The Canister Method lets users with limited slack start tugging

A kit includes two cut-out canisters with tugging handles. Add a roll of Mefix tape to get started, and budget for one 2" roll and half a 1" roll per month of taping, until you have enough slack to comfortably force skin over the whole glans. Then you should be able to switch to a convenient tapeless method.

Regain a healthy shiny glans


The Canister tape-based tugging method (Download)

Straightforward to use:

- For those starting with very little slack, a tape method may be the only wearable way to get your skin ready to use the Your-Skin Restoration Cone or TLC Tugger.
- The canister method - unlike other tape methods - allows you to keep your glans bathed in lotion 24/7.
- Add lotion, push your glans in, roll some skin up over the barrel.
- Secure the skin with Mefix tape. Remove the second half of the backing paper only after 1 full wrap.
- Add gentle tension in accord with the 4-Hour Rule.

(See the Detailed Guide).

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