Circumcision Wrecks Sex

glans surface

Circumcision alters the penis dramatically

glans surface

SEX! It’s about sex. Say it loud. Say it proud.

With some audiences it doesn’t pay to get caught in the weeds arguing that amputated foreskin is stolen by profiteers, or that the procedure is painful.

Circumcision wrecks sex. Tell expecting parents that. Most of the world is intact. The circumcision rate is dropping and their son* will KNOW they knew it was dropping when they stole half his shaft skin anyway.

Circumcision removes about 100 square centimeters of pleasure-receptive surface from the adult penis including the most nerve-rich part. The procedure crushes or destroys the frenulum which intact men* say must be akin to the clitoris due to its sexual responsiveness. Circumcision eliminates the slack skin that allows the exquisite frictionless gliding mode of stimulation that is indescribable to cut men who only know what taut friction feels like. And circumcision removes the 24/7 protection for the suppleness of the glans. As seen above, the glans of a cut man gets dull and less sensitive and is literally a scratchy intruder to a partner.

The tender pure newborn son* will one day be an adult who deserves the best possible sex as a grown man. If he doesn’t like his foreskin, he could have it removed by the best technology THEN available. But in all likelihood he won’t, because foreskin feels REALLY good.

Tell expecting parents to ask the hospital exactly how much skin is typically removed, and have them ask the hospital to sign something stating exactly how much skin will be removed from their son*. The hospital folks won’t know the first answer, and won’t comply with the second request, because circumcision outcomes are obscenely haphazard and they know it.

Dad* can prove he is taking the choice seriously by wearing a discreet comfortable Your-Skin Cone for a month or two. Dad will quickly realize how much more supple and sensitive the glans gets when it’s covered 24/7 by his own skin. There will be no question about leaving the newborn intact.

Lastly, make them look at several web pages of botched circumcision outcomes – if they expect to preserve any respect you might have for them. This is tricky since Google lately doesn’t readily show what you want for this. See: and

-Ron Low
Founder, TLC Tugger