Reproduced verbatim here are messages from some folks kind enough to take the time to write us.

The TLC Tugger testimonials gallery will be updated soon for 2018-2024. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks. Oh, and i wanted to mention that you are correct [with the size] was perfect and I'm very happy with it and I really appreciate you helping me through all of this. You guys are seriously helpful and you rock!

Zachary / TX May 31, 2017

Big fan, I bought your TLC Hanger a little over 2 weeks ago and I am simply LOVING it. In less than a week I will be turning 19, but when I'm masturbating, It's so much more enjoyable and, I freely admit, more fun! 😛

Chad / KS October 10, 2017

I think the BathMate might be very helpful for some people getting started. I read some of the other ways of working to get a little slack started. When I began to use the BathMate (it's been about two years) I wasn't imagining that there would be a side effect of extra slack. I actually began researching side effects of using the BathMate to see if other men found they were beginning to see evidence of extra slack. That lead me down a rabbit hole of finding men unhappy about being circumcised. The more I read the more I wanted to find a way to reverse my circumcised condition.

That is how I found you. I have been using the Tugger quite religiously. I began to see and feel noticeable effects after a few weeks. (I wear it during the day and take periodic breaks, but I also keep it on as much as possible when I sleep.)

I can honestly tell you that there is a difference with just a few weeks for me. I will be working to continue making progress, as I know that there can still be more (added while erect).

Thank you, again!

Jon / MO November 4, 2017

Thank you for your prompt service and I do appreciate everything you do to provide this option for me.

Jeffrey / NY August 17, 2017

I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done, your inventions, your involvements, your websites, it has really improved my confidence and my will to contact you.

Valentin / France June 21, 2017

It has now been a year that I have owned your product. The TLC Tugger is made well and no flaws in workmanship have been noticed considering how often it is used. The TLC Tugger has absolutely made a difference in my life and I would like to thank you for producing such a quality item. I am confident that others have experienced the same. May your company grow and be prosperous and here's to another year of use. Many thanks!

Bruce / MD September 17, 2017

Greetings from Hawaii. I only meant to thank you for providing this device. I have been using a tugger for 3 years. Very happy with the results. My wife is happier now too. Truly improved our sex. Aloha

Jeremy / HI May 7, 2017

Just wanted to tell you how much I love it and hopeful I am.

Daniel / Canada May 6, 2017

 I want to thank Ron Low for the passion and innovation he has put in to creating these devices. He left his industrial engineer job to design these devices. What would I do without him? Well I want to be enginner someday and have wanted to for a while but even more than that I want to be restored.

I am 21 and I just became a trucker which is the best job for restoring your foreskin because you are sitting down for hours on end. Before this I have tried like a year different techniques but it just doesnt work for me being in an active environment. It seems crazy to me that something so small can be such a big dream . I want sex that doesnt make a girl feel irritation.

Its crazy to see the amount of divorces in the world and the unspoken truth is that so many divorces have so much to do with the sex. One partner thinks he's doing something and the guy ejaculates early and the female only gets irritation and no orgasm from her man.

So I'm living the dream in my truck. Every day of growth I notice it feels better big noticable difference. All of this feels so weird because I'm alone in my own world no one around me who is circumcised sees this clearly like I do.

But anyways. Was just on youtube stumbled on a Ron Low vid in which he shares a little more about his personal life which is when he went from more than just a weird foreskin device salesman in my mind. He's a respectable man who put his time and life into something that he was passionate about. I'm thankful he was the pilgrim in this jouney and now I get to benefit from his hard work if I stay consistant. Hope he sees this. Thanks man.

Justin / TX May 2, 2017

I want to thank you for a great product. From small beginnings of not be able to get the tugger on to now on the way of having my glans almost covered. It is wonderful and I can not wait until I have at least am covered when soft.

Robert / WA April 13, 2017

Thank you very much 🙂 I am wearing it as we speak and I tell you, it is the most comfiest of the tugging methods for me. Keep up the awesome work!

Chad / KS May 1, 2017

Thank you for being a voice for so many men.

John / TX April 11, 2017

The package received today, I'm very satisfied, many thanks. Great service is appreciated and will recommend.

Steffen / Germany April 7, 2017

I've been using my TLC Air since Monday. I'm getting better with it as I use it more. It took a few days to be able to get a good seal every time. I works way better than the tugger that I added a hose to. The cuff is great. It holds everything together perfect. Thanks for another great product.

Timothy / PA April 7, 2017

I owe my success to your invention.

Will / CO April 3, 2017

Just picked up my order, very impressed with the quality!

Stephen / WA March 30, 2017

I just want to say... I'm very grateful for the product you have created! I have gained so much foreskin and sexual stimulation that I just never had before, it's crazy! After a year I'm at about 50% flaccid coverage, but the gliding and de-keratinization have just made sex phenomenal!

Alex / KS February 24, 2017

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the very quick and nice service when ordering my TLC-X tugger. I received the parcel last Monday, just one week after shipping, which was a pleasant surprise to me, as I expected a longer delivery time (depending on customs clearance). At this moment, I’m still figuring out what is the most convenient way for me to use the device, but with a few days of trial and error, I now figured out how to apply the device correctly and how I can make it fix the skin nicely while applying a lot of stretching tension. Maybe it’s useful that I outline my track record in restoring, as it goes back over 10 years in total. As I live in Belgium, where circumcision is not that common, apart from the cases for medical reasons (such as myself) and nowadays also more and more for religious reasons (according to recent data, 1 in 3 babies are getting circumcised in Belgium, a trend that I truly regret). Luckily, my parents decided back in the days to go for a minimal circumcision, so I was lucky enough to always have some flaccid coverage. During puberty, when experiencing more and more random erections, I started to experience how my remaining foreskin would automatically retract and then stay behind the glans. At those times, the contact of the glans with my underwear would always be uncomfortable, so that triggered me to start looking online for possible solutions. At that time, I did my first restoration attempts using multiple o-rings and a baby bottle nozzle as a keeper. After about 1 year, I reached the point where I had around 80% coverage in the flaccid state, and in fact the random retracting of the foreskin was already gone. Due to growth being rather slow with the o-ring method, I gave up after a while.

Last summer, I decided to take up restoring again, as I already knew that it’s definitely effective, so I got started again using multiple o-rings. This time, I carefully ordered exactly the right sizes that were most comfortable, and reached the point of full flaccid coverage a short while ago. The drawback however was that I needed about 15 o-rings to apply sufficient tension, and that putting those on and off during urination was becoming too cumbersome. That was the trigger for me to start looking for alternative methods, and now I gladly use your nice TLC tugger. I really appreciate the simplicity of the design that makes it very intuitive and easy to use, while at the same time being very effective. I now tug applying more tension than I did with the o-rings, and even though I can always feel the device while tugging, it feels really natural and comfortable, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the progress in the first few weeks and months. I’m feeling very confident now that the TLC tugger will allow me to finish the job off in a few months to a year.

Thanks once more for your very quick service, I’m already a satisfied customer now, as the ease-of-use and very natural feel already convinced me that this device will pull off (pun intended) the job 😉

Kristof / Belgium March 19, 2017

Thank you so much for all the help and useful information! Thank you so much for helping me with my questions. I'm very excited for journey!

Mycah / FL March 29, 2017

Very comfy. Thank you so much.

Milosh / Australia February 21, 2017

Just thought I'd share. I just worked across the country 5 hour flight (flight attendant) and with the walking, bending, squating in galley.... I love the TLCx tugger... I'm standing waiting for hotel van in DC.... and everything is still in place!

Tom / CA February 21, 2017

I am more than happy with your product. It is by far the best of the devices out there.

Metthias / CT February 15, 2017

Thank you so much for your engineering of these devices, and your dedication to undoing the premeditated mutilation of our population. You're the man!

Zachary / PA February 4, 2017

The cone is fucking awesome man, this VLC mod is unreal.

Jason / ME January 27, 2017

I appreciate the time you took with me on the phone, and in sending out a new size when my original order didn't seem to fit properly. The new canisters appear to be exactly the right size for me.

Bryan / MO January 11, 2017

I appreciate your quick replies to my questions and excellent service.

Ericka / CA December 27, 2016

My new Tugger came in today and it fits much better and don't even notice that it's on. Even though the other one [was] too big I still notice some extra skin already and with a much better fit now I can't wait for some more.

Joe / NH December 24, 2016

It was great talking with you! I'm so thankful for your help and advice on this topic. We received the product so quickly! My husband's had great success with comfort and the length of time he can restore with the Tugger. He's been wearing it at work all day and retaining at home. Thanks again!

Lauren / MD December 23, 2016

I would just like to thank you for your product. It's only been a week I've been using the tugger and although I haven't seen any foreskin changes (due to the small amount of time ive been using the tugger) I have already noticed amazing changes to my glans. For the past year I've been dealing with a depressing dry skin issue that doctors say is eczema of my glans but in this last week of using the tugger and skin cone it's has completely cleared my glans and my skin is so smooth. This change has boosted my confidence and now I'm sure the foreskin is essential to the health and protection of the glans. Thanks Ron!!!

Martin / NY November 25, 2016

A couple of years ago I began using a product called the BathMate. It was fun and I enjoyed using it and seeing a big difference in size. What I didn't realize was that it began providing me with some slack that I did not have before. I am 47, so perhaps slack comes with age, I don't know. My dad never told me about this.

