Foreskin For Christmas

Enjoy the new Christmas carol by TLC Tugger and the Slackers



You caught up with me under the mistletoe
We kissed and we quickly had to find a private place to go
Not your first time, you shared something you’ve come to know
Turns out I’m missing something grand that makes your juices flow
I never want to disappoint you so here I go

So I’m giving myself a foreskin for Christmas
It’s the gift that keeps on giving; nobody should miss this
Don’t need Santa or an elf
‘Cause I’ll grow it for myself
Just takes tugging and some time
And that new skin will be mine
Nobody tells you
Your best part is gone
But I’ll grow it back if it takes the rest of my days
I feel re-born this Christmas day

I Want To Help you Restore is another song of ours that features sleigh bells.