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The Your-Skin Cone for effortless comfortable discreet glans rejuvenation

The Your-Skin Restoration Cone by TLC Tugger lets you comfortably keep your own skin rolled up over your glans so your glans and “inner” skin (between the circumcision scar and the glans) can regain natural health and sensitivity.

It almost goes without saying that a circumcised expectant dad who wears the Your-Skin Cone 24/7 in the weeks and months before the birth of his son will be persuaded that circumcision would rob his newborn child of natural suppleness and sensitivity. And note that once your son is born and is left intact, caregivers must never be allowed to retract his foreskin.

Roll some skin over the corona

Force skin forward of the glans

Wedge the bunched-up skin into the Your-Skin Cone

The Your-Skin Cone hangs on by itself

Wear the Your-Skin Cone under briefs

Your-Skin Cone helps craft a natural-looking pucker

The Your-Skin Cone is very easy to use. Just roll some skin up over the glans. Bunch the skin up in front of the tip. Wedge the skin into the cone. Wear it all day under briefs, and to bed at night. See the Instructions Sheet (pdf).

Regain a healthy shiny glans

For the quickest, most effective rejuvenation keep your own skin over the glans 24/7. Wash the cone daily with plain soap and rinse thoroughly. Wash the end of your penis with only clear water. Never tolerate dry friction to the glans again.

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Ordering resumes December 4
Ordering resumes December 4
Ordering resumes December 4