The reason I am writing this post is that I want to tell you guys getting started that there might be a tremendous benefit to using the BathMate in combination with the Tugger. I experienced a side effect with BatMate that I had no desire or intention of having--loose skin. When I noticed that I started to be covered I Googled to see if other men had similar results. What I had not expected was that my search led me to a rabbit hole of men complaining about circumcision.

I have never been unhappy about my circumcision. Ever.

What at I read on the Internet made me wonder.

The Tugger changed my anatomy very quickly. I am now completely covered in a relaxed state and I'm getting close to that while erect. I absolutely love the new feeling. I am 24-7 aware of it as I walk to work. I have a new stride and I am grateful about the new way I feel.

My wife and I are enjoying being together more than ever. I actually wake up an hour before we used to just to have some time together. I believe there might be something to using both the BathMate and the Tugger in combination.

I love the new feeling.

It is fascinating to me.

In one word I would say it is indescribable.

In closing, I am so grateful for finding Tugger! THANK YOU!!!

Jon / MO November 11, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regardless, I appreciate it. However I appreciate what you and Ron have done and/or continue to do for this community even more!

Ryan / MI November 14, 2016

I can't thank you enough for what you do. It is absolutely amazing to me. And I love your product. Thank you for helping me.

Jon / MO November 16, 2016

I am enjoying my experience in dealing with you folks! Thanks for the great service!!

Andrew / TX October 31, 2016

I started to use the TLC-X and I am really very happy, no problem is very comfortable.

Thank you so much, your device has an absolutely brilliant.

Gabriele / SC October 29, 2016

I have to say that I am really impressed with this thing, it works amazingly well. 🙂

Richard / WA October 24, 2016

I have received the tlc tugger. It is amazing. It came with everything I ordered in such a discreet, conveniently tiny package. It took me a bit of watching your instruction videos to figure out how to get the tugger on just right,, but I figured it out, and currently am wearing it with no problems. Thank you for your great product.

Parker / FL October 18, 2016

First of all I would like to say how much I appreciate the customer service. I never knew I could get such great service online. I will recommend you to anybody I know considering restoration.

minor / MA October 13, 2016

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful device!! It's easy to use and requires little maintenance throughout the day. Also, after just wearing it for four six-eight hour days, I already notice a difference! I was a c-2 to begin with, and still am, but there's a noticeable increase in the slack! I can't wait to see my progress in the coming years!

Alex / CO October 11, 2016

Thank you very much for your quick reply and the instructions you gave me. I read through what you suggested me and it really makes sense. Thank you very much for your support and help, I really appreciate it a lot! Keep up your business, you really help people.

Niklas / CA September 22, 2016

You have a great product. I've been tugging for years and started making better progress and have gained a lot since I started using your product. Thanks for your help.

Mike / CT September 19, 2016

Thanks so much for the ridiculously quick shipping, I got my TLC X only 3 days after I ordered it! Really looking forward to restoring.

Nicky / NJ September 13, 2016

Everything fits wonderfully. Thanks for your assistance.

Jonathan / MA September 1, 2016

I really appreciate your effort in resolving this matter. I am more than satisfied and impressed with your level of professionalism. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

Jose / CA August 17, 2016

Our sweet boy Abram was born 7/31 at 35 wks. 7lb10oz, was only asked one time about circumcision. He had his band on from the tlc tugger site, and the nurses never made a big deal about it. They even said we don't Circ here and we won't touch his bits. Day 8 we had an amazing Brit Shalom {bloodless naming ceremony} for him. Our Rabbi was awesome and our son is a sweet peaceful soul.

Veronica / OR August 15, 2016

I recieved my TLC X yesterday and just wanted to say I am happy with the speedy service and the quality of the device. Of all the research I have done this product was the of the best quality and I looking forward to seeing the results.

Leon / IL August 11, 2016

It's very refreshing to discover your company, products, and forum and to read about you and your activism! It's such a shame that parents make the life-altering decision to remove a natural and beneficial part of their son's anatomy.

I saw your restored foreskin on the Stern clip. Very well done! Looks great! That inspires me to restore mine.

David / MA August 9, 2016

I just want to let you know that I'm very happy with my new tugger. The material of both cones is a significant improvement over that of the first set I bought a few years ago, and the grip is much better. The size is working well, too, and it and the new material make wearing the tugger more comfortable and convenient.

Mark / GA August 4, 2016

Received package quickly and very pleased with how easy the learning curve is. I think your company is doing a great service for men, and I just wanted to show my appreciation. I will be recommending your services to others. Thanks!

Gregg / RI July 25, 2016

I have been using the tlc tugger for over a month and my girlfriend noticed that I already have more slack skin. I'm very impressed.

Austin / NE July 20, 2016

I was skeptical about your device, but I must admit it is working. Actually, I am delighted.

You will understand when I say I had felt like I was missing out, or at the very least missing something being circumcised. Thanks to you I am confident this will change.

I’ve no clue how long the process takes, but I am in for the long haul.

Mark / TX July 18, 2016

Your product is good....both tlc tugger and tlc x... I am using on and off since 5 year....I progress up to ci4(near ci5 now)...thank you

Chin / CA July 13, 2016

Just wanted to let you know it arrived in the mail and fits perfectly, is comfortable, and appears easy to accommodate trips to the bathroom. Thank you!

I bought the Joy of Uncircumcising from a bookstore about 20 years ago. I found the taping method to be uncomfortable and clumsy. I saw your story on a show called Strange Sex and discovered you have a product, googled it, and now I'm a customer.

Eric / TN July 6, 2016

Thanks so much for your help. My order arrived several days ago. It works great!

Thanks again.

Gerard / VA June 23, 2016

I have to say you're an inspiration to all men that have had their bodies modulated. I unfortunately am in the same boat, I was circumcised. I always thought that was just the norm, until my wife told me that sexual contact is starting to hurt. I've tried everything from lubricant to condoms to makes sex for pleasant for her sake, and I myself have noticed some loss of feeling in my glandular area.

Long story short I decided to do research (secretly for now) and have come across restoration of the foreskin. As well as research on natural foreskin and how it acts and contributes to sexual stimulation for both parties. I'm excited to start restoration.

Storm / PA June 23, 2016

Just wanted to let you know I received my tlc tugger today. Very fast shipping. I am wearing it right now and cannot believe how easy and comfortable it is!! I cannot thank you enough. You are changing people's lives with your tlc tugger.

Thanks for your excellent service.

Austin / NE June 17, 2016

You so much sir! Sir, I can't express my gratitude in words. God bless you and your family!

Usman / NH June 13, 2016

I'm really excited and I love your cause!

Nicholas / KY May 27, 2016

I received my new tugger head and cone yesterday, feels and works better than expected!

Jason / TX May 13, 2016

Thank you for all your help for 6 years!

Jeffrey / MN May 13, 2016

Thanks for all that you do! I’m a fan.

Aaron / WA April 28, 2016

I purchased from your company because all the reviews said that your company was top notch in all aspects of business and you have definitely proven those reviews to be 100 percent true. THANK YOU.

Caleb / IN April 27, 2016

I want to thank you for the work you have been doing to help victims of circumcision

Amos / OH April 24, 2016

I would like to pay my respect and thanks to you for your great effort to improve the life of circumcised men.

Guang / TX April 17, 2016

First of all i would like to say thank you for helping people all over in the world with your devices.

Lajos / OK April 17, 2016

Thank you very much I appreciate it big time. Great product by the way.

Nathaniel / NJ April 5, 2016

I started using your products Aug. 2014 and have seen substantial results and the benefits of restoration are already prelevent. For this I thank you.

Robert / UT March 26, 2016

Thank you for all of the wonderful products you provide, I am very thankful that a company like you exists.

Seann / MA March 25, 2016

I have been using my TLC-X for the last two weeks. What a great, easy to use device. Thanks for inventing it and selling it at such a reasonable price.

Ty / FL March 21, 2016

Thanks for the excellence customer service 🙂

James / IN March 17, 2016

First of all I want to say thank you for you help and for the tugger 🙂 OMG I'VE GROWN 2MM OF FORESKIN!!!! Thankyou sooooo much Mr and Mrs Low 😀

minor / LA March 17, 2016

You guys are amazing i can’t wait to finally use my sizegen without it slipping off!

Beau / NH March 11, 2016

Thanks to you I'm tugging again.

Kent / WA February 23, 2016

I just received the product today and Im amazed.

Its so comfortable I cannot believe it. I slept with it whole 8hours, and during the day I wore it for 14hrs !

Thank you so much for your product, this thing is absolutely amazing.

Pavel / NJ February 11, 2016

The work and dedication you all put into this cause is nothing short of a miracle. Your product I ordered is incredibly high-quality and fits perfectly. Simply put, I really appreciate everything you all do. Thank you for your activism and giving men the chance to regain what was taken away.

Bill / VA January 15, 2016

Okay. I appreciate the work you are doing. My friend has had great results and this is something I've wanted to do for years. I'm excited for your product! Thank you!

Nicholas / NJ January 12, 2016

Your new tugger fits perfectly! Thanks so much!!! The business you've put together and the restoration solutions you've found are fantastic!! I'm so glad I came across your site!! Keep up the excellent work!!!

John / GA December 30, 2015

I appreciate all your help. I just wanted to let you know I have been using your product these past years and it has held up really well. I probably should have upgraded some time ago but when something is working why change it. I really like the new website and appreciate all the detailed information you all provide. I made a great choice those years ago. Glad you are still there.

