won't get infected." He promised. "He won't get teased."
"It's cleaner." He insisted. "If he stays whole he will be displeased!
"It's a decision you must make as parents," the doctor explains.
"Do it now while you can. He's a baby. Babies feel very little pain.
"If you don't do it now he'll grow up and have to have it done.
"It's very painful for an adult. Doing it now would be best in the long run."

You only wanted what was best for your perfect baby boy
You hadn't the slightest idea what the doctors were going to destroy
He called it a mere flap of skin, he promised it was just a snip.
If you had known the truth you never would have gone through with it.
The foreskin which is 15 square inches is gone, the soft ridges of the frenar band,
More than 20,000 nerve endings are lost, more things than you can count on your hand,
Several feet of blood vessels are no longer there, and that is by far not all
He will be reminded of it every day when he steps into the shower stall.

The truth eventually found its way to you and you are horrified by what you found.
"What have I done to my baby boy?" You ask yourself. In your guilt you feel you may drown
Know this, it takes a strong person to admit when you've done something wrong
This lets you begin to heal, even though it feels like it may be taking too long.
You can't change the past but you can work to make the future bright.
If we all stand up together against this horrible practice we can start to make it right.
Talking about what was done to your son is hard to do but can help the healing start.
Stop blaming yourself for trusting someone who is supposed to have your best interests at heart.

Let your son know that you are sorry and explain. It's okay to cry. It's okay to grieve.
You only wanted what was best for your child but instead you were deceived.

~ Christina King

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