My Dog Ate It

TLC Tugger mourns your loss of a device, but the dog should be OK

Factors to consider if your pet destroys your tugging gear

Sorry for your loss. Our silicone is food-grade room-temperature-vulcanizing platinum-catalyzed fully-cured silicone rubber, and small bites of it should pass through your pet without incident. Send us a photo of any surviving parts so we can confirm if anything metal is unaccounted for. Call or text us at any hour if you have concerns about your pet’s health.

Our canisters are polyurethane except for the 31mm size which is PET. Mefix tape could be a problem, depending on how much the dog or cat ingested. Contact your veterinarian who will probably tell you to watch the animal’s behavior and outputs for a few days.

Don’t forget to look for any miscellaneous parts like rubber bands, clips, straps, springs, shoelaces, screws, baggies, etc.

TLC Tugger will gladly replace accidentally lost or destroyed parts at 50% off (not including stainless weights).