Charles / NM December 29, 2015

I love this product. Thank you for being such a great advocate for genital mutilation.

Christopher / CA December 29, 2015

I find the device quite comfortable. I appreciate the design very much.

Kel / AZ December 24, 2015

Thank you for all of the hard work and research you have done to provide people like me with affordable effective solutions.

Floyd / DE December 21, 2015

Customer: "Is there a way to praise you for the smashing awesome customer service?" TLC: "I think you just did!"

Frances / AL December 20, 2015

Just wanted to send a short note saying it has been 3 months since my purchase of your product and I'm confident that you have heard this before but hear it is one more time.

What an amazing product. Skeptical at first but after figuring out how to keep the metal off of my exposed skin (medical tape works) things started to advance quite well. Never knew that I was allergic to mixed metals now I know. A lesson learned the hard way. As I stated it has been 3 months and the growth of the skin is well, amazing. Many thanks and may you have continued success with your product.

Looking forward to the day when I need to order the Tugger extension graft. A very satisfied customer.

Bruce / MD December 19, 2015

I really appreciate the time to you took explaining more of the details to actually get me started on the process. Thanks again and I'll keep in touch with you and the network of support you provided as needed.

Richard / CA December 2, 2015

So excited about your products and can't wait to work on getting back what was taken from me. Thank you for helping others like yourself.

Brian / FL November 12, 2015

In regard to your efforts, words can't really express my appreciation for your advocacy and creativity in mitigating the horror of genital mutilation, thank you.

Robinson / FL November 3, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service, taking the time to offer your advice and wisdom when replying to my query.

Zoot / NJ September 15, 2015

(Much longer personal story before) I found TLC earlier this year. I do it 2-3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. It's so easy to do. It's been only a few months and my foreskin has started to cover the glans (without me going swimming first). IT WORKS! I can, for the first time ever, say "my foreskin"! This means the world to me. Thanks so much for being so courageous, Ron.

Brett / MN August 24, 2015

Been using the tugger for 6 months. After a run, my foreskin covers the glans. Thanks a lot, it is fun to watch changes happen.

Charlie / NY August 24, 2015

5 days to the UK - pretty slick! Works perfectly, exactly as described. Many thanks.

Alex / MO August 20, 2015

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the work that you do. I can tell you have a passion in everything you. Your web site is great and very educational. I love the way you run your business and how you help people. Also thank your wife for me, it sound like she does a good bit of background work and I know the two of you have made sacrifices to make this business work!

Cody / MO July 25, 2015

Thanks, Ron. For setting me up and for your amazing product. I was hesitant to spend the $$, but I am so glad I did. Thank you again. For me, it has been a very positive experience.

Mark / MO July 23, 2015

I saw a show you did on the TLC TV Channel. It inspired me to investigate restoration. After messing around with some manual methods on and off I decided I needed a device. I decided on a device other than the TLC, and have been using it steady for a couple of weeks. I am starting to see some small results and my wife has noticed a difference in bed.

I just want to say thank you for sharing your story and your ideas on the TV. You sparked an ember in me that is now starting to burn, and I am determined to restore what was taken from me as an infant. Please keep up the great work and getting the word out to people like me who didn't even know what was wrong with me!

Nick / KY July 13, 2015

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your excellent product and informative website. I consider myself lucky to have found it and am really excited about the potential for growth.

Taylor / CA July 6, 2015

I have been aware of your mission for years, and recently I put two and two together, realizing that my own insensitivity in the glans area when having sex is a direct result of keritinosis due to my circumcision at birth. So I have been watching your videos and reading your website, trying to figure out the best way to get started restoring.

I appreciate what you do. Also, your levelheaded and mild mannered approach to the insults that get thrown your way is a true model for all of us who want to convince others by peaceful, mild mannered rebuttal rather than rising to the vitriol level of the insults being thrown out like the snarls of a mad dog.

Alex / FL July 2, 2015

I have Been using the Tlc X for about a month now, and I just wanted to say thanks for such a high quality product. It was well worth the money. It's easy to use, and fits great. The instructional videos on your website have also Been very helpful. Thank you!

Paul / CO July 1, 2015

Again thank you for the speedy delivery and i look forward to the results over time.

Iain / CA June 2, 2015

Just wanted to let you know that the new TLC-x is pretty much perfect. I switched to using rubber bands last month and have not look back. 🙂 In fact I noticed the other day that I know have noticeably more flaccid coverage and even erect the skin is much looser. I actually just demonstrated your product to a friend last night and he is wanting to start his journey to restoration in the next few weeks/days. And I may have another interested guy too. 🙂

All told thanks for an awesome experience and the ability to finally restore the damage done to me as an infant.

Nathan / FL May 29, 2015

I wanted to take the time to send you a LONG overdue thank you. I initially bought the TLC-X from you around 2011 I think. I made some progress but didn't really use it until 2012 or so. I continued to use it fairly consistently for most of that year and eventually dropped off due to personal issues going on in my life that I needed to resolve. I eventually purchased the TLC weight stack from you in 2013 and that's when I made PHENOMINAL progress to the point that by the end of 2013, I basically had complete flaccid coverage.

I've been meaning to send you this for at least a year now, I have complete flaccid coverage that no longer requires the use of any sort of retainer. These days, I no longer have need of your devices since I have complete flaccid coverage, but I do still manually tug to continue growing skin because ideally, I would like erect coverage. It took me nearly 7 or 8 years to restore and out of habit, I'll still probably manually tug the rest of my life, lol.

Thank you for allowing me to reclaim my manhood. This has been one of the most rewarding processes of my life. I'm not the type to take pictures of myself, so I do not have a single process picture, nor do I want to start now, but I at least wanted to truly thank you for the service you provide for men like me who had their foreskin stolen and to let you know that your device does work!

Jonesy / CA May 13, 2015

Received my tlc kit yesterday (cone and silicon) and wore it last night and just wanted to say it amazingly comfortable and am so surprised at how well it holds up!

Jerome / IL May 27, 2015

I would just like to say thank you! I started my restoration a little over a year ago, with the TLC Tugger and have made very good gains. I however got tired of the straps down my leg etc. I recently bought the TLC-X and would like to say that it is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. Thank you so much for sharing your inventions and experience with the world.

Daryl / PA March 12, 2015

Love the device. Perfect fit, and the strap is inconspicuous even under my slimmer jeans/pants. Thank you.

Alan / CA April 6, 2015

It is amazing. Your product changed my life and my sex life for myself and my partner.

Michael / CT February 23, 2015

I am really impressed with your invention. I was using the T-Tape method, and I grew back about 1/3 of my foreskin. However, I found that the humidity buildup with this method caused the tape to loosen and come off my penis. It was difficult to apply (errection needed), difficult to remove, and a bit awkward. I became so discouraged that I abandonned my attempt at restoration. That was many years ago.

Now, your device has changed everything for me. It stays nicely in place; I don't worry about it coming loose (but I have some safety mechanisms in place...just in case!). I fully expect that the TLC-X will have me restored in another 12 to 16 months.

Again, thank you so much for having invented this. You have restored my hope that I will, soon enough, become "uncut".

Bill / FL February 19, 2015

I received my tlc-x yesterday and I just wanted to say I'm very pleased and can't wait to see the progress! Also I convinced my husband to also get one after he saw mine. Again thank you for making such a great product! 🙂

Alan / NY February 18, 2015

Thank you so much for all the help!!! It's been amazing how much of a change I've been seein already!!!

Riley / OK February 17, 2015

I simply wanted to let you know that I think it's great what you are doing, both against circumcision and for restoring. I admire you for the composure you showed on the programs {Howard Stern and Jay Thomas} and for you passion. It takes a strong person to withstand such abuse and keep going. You know that you are right and that you are helping others who need and want the help. Perhaps that is the source of your strength.

Richard / PA February 14, 2015

The clear cone that you sent me works very well. It doesn't slip at all. I went to the store and back and I am still wearing it. It's very nice. I am so glad I found your site; you are a inspiration for me. I will be wearing the tugger everyday. It's like putting on underwear there's nothing to it. Its easy. I can't wait for the day when I can pull back my foreskin that got taken away from me.

Ihzo / MI February 10, 2015

It's only been a few days but it already seems the foreskin is "more malleable" and easier to fit into the device. Or that could be wishful thinking and I am just better at getting it on, but either case is good. I am only writing to convey multiple thank-yous for your product, in particular the helpful videos on your site.

Stuart / NY February 4, 2015

I have a Brother-in-law [in a different country] who is interested in restoring. He kept his two sons intact after I gave him information which was great. I had told him about restoring, which at the time he did not think he had time for. Recently he emailed about restoring. I had told him about your product . Not sure which one he will order. But glad he thinks it time to restore.

Merle / MO January 23, 2015

Just got my bands!! Thank you for sending me my non circumcision bands and getting back to me quickly. I really appreciate it. 🙂

Amanda / MA January 20, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to make a difference. I was initially heasitant to be purchasing this type of product, but I think I made the right decision.

Steven / CA January 10, 2015

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! I really appreciate it!!

Matthew / TN January 4, 2015

Since I purchased the tlc-x tugger. I haven't been using it regularly until a few weeks ago, but since then, I have noticed great gains already. It motivates me for what else is to come. I support you and your cause through and through. Thank you for your efforts.

