Manual Tugging Demo

Ron Low of TLC Tugger demonstrates the use of a conical silicone device as an aid for manual tugging

Notes: Until you can get a comfortable application, you could try a regimen of manual tugging assisted by the Tugger body. Instead of the clear cone you will use just a ring grip (touching thumb to first finger) to keep the skin on the device while you tug. With the other hand, run a pen or similar stick crossways through the tugging handle to give you a comfortable grip. While waking, toileting, and falling asleep you will apply gentle tug cycles, maybe 3-10 seconds long with just a beat to reset and repeat. Do it for as many minutes as you can get away with, hopefully 30 minutes or more total per day. In perhaps a few weeks you will have the improved slack and mobility that lets you apply the device as intended.

Wear the retaining cone if possible during all non-tugging hours to keep your skin rolled forward protecting the glans.

Full transcript coming soon.