EU Value Added Tax

EU VAT requirements were updated July 1, 2021

TLC Tugger is fully compliant with EU VAT requirements as updated July 1, 2021

European Union customers should assemble a shopping cart, take a screen shot, and email it to us ( to create an order (see steps below). Direct ordering from the EU has been switched off at our web site. Thanks for your understanding.

EU Buyers:
– Get a TLC Tugger kit immediately via ebay here: TLC Tugger kit on Ebay.
– Get a TLC-X Extensible kit immediately via ebay here: TLC-X Extensible kit on Ebay.
– Get a TLC-X kit immediately via ebay here: TLC-X kit on Ebay.
– Get a TLC-X Gold kit immediately via ebay here: TLC-X Gold kit on Ebay.
– Get a TLC Danglers 15-ounce Set immediately via ebay here: TLC Danglers on Ebay.

Note that Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom, etc. are not affected by this arrangement. Such non-EU buyers should use our web site’s shopping cart instead of Ebay.

If your order is shipping into the EU, your tax rate varies by country. We are now using ebay to calculate, collect, and disburse the tax, and to print the mailing label and customs forms. This means you’ll pay about 20% extra; import duty is the buyer’s responsibility and not reflected in our website’s pricing.

The good news is that pre-paid VAT eliminates surprises and we hear that packages sail through customs with minimal delay.

Procedurally, it will work like this:

1) You assemble a shopping cart with your desired items.
2) Take note of your preferred shipping mode.
3) At our Shopping Cart screen, get your Products list on the screen and make a screenshot.
4) Copy the screenshot into an email to and tell us your shipping preference.

When we get your order email:

1) We will set up a private ebay listing with your order number in the title.
2) The listing’s merchandise and shipping amounts will match the order you assembled.
3) We will email you a link to the ebay listing.
4) You will clink the link to view the ebay listing and pay with a credit card or PayPal account.
5) Ebay will use your shipping address to add VAT to your bill. We can only ship to this address as entered. If you make a mistake, we will have to refund you and start over.
6) Ebay will transmit the VAT to your country, and the rest to us (minus their fee).
7) We make your items and use ebay to generate a mailing label and customs paperwork showing pre-paid VAT.
8) We email you a shipping confirmation notice.

It’s all very complicated and we may figure out a better way to do it, but the tax is complicated and it is unavoidable. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-Ron Low
-Alice Low
Founders,, Inc.
September 16, 2021