Chad / WI January 4, 2015

Update from Mike on 6/18/05:

I have posted this to the restore list and the TLC group, but for those of you not on those lists this is something that I am so moved by I wanted to share with you also. For those of you in the other groups forgive the duplication and try to understand my excitement. I am like a child given the most precious gift and I can not contain my joy. Here is the message I posted:

Well big milestone moment for me today and I have to share.

I have had to pull the skin back to urinate before, but today, I really had to push the skin back. It's a little cooler today than it has been and apparently my new skin really wanted to pucker tightly. So instead of having to just barely touch the skin to slide it back, I had to apply a little pressure to get it to retract; pushing over the entire glans until it "locked" into place behind the corona. At first I pushed, but instead of retracting it slid back forward leaving me covered again.

But wait it gets better. When finished, I had to apply more pressure to get the skin back over the corona and then it slid forward past the glans on autopilot and stayed covered.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how thrilled I am.


- Mike

PS I hope this encourages all you newbies

and even some of the veterans. After 21 months of restoration this encourages me more that I can say. Did I mention, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? Ron Low: UB the Man! Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my TLC, cone and spacer I thank you a million times over. To all those who have shared freely of their thoughts, feelings and struggles - thank you.

PSS Interestingly as I read this, I am actually moved to tears; and I haven't cried since my father died 16 years ago. Honestly, what a moment. There is really more healing to this restoration than just appearance and sensation.

Mike / Columbus, OH June 18, 2005
Chuck G

Received my tugger and it is perfect ! The comfort and fit is beyond my expectations...thank you !

Chuck G / McDonough, GA February 20, 2013
Scott B

Just wanted you to know I received my tugged yesterday. I can't wait to use it and start my process to recovery. 😉

Thank you for all you do.

Scott B / Galveston, TX January 1, 2013
Adam S

Thank you for making this possible. I am extremely grateful for your products and the results. I must say that wearing the strap was at times uncomfortable for me, so i am excited about the weights. I have been carefully restoring on and off for many years. I still have a while to go in order to reach my final goal, but the experience has been worth the minor effort. It has been months since i last wore the strap, but now I am inspired to start again. Thanks you!

Adam S / Coral Springs, FL February 13, 2013
Shawn F

I think it's right what you are doing and consider you to be a hero to all of us who had no choice but to be snipped. Been trying some different methods on and off for awhile now. Finally have enough slack to work with. I am greatful to have found and finally be able to purchase your product.

I joined the intactivist group on the web to be able to track my progress and find helpful information on tugging. Once agian thanks and look forward to getting this long over due business started.

Shawn F / Albert Lea, MN February 12, 2013
Alvaro R

I have successfully restored my foreskin with your product so I thank you. I started the process in 2005 and three years later I reached my goal. Long process but very rewarding at the end.

Alvaro R / Pittsburgh, PA January 18, 2013
Gregory R

I've been tugging for almost a month, and I'm very satisfied: I'm much looser already. It's really amazing. Much better.

Gregory R / Kirksville, MO February 7, 2013
Ron M

It took me awhile to get into the daily routine and placement of this but now it is second nature and most of the time I don't even know I'm wearing it. I am having much success with growth and am extremely pleased. Unfortunately, I did not take any before pics at the time I started because, honestly, I was skeptical since I had tried so many other devices that were difficult to use, uncomfortable and just didn't work for me.

I want to say thank your for such a wonderful product. I speak highly of this to friends I know who are "cut" hoping to convince them to try this device. For me, it is certainly worth the time, effort and the reasonable cost to achieve the results of skin growth I am seeing over time. Whatever it takes, I am in it for the long haul. I am already noticing a change in skin texture/color and sensitivity that didn't exist before. Thank you.

Ron M / Salem, NH February 8, 2013
James P

I'm sure you hear this all the time but I really appreciate your good service and helpful advice. The skin cone has made a great difference in my sex life already and I'm excited to be restoring now.

James P / Prattville, AL January 17, 2013
Richard B

hi Ron, received the TLC hangers today. Great product! I like them much better than my elastics,thank you...I didn't think I would ever feel any better about being circumcised, but your products make me feel like I'm finally doing something constructive about it. We all owe you big time.

Richard B / January 16, 2013
Dana C

Aloha Ron,

Thank you for your assistance. I have had noticeable improvements since using the your-skin cone. My glans for the first time in my life is smooth and shiny in parts and sensitivity has increased.

Dana C / Kaneohe, HI January 15, 2013
Spencer K

FYI, I am seeing good results with the p8 and glans is getting healthier as well. I don't know if its new skin but there's definitely more slack, I will continue to wear a device each day and am restoring with a guy that started 6 months ago when I did. Thanks for the website and all of your efforts towards foreskin restoration!!!

Spencer K / Cypress, TX January 8, 2013
Jordan B

I really appreciate the replacement part and the very quick turn around. I feel like I've made some improvement and at the very least my glans is more sensitive so without the tugger things were a bit uncomfortable. I'm really impressed with your response time and help, I'll be sure to recommend your product to anyone should the opportunity arise. Thanks for all your help!

Jordan B / Loganville, GA January 3, 2013
Danny C

I can't recall how I came across your web site. I know it was accidental. I never knew anything about restoring or the damage I caused getting circumcised when I did, as an adult.

Anyway in the beginning using the tugger was awkward, I had issues with the right tension, the devise falling off and within 2 weeks I figured it out. Or at least how to use it best for me.

It's only been 5 months and I am blessed with fast results on both skin coverage and glans DK.

By nature I am a positive person anyway and I am so pleased with where I am today. The improvements in my body and my sex life are truly amazing. I just want to thank you again for all that you do. You have inspired me to help others and I have offered some who declined.

Thank you Ron!

Danny C / Phoenix, AZ December 30, 2012
Syed D

Thank you for going through the trouble of providing me alternative payment methods, for sending the tugger kit asap before receiving the payment (which I hope you have received by now) and thank you for giving me a new hope in restoring my foreskin. Up until now, manual tugging was all I had and I was worried I wouldn't go far. Now, i can use both methods to make this work since I can manually tug for only so long. I am hopeful thanks to you.

Syed D / Bangladesh December 29, 2012
Kevin H

Let me start by saying how great your product is!  I have made great progress and has changed my sex life.  I am at the max on the 4.5 extension rod, do you make a longer one, or what is the next best thing for me to use to continue restoring?  I am completely cover when flaccid, but would like to be covered  when erect.  I have several buddies at the gym that is wanting to order this after they have seen my progress and heard me talking about how it has greatly improved my sexual satisfaction.

Kevin H / Spruce Pine, NC December 19, 2012
Alfred S

I want to thank you and Mrs. Low for the exceptional service you provide not only in the promptness to send the order, but even more in the personal checking of the accuracy of the measurements. Even though I have become accustomed to your service, it is still a pleasure to deal with you. The TLC-FlexAir came this morning, and of course, I could not wait to try it on, and I am still comfortably wearing it.

I also want to thank you in devoting much time to continuously improve the devices you develop. Your talents and dedication allow thousands of men like me to take hold of their life and feel whole again.

Alfred S / Irving, TX November 17, 2012
Kurt D

I think what you are doing and the product(s) you provide are a HUGE service to the male population. After just a few weeks of using your product I have already noticed hood gains. Your product is brilliant and I know the success of the product is really going to be based on how often and accurately I use the product. You've given me hope which is something I didn't have before.

As a runner I must say that the sport tends to give a lot of chafing and dryness over the years and at 41 I really needed something to change. Between your TLC Tugger product and your website advice for the use of Cetaphil and Eucerine, I have noticed dramatic changes in a few weeks.

Thousands of men thank you, and I am one of them.

Kurt D / Wauwatosa, WI December 2, 2012
Travis N

First of all, thank you so much for providing your service! I recently received my TLC-X which I have been trying to convince myself to spend the money on for almost 4 years. (if only I had started sooner!) After only a week my glans are feeling the difference of being covered all day, as you said they should, and, I'm not only looking forward to my extra slack skin, I'm looking forward to wearing my tugger every day, it's just so darn comfortable.

Travis N / Salem, OR December 2, 2012
Kaleb G

I got my tugger in the mail yesterday. Works great. Anyway love your product!

Kaleb G / Fitchburg, WI December 16, 2012
Mark A

Thanks for your help with this, it fits great now and I can't wait to see some results

Mark A / Temple Terrace, FL December 1, 2012
Luisa L

I realize that you probably receive a lot of emails of this kind, but still thought I would share my story with you. My husband and I reasently had our first son and with the news of expecting a boy the question arose whether or not to circumsize. Being from Denmark I myself had never before meeting my husband (who is American) considered taking such a step. But my husband's family assured me that it was the healthiest choice for my little boy. Then one evening I saw the show on TLC and I was no longer so sure that it was the right thing to do, or if it was even our choice to make. I did some research and decided to wait until my son was born and then consult and urologist. The urologist told me the exact same things I had heard on the show and assured me that my son did not medically need this surgery. Thank you so much for preventing me from making a terrible mistake.

Luisa L / Denmark November 25, 2012
Steve B

I just received the tugger the other day, and I am impressed! I just wanted to thank you for making a product that is simple to put on and off, and I know that it is going to work! My girl is going to be so happy!!

Many Thanks man......I will gladly point anyone in your direction should the subject ever come up!!!

