TLC Tugger Retirement Announcement

Time marches on

Hi, it’s Ron. My wife Alice and I have been 50/50 partners in operating TLC Tugger foreskin restoration devices company from our home north of Chicago for two decades. She is now 62, which is 5 years older than her mom was when she died. During our prior 25 years as corporate MBA types (before we formed TLC Tugger) we saved our shekels, so Alice is ready to retire at the end of this year and live a little – while we still can.

I’m not ready to fully retire, although there are things I wish to focus on more, like podcasting and making music and broadening my intactivist demonstrations, in addition to harder-core environmentalism.

At our peak in 2020, TLC Tugger kept 4 people busy full time. No matter what, I’ll continue to offer bumper stickers and other intactivist gear, but after December I’ll be making and shipping TLC Tugger devices by myself, at a reduced production volume until we identify someone with the desire and capability to be trained to take over.

I think it would be great if my designs continued to be available. The Your-Skin Cone (NSFW) is something every restorer should wear during all non-tugging hours to protect the glans. The TLC Selects spacers let users fine-tune the device length in 3mm increments as they gain slack, to keep a constant part of the skin tube worn at the skinniest part of the device – for the most natural-looking puckered outcome (NSFW). I’m very proud of our new TLC Shocker gentle tension bands. And our judicious use of engineered metal components lets us offer the narrowest workable device profile so the skin is never stretched wider than necessary. We also have solutions for Peyronies and PE, and can help FTM trans users.

If you’ve always wanted to run a device company feel free to hit me up. Whether or not that happens, I’ll make sure any warranty issues for devices already in service are dealt with fairly.

I had hoped I’d be out of the restoration business long before this due to an expected decline in circumcisions. I thank each of the over 65,000 people who trusted me to help them on their restoration journey. Making a popular device has allowed me to get our message out broadly, including in Time Magazine, on the BBC and The Learning Channel, on the Howard Stern Show (NSFW), and on HBO. Maybe by stepping away from device making and letting the several other emerging device brands serve restorers, I can be more focused and effective in protecting tomorrow’s kids.

-Ron Low
October 30, 2023

PS – If I have your email address, I may contact you one or two times as our plans firm up and the podcast kicks off. And there’s always the chance you’ll hear from me about specific activism opportunities that arise near you.

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