TLC Tugger Ventless Device User Declaration

Read this! You could get hurt!

Thanks for your interest in the VLC Tugger. More than with vented Tugging, a ventless device gives you the power to do real damage if used carelessly. Even if used correctly, tugging can cause damage if something unexpected happens. For example you might be wearing your device while you have a slip-and-fall accident. The setup wasn’t dangerous until combined with the high energy of your body falling. Proceed with caution.

Men who wish to tension the penile shaft use our VLC line of Tugging gear. The names of our devices for shaft tension start with a V for ventless. They let you tension the shaft because wrapping your skin around the device and gripping it there with a Your-Skin Cone forms a vacuum seal and they pull at the glans. Some of the tugging force goes directly to the shaft, and less tension goes to the outer-facing skin. Intact men need to be very careful with tension settings since the induced vacuum can cause capillaries near the delicate mucosal surface of the glans to burst, leading to bruising and blistering. This is true for intact men with any vacuum method.

Use to address Peyronies symptoms or curvature is experimental and at the user’s risk. Any curvature greater than what was seen at some time in memory warrants competent medical advice.

TLC Tugger offers various ventless device options including the VLC Tugger, the VLC Hanger, the TLC Packers, and the VLC-X. These can be used with various tension sources including straps, weights, or traction rigs (for example the SizeGenetics Extender).

When adding tension, take it easy. Just because a method is capable of pulling with a lot of force does not mean we expect anyone to wear the maximum amount. For foreskin restoration I have found 12 ounces is more than enough for about an hour, and 7 ounces is enough for longer wear, but the system lets you fine-tune the amount. The best amount to wear depends on penile girth, skin thickness, available slack, health and hygiene, and intended wear duration. Start low and work up very gradually until getting through 4 straight hours begins to be a challenge, then back off one setting. Never tolerate pain. And READ THIS NOTE from a man who blames the VLC for glans damage.

I can’t personally say whether tensioning the shaft grows penis length, as I’ve only used the skin lengthening (TLC) version of the device. My own results are documented at our user forum here: I did add about 1/4″ of apparent erect shaft length while I added over 4″ of skin tube. One VLC user was kind enough to send clear and carefully made ruler pics that seemed to show 1cm of new erect length per year of gentle tension worn 10-12 hours per day.

I can say with confidence that I can’t imagine a more comfortable way to tension the shaft for extended periods than our VLC Tuggers. But growing shaft is harder than growing skin by the laws of physics. Since the cross-sectional area of the whole shaft is 5 to 10 times as great as the cross-sectional AREA of just the skin tube at the perimeter, it would take 5 to 10 times as much FORCE to get the same STRESS (stress is force divided by area) in the shaft that we easily get in the skin. Since forces that great can’t be comfortably worn, expect shaft lengthening to happen much more slowly than skin lengthening.

So to purchase these devices you must affirm the declaration below:

I’d like to buy a TLC ventless device. I understand that tugging for enlargement is an activity that requires care. I will stop what I’m doing and seek prompt medical attention if any restoring activity gets uncomfortable. I will get medical advice before starting if I have diabetes, hemophilia, Raynaud’s phenomenon, chronic substance abuse, or any condition that might affect normal circulation or pain sensation.

I will use gentle tension, targeting my daytime adjustment so that I could wear the device at least 4 consecutive hours comfortably.

I will try any technique with which I wish to sleep BEFORE getting into bed – while awake and with an erect penis – since I will most certainly have nocturnal erections in my sleep. While sleeping with a pillow under my knees may help keep me on my back, I will take stock of the sorts of mishaps that could occur if I do flop around in my sleep while wearing a device. If I decide to proceed, I will set an alarm every two hours the first few nights so I can check on the state of my penis and device. I will never tug down toward the knee when erections are expected.

I will keep the tugging device clean. I understand the recommended regimen for silicone devices is daily washing with a soft toothbrush and soap in the shower followed by thorough rinsing and patting dry, including blowing out any holes. This will have a positive effect on the gripping power of the device. I am well-advised to wipe my tapeless device at mid-day to keep it gripping all day long.

I understand that weights have high-inertia and are unforgiving. I may feel comfortable walking with the device, but I understand that the sudden need to run could threaten my health if the heavy weights start bouncing and jerking sharply on my penis.

I understand that traction rigs like the SizeGenetics Extender are rigid and unyielding. I may feel comfortable lounging with such a device, but I understand that a sudden ill-advised shift in body position could cause pain or injury.

Even if I do everything perfectly, unforeseen events like slips and falls could put me in special danger while tugging. Also, I won’t leave small parts of this device laying about where toddlers and pets could swallow them. I realize that the device coming off me while in public could cause me embarrassment and perhaps even disqualify me from certain professions. I will take steps to avoid this, but it is a risk I willingly assume. I have been advised to obtain a Tugging Jock like is offered by to contain parts in the event my device loosens from my penis.

While 1000s of men have found pursuing enlargement worthwhile, I realize it is not well studied scientifically. Like many things in life, it is something I undertake even in the face of uncertainty because I think the rewards outweigh my general perception of the risks. I will stay in touch with and the free online User Group: (“”) to be apprised of any newly identified risks.

I have read every word of the product description at and viewed the demo videos (new videos will always be announced via Twitter). When I get the gear if I am unsure how to proceed I will ask questions via e-mail, the free online forum, or by calling 847 414-1692 (at my expense if necessary) until I am comfortable with the answers, or I will return the devices for a refund*.

I am responsible for my own health, and for my decisions about how to tug and what activities to engage in with a Tugger on. Nobody at, Inc. is a doctor. This document does not directly affect my legal rights but I am required by, Inc. to read, understand, and affirm it if I want to buy and use a TLC Tugger ventless device for penile shaft tensioning.

(your name)
(current date)

-Ron Low
President,, Inc.