I will keep you updated with my progress and if i have any questions!

Steve B / Ontario, Canada November 25, 2012
Donald M

Thank you so much. Fits like a glove

Donald M / Black Diamond, WA November 30, 2012
Rohan F

Love your work Ron

Rohan F / Hamilton, Australia November 12, 2012
Phil D

Thank you for your service i have received the VLC tugger a little over a week ago and am very pleased with it.

Phil D / Wantirna South, Australia September 5, 2012
Luke N

Got it today and I am trying my new toy out. Thank you for your passion because now I can change something so important to me. Keep this up. It really does make a difference!  Everything looks good and I think we're good. 🙂 good day.

Luke N / Woodstock, GA October 10, 2012
Jill D

I have been with enough men to count on my fingers and toes. ONE of those men was uncircumcised, and I can honestly say it is the best sex I have ever had. I am planning on marrying this man now. 🙂 I have many friends that are having children and we have talked a lot about the decision of circumcision. I think the American stigma on it is a shame. There is no need for it, and it is taking away pleasure from many men and women. Bravo to you all for taking a stand on something you are passionate about. Men who are out there who are embarrassed about their foreskin should learn something from you!! Keep up the good work!

Jill D / October 5, 2012

Thanks for the package Ron! I got it today & I love the smaller screws with the smaller threads. Now the weights easily slide over the collar & screw & I like how the head of the screw (the black part) is a little smaller then the head on the longer screw. It also makes the whole "unit" a little smaller down below which is a good thing. Before I got your small screws I could sometimes see where the screw was pushing against my pants if I looked. Not anymore! I believe that I have everything that I need now. I started restoring on September 1 & it's going pretty good. Every day it gets a little bit easier to attach the TLC-X and that's a big thing to me. The only thing that annoyed & frustrated me in the very beginning was having such a hard time "trapping" enough skin to attach the "your skin cone" of the TLC-X. Now that it's a little easier to do that, I'm thrilled! Here's to you Ron & your nice family

Rob / via User Forum September 7, 2012
Aiden J

From a Circumcised Boy to His Mother: Dear Mom, I'm writing this to you because you and dad made a mistake, and it's too hard to talk to you about it face to face. I'd like you to watch as much of this video as you can with the volume up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2PKdDOjooA . This video makes me sick to my stomach. About 4 months ago we were watching TV and someone made a circumcision joke. I asked you what's a circumcision? Your response was alarming "Well it's where they cut a flap of skin of the end of your penis when you're a baby." The sentence scared the living shit out of me. So I asked was it done to me? I was expecting a no considering your stance on nature and life. But to my surprise I received a yes. I was horrified and shocked. I knew nothing about circumcision but I could already tell you there was no good reason for YOU to cut off part of MY body without MY CONSENT! I played it off though and tried to reassure myself hey hey there's surely some benefit to it! I googled it later on. For the next few months I had convinced myself into thinking that all the intactivists were insane and I was lucky. Finally after 4 months I awoke from my coma. I googled it again. I found the truth this time. I found out that circumcision removes up to 50% of the sensitivity from the penis. I found out that my glans is dried out and has become like skin, when it should be moist mucous membrane. I found out that I didn't get my temper from my dad. I got it from circumcision. I found out why I refused to latch onto you when I was infant. Circumcision. When you strap a 1 day old child down and lop off their most sensitive parts it imprints their mind with anger and violence. It makes them irritable and unable to trust anyone, hence why I didn't breastfeed. Now I know this is out of the blue and you were not expecting this. I know (at least hope) that you didn't have this information at the time. I know that when the doctor handed you a paper and started spewing bullshit out of his or her mouth you believed it - because he is a "doctor." I know you thought this was best for me. I know that you love me very much and would never intentionally do something to affect my life and sex life in the future this much. I'm finally writing this to you because after 4 months I simply cannot bear the pain of having this secret. I can't bear the pain of just walking around with my mutilated penis acting like nothing happened. The other week I bought that prepaid Visa card and you asked what it was for. I didn't buy video games with it. I bought a restoration device. It's called TLC Tugger. The TLC Tugger puts tension on the slack skin that's left, and holds it over the head and grows a phony foreskin by making the skin grow longer. Now you're probably thinking well if you can restore why are you so upset? Well restoring helps a great deal and provides some peace of mind, but i will NEVER get back the 20,000 specialized nerve endings in a real foreskin I will never get rid of the scar on my penis. I will never be able to forget being circd against my will. The reason i'm writing this to you is for your side of the story. Were you mislead by the so called "Doctor". Was it done against your consent? Was there an ACTUAL medical issue that could only be treated by circumcision? Were you given the Pro's and Con's and decided it would still be a good idea? What happened and who did it? I'm going to sue the person who did it as soon as I'm 18 because whether you know it or not I'm almost certain my circumcision is botched. There a disgusting scar on my penis that sexually assaults me whenever I use the restroom or bathe. The case could even go to the Supreme Court since females have been protected from genital cutting since 1997 and the 14th amendment requires equal protection. I wrote this to you for some peace of mind. I want to always have a good relationship with you, and I know that keeping this to myself would just poison it. I've read that grief following a loss is like work that must get done. It can't be skipped. I think we need to do this work together.

Aiden J / Millbrook, AL November 1, 2012

I have been restoring for almost a week now and even in this short span of time, my progress has been incredible! I have gained WAY more sensitivity in my penis than I could ever have imagined, and I have moved from a solid 2 (on the Coverage Index) to a 2.5! My glans has also become shiny and smoother and I'm probably about 1/3 of the way de-keratinized! I am using the YourSkin cone during my classes (about 5 hours every day), and using the cone in combination with the TLC X for the remaining 19 hours when not showering, exercising or that other thing . This quite possibly is the best $100 I have ever spent in my life! However, as I am always a healthy skeptic, I am wondering if there is a trade-off for this current (insanely) fast progress, and that would be the restoration process slowing way down with time to compensate for my current fast progress. Obviously, I would not want that to happen and it would be a huge inconvenience since I am going for at least a Coverage Index of 6.5 or 7. Can any "veteran" restorers fill me in on whether or not I have anything to worry about? Is my progress just really good and I can get back my foreskin in another 7 or 8 months (at my current rate)? Or will I end up like most guys who are restoring and need a full year-or two? Thanks!!

Madorestoration / via User Forum April 12, 2012
David S

Ron, I have never written to you until now. I bought your restoration apparatus about three years ago. I just want to tell you that it has worked like a charm. It has been completely successful for me and I am now completely intact. I have always wanted to be intact like my father was. I still use the TLC-X at night when I sleep. Now that it has been successful for me I feel like I am a whole man again. I am happier with myself and I feel good about myself. I believe being intact has had a psychological effect on me. I believe it feels so much better and natural. I think my penis looks so much better now. It looks like God intended it to be when he created us not like some maimed  body part with the glans looking like a mushroom in the air. My foreskin completely covers the glans with about half an inch of overhang in front that tapers to a nozzle look. The foreskin covers the glans all day long now and has for over a year. Being intact has also given my confidence a boost. Being intact also feels so much better. It feels better wearing underwear. No more rubbing or chafing. My penis is also much more sensitive now and it looks healthier. My glans is now much smoother looking and has a glow to it all the time. I feel that I perform better too. Sex certainly feels better. I believe it does for a woman too who is having sex with a partner who is intact. In fact  the woman I am with now told me the first time we had sex together that I am the first man she has ever been with that has been intact. After that first time she told me that she thought my being intact felt better for her and that she enjoyed how it felt so much more than with someone who was circumcised. Well Ron another success story for you. Kudos to you and thank you so much for your restoration invention. A very very happy customer. 

David S / Collinsville, IL August 28, 2012
Oliver M

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your products and service. I received my order yesterday (Tuesday) around noon. Hopefully within a year I'll be able to use your tapeless devices. I'm being a bit pragmatic here, because I am only wearing the canister during the night and while working from my home office: typically 3-4 days per business week, but it varies. I prefer working from home as much as possible anyway, especially during the winter! Thank you for the discrete shipping and customs declaration. I appreciate that very much! I had no problems whatsoever with delivery or customs. I hope that one day people will realize that Male Genital Mutilation (aka circumcision) should be considered equally horrific as Female Genital Mutilation. Both of which should, in my opinion, be punished as a criminal offence with a sentence not less than permanent revocation of any medical licenses and life imprisonment (with no possibility for parole.) Any genital mutilation affects the person both physically and psychologically for the rest of his or her life. It should also affect the person who inflicted the mutilation upon another human being for the rest of theirs. Unfortunately this is definitely one area where we as a civilization still have major gender discrimination: mutilation of a boys genitals is accepted by society, while mutilation of a girls genitals would almost certainly constitute criminal charges and cause a media circus. Ending on a more positive note, at least now with your products I can restore some of what was taken from me.

Oliver M / Helsinki, Finland August 21, 2012
Hvaleak H

Thank you so much, and thank you for taking the time to look, it means a lot to me and thank you for being a leader in restoration, humanity owes you more then anyone will ever know

Hvaleak H / August 10, 2012
Danny C

I realize it's only been 3 days but this device is awesome. It's comfortable and very easy to use. I like the skin I see immediately after taking it off. Thank you for helping us!

