Benefits of Foreskin Restoration

A personal statement about the benefits of restoring

Men ask me if restoring is worthwhile. It’s a lot of work to expand your surviving skin, and there is no evidence that we can regenerate the lost specialized pleasure receptors known as Meisner’s Corpuscles. The specialized layer of shear muscle cells at the preputial sphincter also does not regenerate.

The restored skin may not be original equipment, but restoring is nonetheless very worthwhile. Restoring gives radically different sexual sensations. Among them:

– the shaft can now be frictionlessly kneaded and massaged by the slinking of the skin, to prod some sense sites deep within the shaft near the glans and elsewhere. I never knew this was possible before I restored. I suppose with enough lube I might have discovered the same sensation earlier before I had slack skin.

– the surviving mucosal skin just below the glans down to the scar (which originally faced inward before circumcision) now has a sort of ticklish “itch” that just sparkles during intercourse or oral stimulation. The area was dry and basically numb before.

– the corona and frenular area are just a lot more sensitive/ticklish now that they are covered and protected all the time. Some have said it’s due to “dekeratinization” (the sloughing off of accumulated keratin) and others have said there’s no such thing. All I know is I feel A LOT more now. It’s like the nerve endings are closer to the surface, and the surface is more supple and delicate so it tracks better with the fine detail of whatever it’s touching. It’s like going from wearing 3 layers of thick condoms to a wearing single ultra-shear one. Anybody can experience the same change by wearing an adhesive bandage continuously for several days on any part of their body. When you take it off, the part that had been covered is very sensitive and ticklish.

– the skin at the pucker of the prepuce (the roll-over point) is very ticklish to tongue flicking when it is bunched up. Since I didn’t have enough to bunch up before during arousal, I never felt this sensation.

– the inner-facing foreskin is delightfully aware of a tongue plunged in between the glans and foreskin and swirled around (with skin drawn forward over the glans). Since I didn’t have enough slack before for this to happen, I never felt this sensation until I had slack.

– the shaft skin that has spent its whole day puckered in front of the glans gives off a wild sensation upon the onset of an erection. It’s like the skin shimmers from inside as it is forced to stretch wide enough to clear the glans and retract past it, while it also has to overcome the grip of the tacky clinging adhesion to the glans. It’s like both glans and skin are kissing each other. This is brief and I really only notice it for the first couple minutes of an erotic encounter, but that’s OK. If it kept up I’d probably climax too fast. I imagine this might be akin to what it feels like to have a vagina stretched out. I can only guess about that of course.

– the shaft skin that rolls up and down the shaft gives off a new feeling as it rolls over on itself from inner to outer and back. Since I never had enough slack before to feel the skin tightly rolling like this during arousal I never felt this sensation before.

– with the slack skin sufficient to easily cover my glans during arousal, my wife can rub my glans through the skin before intercourse while I’m licking her, and there is ZERO risk of her rubbing me to the point of numbness, no matter how long we keep at that activity. Before, dry friction directly on my glans would really have a negative impact on the intercourse that followed.

– after my wife climaxes once during intercourse her vaginal chemistry seems to change such that there is suddenly more friction. Not a LOT more; just like the difference between lube that’s water-based and lube that’s oil-based. At that time, I often feel my penis move inside my sheath of skin only, with ZERO friction between me and her vaginal walls. She LOVES this, because she says at that moment she would be too sensitive for any friction. Because I never had slack before, she was never able to enjoy this plush filled-up frictionless massage feeling between orgasms before. Of course when we’re finally done, this same action causes her vagina to pull my skin so my glans is actually covered as I withdraw, which is a trip.

Sex wasn’t torture before. At age 38 my wife and I would make love for like 45 minutes or an hour. She would climax about 5 times and if I wanted to finish I needed to REALLY concentrate and she needed to break out the dirty talk and the stars needed to align. But she would be utterly rubbed raw and then she would want to take several days off from intimacy to recover.

She never did succeed in finishing me orally until after I restored.

Now whenever she’s had enough of intercourse I just let go and finish as she climaxes again with me. But the whole ride is so fulfilling, I’m in no rush to get to a big finish. We really connect, and have intercourse more often than ever.

Sex is very much better since restoration, for physical reasons. We’re both having the best sex of our lives after 19 years of marriage.

-Ron Low
Founder, TLC Tugger

2022 Update:
16 years after I stopped tugging regularly, I took this photo of my neatly puckered skin tube at Chicago’s World Naked Bike Ride to fight climate change after 3 hours of naked bike riding. Passing for intact feels really good.