TLC Tugger Air Devices User Declaration

Read this! You could get hurt!

Using air pressure to tension the skin is not well tested. Proceed at your own risk.

Consult a medical expert about the possible effects of exhaled air entering the urinary tract. Use of a dot style self-adhesive bandage over the urinary meatus OR a glans “beanie” made by cutting the tip off a condom is recommended to reduce the risk of air entering the urethra, but is in no way a tested or reliable preventative. A hand squeeze-bulb pump is available as a substitution for the silicone hose to eliminate exhaled air from the process.

As with any restoring technique, use only gentle tension and/or pressure that would be comfortable for hours at a time.

More than with other Tuggers, Air devices give you the power to do real damage if used carelessly, due to the presence of the metal tube. Even if used correctly, Tuggers can cause damage if something unexpected happens. For example, you might be wearing your Tugger while you have a car accident; the tugging wasn’t dangerous until combined with the high energy of moving traffic.

So to purchase this device you must affirm the declaration below:

I’d like to buy a TLC Tugger Air device. I understand that tugging penile skin for foreskin restoration is an activity that requires care. I will stop what I’m doing and seek prompt medical attention if any restoring activity gets uncomfortable. I will get medical advice before starting if I have diabetes, hemophilia, Raynaud’s phenomenon, chronic substance abuse, or any condition that might affect normal circulation or pain sensation.

I will use gentle tension, targeting my daytime adjustment so that I can wear the device at least 4 hours comfortably, and any nighttime adjustment so that the device would still be comfortable after 8 hours.

I will try any technique with which I wish to sleep BEFORE getting into bed – while awake and with an erect penis – since I will most certainly have nocturnal erections in my sleep. While sleeping with a pillow under my knees may help keep me on my back, I will take stock of the sorts of mishaps that could occur if I do flop around in my sleep while wearing a device. If I decide to proceed, I will set an alarm every two hours the first few nights so I can check on the state of my penis and device. I will never tug down toward the knee when erections are expected.

I will keep the device clean. I understand the recommended regimen is daily washing with a soft toothbrush and soap followed by thorough rinsing, blowing out any holes, and patting dry. The pusher should stay attached to the steel tube if the pusher is carried into the shower. I won’t take the squeeze bulb, hose, valve, collet, collar, or set screw into the shower.

I understand that the TLC Air has unforgiving metal parts. Tugging handles and tubes are set into the main Tugger body and tested to resist a pull of 20 pounds, and even though I expect to use only about one pound or less, if the handle got twisted or torqued and it ripped out, its anchor piece could damage my penile skin. The end of the steel tube could hurt my leg if I’m not careful. The threaded bottom of the tube is pointed right at my glans when in use. (I’ll use only fingers, and never use tools to tighten the tube.) I will inspect any Pusher and tube regularly and request a replacement if anything looks strange, for example if it appears the flat metal plate molded into the Pusher is tearing the silicone. Even the tugging straps could hurt me, for example if I have a strap stretched and it suddenly slips the clip could strike my eye.

Even if I do everything perfectly, unforeseen events like slips and falls could put me in special danger while tugging. Also, I won’t leave the small parts of this device laying about where toddlers and pets could swallow them. I realize that the device coming off me while in public could cause me embarrassment and perhaps even disqualify me from certain professions. I will take steps to avoid this, but it is a risk I willingly assume.

While 1000s of men have found foreskin restoration to be very worthwhile, I realize it is not well studied scientifically. Like many things in life, it is something I undertake even in the face of uncertainty because I think the rewards outweigh my general perception of the risks. I will stay in touch with TLC Tugger ( and the online User Group: ( to be apprised of any newly identified risks.

I have read every word of the product description at and viewed the demo videos (new videos will always be announced via Twitter). When I get the Tugger if I am unsure how to proceed I will ask questions via e-mail, the free online forum, or by calling 847 414-1692 (at my expense if necessary) until I am comfortable with the answers, or I will return the device for a refund*.

I am responsible for my own health, and for my decisions about how to tug and what activities to engage in with a Tugger on. Nobody at, Inc. is a doctor. This document does not directly affect my legal rights but I am required by, Inc. to read, understand, and affirm it if I want to buy and use a TLC Tugger Air device for foreskin restoration.

(your name)
(current date)

-Ron Low
President,, Inc.