Danny C / Phoenix, AZ August 19, 2012
Danny C

So 18 months ago I had a co worker is was 24 have a baby boy. She was having issues with our insurance carrier paying for the circumcision. I started discouraging the procedure and shared with her that it was needed and as a matter of fact may have a negative impact on him. I explained that I was not and later chose to and regretted the decision years later. She thought about it and had lots of pressure from the baby's father. She decided against it and just last week said she read more about over the last year and a half and is proud of her decision. She thanked me last week for talking about some a private matter and sharing my thoughts. We saved one!

Danny C / Phoenix, AZ August 19, 2012
Bijan M


Bijan M / Homburg Germany August 18, 2012
Justin B

After a few weeks of using the TLC-X i'm finding it much easier to apply and have found more progress than using my previous device for several months being able to apply the tension with the strap really makes a big difference.

Justin B / Cornwall, UK August 17, 2012
Doug W

Hey Ron. I'm 43 and have a 5 yr old son. My wife and I had a long discussion before he was born about circumcision. She wanted to I didn't. I thought it's just not natural to cut something off for no reason. She thought he would be different than the other boys. I said so what! It's not natural. Long story short we didn't. Then I saw you on TV and I was so glad we didn't. I ordered the tugged the next day. I have extremely tight skin on my shaft. I had a lot of trouble getting the tugger on the first week ( no skin to work with). Now just a few weeks later it's a lot easier. I look forward to it. I know it's gunna take a while but I am excited to see the results. Thanks Ron. It's just common since to me not to take a knife to a new born. It should be stopped!

Doug W / Rutherfordton, NC August 12, 2012
Dick G

Ron, got the parts for the TLC-X in my size and it fits perfectly and the weights stay on for couple of hours, just wonderful, THANKS SO MUCH for your kind responses to get everything just right.     it feels so good, its just lovely, i so appreciate it

Dick G / Apache Junction, AZ August 20, 2012
Mike C

I have been tugging now for a week 24/7 and am getting terrific results!! I finally mastered how to get enough gathered skin in the cone. Finally figured it out and now am getting almost to the tip of my glans getting the max amount to grip!!!!!! Not falling off for last three days at work!!!!!now it's just a matter of time... Thanks for a great product....I will keep in touch Again many thanks

Mike C / Hauppauge, NY August 9, 2012
Robert M

Thanks a million Ron, this process is changing my life. Thanks for being an instrumental part of it.

Robert M / North Wollongong, Austrailia June 27, 2012
Chase W

Thanks again for your quick and excellent business practices. It seems to be an excellent fit; Again, I appreciate your quick response and sending my replacement before I sent back the original.

Chase W / Rock Hill, SC July 2, 2012
Marcus N

I want to thank you for your help in this matter. From the past couple of days, I have been experiencing with different tensions and have noticed that I am able to wear it for longer periods with not as much tension. I wore it for a session of 2hrs 15minutes yesterday with less tension and was able to wear it for less time with more tension. I totally love this thing and want to thank you for your assistance.

Marcus N / Colorado Springs, CO August 9, 2012
Ian S

I have had the TLC-X for a week now and I wanted to say thank you! This device is the most amazing thing. I wear it 18-24 hours per day in hot and sweaty Miami, and it stays on tight and stretching with no irritation at all. I also love the ability to control where the tugging point is so I can target growth (currently working more on inner than outer). This device is outstanding. You've provided an amazing piece of equipment and I wanted to say thanks. My skin heals and grows very, very fast so likely I'll be ordering a longer packer in a couple of months. Now I can finish what I started and not quit until get back every cm that was lost.

Ian S / June 26, 2012
Al R

I received my TLC Tugger stretch-16 and clear cone yesterday and put them to work immediately. I could feel a difference fast. I haven't felt that tugging feeling for about a few months. Thanks for shipping so fast. 

Al R / Layton, UT May 23, 2012
Travis I

I received my order today and just wanted to say thank you so very much for completing the order exactly to my request and the amazingly great quality of the finished product. You really are a champion. Thanks so much again. I really appreciate your fast response, the products, your service, price... Oh heck, everything!!!

Travis I / Melbourne, Australia May 24, 2012
Paloma A

I have my TLC Tugger and I'm using it. Thanks and so long!

Paloma A / June 6, 2012
Rusty B

I wanted to let you know that the TLC Tugger X is by far the best and most comfortable tugger I've tried. I've used tape, the Q-Cat, and the standard TLC Tugger, but the TLC Tugger X beats them all.

Rusty B / Manchester, MI May 7, 2012
Evan L

Hey I just want to thank you for your awesome device. I ordered the TLC-X and have only been wearing it for a couple days and I'm already noticing progress! Huge difference in the bedroom already! Must be cause my glans has been covered up while wearing it and I'm gaining sensitivity. I have more loose skin already and my penis seems bigger cause it's not as much held back by my {formerly} tight circumcision. Note this is coming from a man who used to be intact and unfortunately was cut for phimosis as it was recommended after stretching wouldn't work (such a big regret, I went through some serious trauma and depression). Last night I had the most tingly sensational sex I've had in a long time (probably ever), and have as much control over my state of arousal as I did when I was uncut. Consistent solid erections! I'm so happy for your product, Ron! Thank you!

Evan L / Brattleboro, VT May 2, 2012
David D

I am extremely pleased with my TLC Tugger and Cone purchase. I have tried various methods and devices over the years, but yours is absolutely the best! The magic is definitely in the material, shape, and construction. The fit is just right, and the adhesion due to the coefficient of friction of the material is just amazing. You are a genius! Wish I had bought one long ago. You are providing a great product (and hope) to help recover (at least to some degree) what was so wrongfully taken from us at birth. I am hoping for great results with patience, time, and persistence. Thank you so much!

David D / Hattiesburg, MS April 21, 2012
Ryan K

Arrived today, absolutely perfect fit. Thank you so much!

Ryan K / Salt Lake City, UT April 20, 2012
Raffi G

Thank you for sending the package for TLC-X and Weights. I received the TLC on 25th August and the Weights on 30th August. All the best for you and your wife. Very Satisfied with the product.

Raffi G / Melbourne, Australia September 1, 2012
Rick M

Hey! I just finished a podcast interview on the subject of Foreskin Restoration... I mentioned foreskin-restoration.net and TLCtugger.com several times by name and said "TLCtugger.com they make the TLC tugger, which I am wearing right now!" I suspect that they will leave that in the podcast as they asked the question of where to get stuff! I dropped some other names..but was not as sure about the actual URLs...but I know yours by heart! You've changed my life! And I'm hoping I did our community proud, and hopefully sent a few new restorers and customers your way! Thanks Ron!

Rick M / Kirkland, WA April 12, 2012
Kevin W

I have to tell you this product is giving me some amazeing results,i have been able to use it almost 8 to 10 hrs a day with a rest day every 3rd or 4th and on my rest days i almost stay covered all day without any help,im to the stage now when its not covered it feels wrong,and the senitivity is GREATLY increased,sex has always been good but now its fantastic seems like i shoot bigger amounts of semen as well,maybe because with increased sensitivty the orgasim is stronger who knows and who cares! im just really happy,i have a close to normal natural looking package and having sex like im 20 again!and at 53 thats alot,thanks ron your my hero.

Kevin W / Aptos, CA April 9, 2012
Jason M

I just wanted to say a quick thanks for your great customer service and your helpfulness with restoring my foreskin! I got the TLC X in the mail yesterday and wore it for about 5 hours plus overnight...it hasn't even been 24 hours yet of me wearing the device, and already I notice that my glans is becoming super-sensitive and de-keratinizing, and the skin around my corona is really slackened and looser. Thanks again for your help and see you on the forum!

Jason M / Saint Paul, MN April 8, 2012
Peter K

And I would just like to say thanks for making my day. You know anyone can talk about anything they want but when i hear how new mothers just want to cut pieces of the foreskin off and how this government allows it, with the person who owns it doesn't even have a choice just gets me boiling. So Im there with you ,thanks for making the world just a little bit brighter one penis at a time. A brilliant invention, by wonderful people.

Peter K / United Kingdom April 7, 2012
Kevin W

I purchased a tugger a few months ago,i had been restoring off and on for a few yrs,not regular with other products and never stuck with it because it was a giant pain in the ass!your product is easy to use and i am able to wear it all day without "any" hassle and have had some great results I like how its streching the inner skin as well. the skin is bunching up and when flacid is starting to stay covered on its own ..senestivity is great and i have raging hardons as well,thanks

Kevin W / Aptos, CA April 3, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for your great work. I consider you to be the "Ben Franklin of devices for correcting injustice." The effect of your intelligent and sensitive design skills have given me a completely new and profound appreciation of subtlety, connective energy and intensity. In spite of the fact that my purchase was less than two months ago, the result has been amazing. One can only imagine, sadly, what it would be like to have not been injured to begin with. Thanks again, to you and your crew for your courage, intelligence and consciousness.

Sewa / Seattle, WA April 2, 2012
Jarred W

Great thanks very much Ron

Jarred W / Orangevale, CA January 12, 2012
Joe C

Thank you for your website, your time, and your work. I commend you for the work your doing-- it's very much needed in this crazy world.

Joe C / March 23, 2012
Chris S

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks, I am 29 and for the last 16 years about finding out what was stolen from me at birth I have always pondered if I was the only one that felt this way and what I truly lost. Seeing you on Strange Sex and reading more about there being more people out there like me. I hope to see progress in the future but in the mean time thanks for keeping my dream and hopes alive. Thanks

Chris S / Sheboygan, WI March 21, 2012
Steve W

Thank you for for such prompt service. I received my TLC-X two days after being notified it shipped. I have been using the TLC-X for almost two weeks now and I can see its effects already. The skin is starting to "bunch" behind the glands. I am very excited to start on the path to restoring my foreskin. I will keep you informed of my progress. Thanks so much for your great product.

