Q: “Will the package show up at my office with “PENIS CONE” stenciled on all sides?”

A: No. We ship parcels very discreetly:

For standard airmail we use a plain white 6×9 inch sturdy Tyvek mailing pouch or a box, with no business name in the return address and no identifying documents inside (unless you request them). “Hey Smithers, this package came for you.” “Ah good, my…uhm…vacuum cleaner parts have arrived.” Say whatever you wish about the package. The only person with anything to be embarrassed about is the one cutting children’s genitals.

TLC Tugger sends discreet white mailing pouches

However, for non-US and military shipments, a customs form with a description of contents is required. We can write “hygiene kit” or “post-surgical brace” or any vague non-fraudulent thing you like on there.

International and military shipments require a customs form

For more secure packaging, expedited handling, and quicker shipping, upgrade to USPS Priority Mail, which is usually sent in a box that is 8.6″ x 5.4″ x 1.7″ (218mm x 137mm x 43mm).

Priority Mail is shipped in a secure box

For fastest shipping, upgrade to USPS Express Mail, which will probably be sent in a document folio that is 12.5″ x 9.5″ x 1.5″ (316mm x 240mm x 38mm). There are some items that can’t go by that method, so we use the comparable Tyvek pouch supplied by the post office. Contact us before ordering if you’re concerned.

Express Mail parcels are packed in a cardboard document sleeve

In general, we like to keep it simple to avoid waste. We don’t include frilly storage cases or things that will go straight into the trash. You can decide what storage scheme best simplifies your life. See also our note on shipping methods.