Bathmate / Vacu-Vin mod User Declaration

Read this! You SERIOUSLY could get hurt!

Thanks for your interest in the Your-Skin Cone.

PE enthusiasts should READ THIS NOTE about a man who attributes glans damage to VLC use. To purchase this device you must affirm the declaration below:

I’d like to buy a Your-Skin Cone. I understand that using vacuum for enlargement is an activity that requires care. I will stop what I’m doing and seek prompt medical attention if any PE activity gets uncomfortable. I will get medical advice before starting if I have diabetes, hemophilia, Raynaud’s phenomenon, chronic substance abuse, or any condition that might affect normal circulation or pain sensation.

I will use gentle vacuum, understanding that with this modification it is possible to use far more vacuum than the Bathmate device was intended for. Intact men are especially vulnerable to vacuum-related injury due to blistering of capillaries near the delicate mucosal surface of the glans.

Even if I do everything perfectly, unforeseen events like slips and falls could put me in special danger while using this device. I will take steps to avoid this, but it is a risk I willingly assume. I will take care to keep parts out of reach of toddlers and pets.

While 1000s of men have found pursuing enlargement worthwhile, I realize it is not well studied scientifically. Like many things in life, it is something I undertake even in the face of uncertainty because I think the rewards outweigh my general perception of the risks. I will stay in touch with and the free online User Group: ( and the online resources for Bathmate users to be apprised of any newly identified risks.

When I get the gear if I am unsure how to proceed I will ask questions via e-mail, the free online forum, or by calling 847 414-1692 (at my expense if necessary) until I am comfortable with the answers, or I will return the devices for a refund*.

I am responsible for my own health, and for my decisions about how to use vacuum and what activities to engage in while wearing a vacuum device., Inc. has no affiliation with the makers of Bathmate or Vacu-Vin. Nobody at, Inc. is a doctor. This document does not directly affect my legal rights but I am required by, Inc. to read, understand, and affirm it if I want to buy and use a Your-Skin Cone for penile shaft tensioning.

(your name)
(current date)

-Ron Low
President,, Inc.