Steve W / Martinez, CA March 14, 2012
Amy M

I am the proud wife of a restoring hubby (courtesy of the TLC Tugger) and proud mama of an intact son. My husband is starting to speak out against circ (I think inspired partly by your contest) and I am happy because it's a healing experience for him and he hopes to spread the word that "Circumcision is Bad" (his song on youtube) well, despite my pride I am sensitive to people "flaming" him and get pissed when they do. I guess I am protective. How do you process/deal with/ make sense of people's hateful words? Thanks

Amy M / via Facebook February 28, 2012
Mark H

I am writing to thank you for the tugger and to say I have had undreamed results..I didnt actually believe this possible.Though I purchased from you I really didnt think I could "go back" I just went to the carribean with my gang of friends, on board the boat we are naked 24 7, and this year I was there "uncut" no one had any idea ,nor did they notice or comment, as I looked "life long".... I had acouple of opportunities to make love, there and the new sensations were AWESOME. I no longer have work and work to achieve a climax,I have "options" now. I have never really understood the concept of "a quickie" b4, MY GOD I LOVE THEM With 7 of us on a boat I needed to be fast! The 2 ladies might not echo this new faster ability's praises, Thanks to you I am in full control of my body , how can I thank you.

Mark H / Ontario, Canada February 19, 2012
Mike B

Ron, Just watched your vid on youtube, I can’t agree with you enough!!! This procedure is fucking barbaric!! Excuse the profanity? You’re absolutely right in what you say! No one should endure this! Let’s put a stop to it once and for all! Jewish or not! I saw an op being done on a baby on your website, the kid was screaming!! And to make matters worse it was a male surgeon!! I mean FFS! He was going about it all as a matter of course! You know what, I was supposed to get this done when I was a kid, but I ran away from my mum when she took me to the hospital cause I was scared! But years later it caught up with me at 16, when I tried to have sex with my gf, and my foreskin got stuck! So guess what happened? Now I’m here speaking to you! Why can’t they just stretch the skin? I always remember before this when I was young, touching my glans, what I could see of it back then, and feeling how super sensitive it was, and relating that now in contrast to how I can nearly rub it off a brick wall and not be bothered! I feel bloody robbed and I’m sure it has had an impact on my so called sex life, and esteem! Soldier on Ron! You’re doing a great job!

Mike B / Dundee, United Kingdom February 17, 2012

It's been about 3 months since I started wearing the Your-Skin Cone during all waking hours (except for showers and toileting) and about 6 weeks after starting I began to see the normal (NOT smelly) waxy secretion on my glans. It is very comforting and fulfilling to retain my skin over my glans the way it was meant to be! "better sex" is the icing on the cake, "the cake" is when a circ'd man feels his glans covered and his natural oils begin to recover his glans' natural look and skin health. Ron, you should upload photos of the clear silicone cone that you are now shipping, its much better. Gentlemen and ladies who are laughing or skeptical of this need to research some. It is medical fact that male glans and part of the shaft skin was NEVER meant to be exposed, it is very similar to the inside of your lips and yes, to the inside of a woman's birth canal...that's just medical fact, who would suggest that turning this skin inside-out from infancy would be a good thing?!...any more than a prosthetic breast is "weird" for a woman who has had a mastectomy, male (and female) mammals were born with a prepuce or foreskin for very good and healthy reasons and those of us males circumcised in infancy without our consent are now wearing this prosthetic device and do not feel at all ashamed as it is our desire to regain as much as possible what we were born with as nature intended. "Weird" is amputating an infant's genitals out of pure social custom and thinking that it is an improvement!

Dale / via eBay January 28, 2012
Shawn W

I have been using the air tugger made by you and I am very satisfied with its construction and very much appreciate the time you spent to make it fit "the first time" Thanks again.

Shawn W / Hinesville, GA February 1, 2012
Kyle F

As a side note thank you for inventing this device. I'm sure in coming months ill be very happy.

Kyle F / January 31, 2012
Michael M

Well last weekend was the first time I had sex with my gf. When she started playing around down there she said "your uncircumcised???" My mind was blown..After all the FR restoration it finally has paid off I said I was only cut a little bit because when I am fully restored I dont want it to be that big of a shock Then she said to me, un-circumcised is better, because it feels better, The penis is actually bigger with the extra skin, and its easier and more pleasurable for the girl and the guy... My mind is still blown and so happy I started this process years ago And has given me new motivation to finish and get to CI-8 Thanks for all you help Ron

Michael M / San Diego, CA February 16, 2012

Dear Brother Ron Low This is a big surprise ! thank you very much ! I will wash the tugger, and I will care it and use it every day ! really I'm very happy thank you very much! thank you very much, my dream of restoration will become true soon ! you are a great person you made the impossible become possible, your personality is so interesting so I want to become the Ron Low of Arabic people ! you know many young boys die when circumcising them in my country and no one thought a gain about that, I will give my life to fight the circumcision, then I can do a good thing on my life thank you very much dear bro Ron please any time you need any service of me it is a honor for me please be my brother god bless you and your family

Firas / Tunisia January 27, 2012
David L

I am so pleased to have started restoring. I looked into this a number of years ago but for various reasons I did nothing at the time, which I now regret. My wife has been supportive, if a bit surprised when I told her what I was going to do. While she is happy with our sex life she has never had sex with an intact man so I guess cannot compare. I have found in the last couple of years my decreasing sensitivity has been a problem. Thankyou for your support. I would be happy to post this on forum if you think would be helpful to others.(not sure how to do that)

David L / oonellabah, Austrailia March 30, 2012
Nicholas B

Thank you for your products, I have currently received my TLC-X tugger. It is the most comfortable foreskin restoration device I have ever worn. I also have 2 P.U.D. tuggers which I am still using at work but I didn't like the fact that gravity was an important variable in its function. After work I switch back to your device. I have worn the TLC-X nonstop for the last 3 days just with a tension spring in. I was surprised when I first slept in it, it didn't fall off and didn't give me any discomfort. I am sure that I will be done restoring in a year and a half thanks to your device.

Nicholas B / Boise, ID January 6, 2012
Eric U

Ron and Alice, I wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service and your great products. I have been attempting to restore for several years and have only experienced significant gains using your products. You have enabled me to regain something that was taken from me and I couldn't be happier.

Eric U / San Francisco, CA December 27, 2011
James M

By the way, I previously shared with you that the sheer thin cone works well for retaining and is more comfortable. I also wanted to let you know that it grips better for tugging too – and for those that have one side of their shaft skin a little longer than the other you can use an O ring on the end (in between the tugger and skin cone) to help keep the skin cone from slipping/pulling off center. Thank you!

James M / San Diego, CA December 13, 2011
Briana C

We are LOVING the cones you sent!!! They are working GREAT and I can see a noticeable difference between my son and other boys his age.

Briana C / Wichita, KS November 12, 2011
Angel D

I got the new replacement cone today and it works great. Thanks again Ron for the special attention that you gave me on this issue. Your the Man!! 🙂

Angel D / San Diego, CA December 3, 2011
Miebaka O

Thank you for your reply...Looks like I can at least cover the corona. But just. I will order the canister and get started right away. Thank you so much for your inventions. I have had a life time of disfunction(it was a really poorly done cut and what looks like an attempt to fix mistakes with stitches leaving the skin already sort of tight even when flaccid) and didnt even know it until I stumbled on some info on the proper functioning of an unmutilated penis which then led me to your products. I didn't even know skin could be restored like this. Growing more skin will be doing much much more than just restoring feeling. You are literally a like a god send. Thank you so so much.

Miebaka O / New Brunswick, Canada November 27, 2011
Ryan W

I was fortunate enough not to be circumcised as a child or by my own choice as an adult. I'm just unhappy with the coverage I have at the moment really.. Either way I have really taken to your cause and although I never surfed the fate of being cut I really feel for those who are without consent. I really love my foreskin (hence why I want more). I commend the work you do and the openness you have. It's an underground topic not many people think to even explore but you have gone there! Count me in on spreading the word, education and benefits of remaining intact!

Ryan W / Whyalla, Austrailia November 16, 2011
Sam K

I am just writing to thank you for your help, I seem to have a routine that works, and have actually made a little progress the short time I have been using your device so far. Thank you so much, this has really helped to ease my distress over having been cut as a child!

Sam K / Escondido, CA December 11, 2011
Paul T

I must tell you I am thrilled. Thanks for fabulous service. Can’t wait to see results. I am 65 and I need to get some sensitivity back. Due to my age I think I have lost some elasticity in my skin and stretching manually has produced some lose skin already.

Paul T / Durham, United Kingdom November 7, 2011
Kamil S

I want to confirm that I have received the device in good order and I am very impressed. it is very ingenius!! I love it! Its doing 2 jobs in one go. I used to wear artificial foreskins because of uncomfortable chaffing of my glans with clothingwhich I could not tolerate. Once the TLC is on, i dont feel any chaffing as the silicone is really comfortable. So that problem is gone - this means now I have the added bonus of also knowing that it is helping me get a permanent foreskin solution while my chafing is also gone. You can hardly feel stretching when its on! Even with tension applied Im pleasently surprised. I like the fact that you made the outer cone transparent so you can see how evenly you have captured the foreskin. That was a good development not on your pictures. Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Never say never! I once thought this is something I would never do... But I am doing it... and am happy! 🙂

Kamil S / London, United Kingdom November 3, 2011
Steven K

Its steven again just letting you know that i've had your TLC Tugger for about a week now using it everyday and the fit is perfect and its quite comfortable (i've used another device before and your device is much much more comfortable....i like how the whole device is kinda soft like material instead of hard material) I will definetly be recommending you to my friends that are restoring too!! Thank you so so much for making this product to help us get are foreskins back!

Steven K / Vine Grove, KY October 20, 2011
Juan V

You've done a wonderful thing for men, a miracle even. Thank you.

Juan V / Chino Hills, CA September 7, 2011
Erik F

Works great!!

Erik F / Emmen, Netherlands October 7, 2011

I know this is an old thread but I am now here so I thought I would answer since I am a woman. I grew up in a country where circumcision is virtually non existant so I did not have any experience with a cut penis till I went overseas. My current partner is also cut. The differences that I have noticed are firstly, hand jobs aren't on the repertoire because there is no foreskin to slide. Hand jobs with a bit of oral combined were lots of fun and always appreciated but they do'nt really work the same way with a with a cut guy, the rhythm, the response, the naturalness. A BJ is harder to give, especially if he is big, and less likely to get him to the finish line which is disheartening. Intercourse is harder and heavier and can leave me sore and sometimes chaffed. It varies from guy to guy but generally over 40 is not good it is just too rough. Well it can be good when the partner is new, as you are hot and heavy for aggressive sex but it loses its shine after a while especially when it is the only thing on offer. I feel pounded, sensation is lost, intimate connection is less and playfulness is reduced as he is a man on a mission. I wish my guy wasn't cut so i could give him the pleasure I have given others, that is a huge thing for me.

Miro5 / via User Forum October 4, 2011

Hi Ron! Thank You for your timely response. I have no problem outwardly corresponding purchase of your product and am no stranger to mitosis skin expansion research & development on my spare time. I experienced male genital mutilation (circumcision) as an adult when I was 18 for no other reason than peer pressure. It was a very negative experience to my sexual & psychological well-being. Foreskin restoration eventually became another technical problem for me to solve. I am now 35 and have been restoring with tape for the last six months. Enough mitosis skin expansion has been accrued to now move onto utilizing your product. Based on using my Aerospace Engineering Technology structure and function analysis of your product, I chose to purchase your product for the following reasons: 1.) Degassed silicone material is non-toxic, inert on an atomic level and safe for direct skin contact. 2.) Degassed silicone provides excellent coefficient of friction with skin while remaining gentle upon it. 3.) The semi-conic convergent silicone structure provides equilibrium between tension and compressive forces upon the shaft skin forward, self-adjusting these variables between erectile and flaccid states of the penis, providing its own dynamic tension for self-fastening. 4.) Does not use any other material interface upon the glans except one's own skin, enhancing the emollient dekeratinization of the glans, thermal stimuli and foreskin protective function. 5.) Ability to draw more skin through as new skin grows to maintain the constant and moderate tension for promoting mitosis for new skin cells, allowing one to grow as much new foreskin as they desire. 6.) Ease and simplicity of removal, rinsing and re-installation without the discomfort and un-quantified application of tape. 7.) Discrete usage, flexibility and natural form with the genitalia. Outstanding work Ron! TY! 

Mark / via eBay April 28, 2011

I look forward to starting the road to healing through foreskin restoration.

Rick / Dana Point, CA September 26, 2011

I'm very pleased with the VLC-tugger. Great peace of equipment! Wonderful combo with a penis extender or just with a strap!

Anish / Tilburg, Netherlands September 26, 2011

Thanks for all that you are doing! I never knew what I was missing until I found your site and after reading your testimonials and links I am a changed man. If I ever have a son there is no way he will be subjected to circumsision.

Brian / Brier, WA September 19, 2011

I cannot believe how natural it actually felt under my cloths. I was thinking it was going to be hard to keep it form being noticeable. I am excited to restore what was taken form me. Thanks to you i can now do that.

Adam / Dobson, NC September 10, 2011
Brandon B

I would like to thank you for inventing the best product ever for men. Your product has changed my life and my wife's life forever. I have been married for 16 years. The longer we were together my wife's sex life got better and mine got worse. It became a major workout for me, and usually ended in frustration. But not know I have experienced real orgasms for the first time in my life, and multiple orgasms also. I never knew a man could do that. Anyway I hope that if you haven't thought of it you might share this small idea with others that were butchered at birth for no reason. You will be receiving another order for me in a few days.Thank You

Brandon B / Camp Wood, TX October 19, 2011
Curtis B

I am not circed, but short foreskin. I used your tlc tugger and it helped to wake up my foreskin after a lifetime of keeping it pulled back because I didn't know what a foreskin was. Now it stays forward all of the time.

Curtis B / via User Forum September 5, 2011

Thanks for your help and support to the foreskin renewal cause.

Jason / Groton, CT August 16, 2011
Mike M

I'm very excited to try this product out, thanks Ron for all your help with the fitting and questions your the best.

Mike M / Brentwood, NY August 30, 2011
Adam A

I really like it so far, the skin-cone application was a bit difficult, but I'm starting to get better. I actually used it at work and found that it was minimally intrusive, but I did have to adjust every 3 hours or so. Anyway, I just wanna thank you and your wife for the prompt delivery, and look forward to tugging!

Adam A / Vaughan, Ontario September 1, 2011
Stephen W

I just want to say thank you for helping men all over gain back what was taken away. Your product and website have definitely helped me in countless ways. I'm about halfway done with my restoration, and it's a joy to have a product that is comfortable, designed well, and does what it says it is going to do.

Stephen W / Austin, TX August 16, 2011
John M

Hope you are doing well. I've been using your tlc tugger in rotation with a dtr and home made funnels. My wife and I are seeing physical and behavioral changes all for the better. Thank you so much for the help.

John M / Savannah, GA August 15, 2011
John B

I just want to thank you again for all your help. One thing happened to me the other night that has never happened to me before. After a very intense orgasm I came agin in a matter of two to three minutes. Wow, was that ever intense. My sex life has taken new dimensions, and I have you to thank! Keep up the good work,

John B / Dallas, TX July 24, 2011
Brad B

I first have to say thank you!!! Thank you for inventing a product that helps men grow back a piece of something that was stolen away from us when we were defenseless and new to the world. I love your tugger, wish I knew about it sooner.

Brad B / via User Forum August 12, 2011

On monday it's been exactly one month of serius restoring, wearing the device 5-6 hours a day. I've measured a little couple days ago and I can't belive my eyes really, looked like I've made it to 1.5-2 mm of growth and I thought I was measuring wrong or something and I still can't belive it really. VERY EXCITING STUFF! The sensitivity has improved now for a month as well as I wear the cone 24/7 but there is a way to go and I don't dare to think longer, just living on the hope it'll get back and just leave that thought alone until I notice more in a couple of months. Thanks Ron! You give me hope!

Niklas / Valbo, Sweden August 12, 2011

Hello, Ron! I received the package today and eagerly took it to my room! I love how it only took 2 days to get here! Thanks a lot!

Micah / Baltimore, MD August 13, 2011
Mike W

Thanks for shipping me a new tugger! I appreciate the great service!

Mike W / Lexington, KY July 18, 2011
Blake H

A few years ago while on vacation with my family the topic of my nephew's birth was closing in and I was pushing what I could so they could make an informed decision. I introduced my lack of sensitivity and how many others had experienced the same issues. My mother gets an odd look on her face and brings up an "issue" they had when performing my circumision. Apparently the clamp or device slipped during the process of cutting my skin off and almost the entire gland was severed from my shaft. I ran to the bathroom to examine and sure enough in the very crease of my ridge was another scar that went almost 270 degrees around my head. Running my finger very lightly around the edge you could feel 90 degees of pleasure then almost nothing. For years my wife on occasion would perform oral sex and without actually watching her actions I was unable to tell you weither it was her hand or mouth or both. I'm sure this has some what given her a complex on oral satisfaction. Recently I purchased one of those super sonic mini vibrating bullets. The frequency is so great its hard to even hear unless if makes contact with a solid surface. Using this as a measurement its drastic the difference on feeling i'm left with. Beyond all the info i'm been more vocal to expection parents and attempting to educate them in different manner without looking like a creep. I've had friends call me and say turn on Howard they are talking about that stuff you do. Then on Strange Sex your driving home my point to my wife, who tries to understand but really doesn't accept my " obsessivness" to my penis. Please keep up the work doing what your doing.

Blake H / via User Forum July 17, 2011
Michael A

I purchased TLC-X a little over a year ago and I get the feeling I'm making a little progress; about one or two centimeters have grown. The skin sometimes will stay rolled up on its own, especially right after I've taken off the device. Also, I saw a urologist today to make sure I'm not permanently damaging myself. I told him about restoration; although he didn't say it, the way he reacted to it was pretty clear that he'd never heard of it before. After he'd given me a checkup, he said that I'd definitely made a lot of progress. He said that the skin wasn't staying over the glans because I didn't have enough of it yet, but also because my skin was getting thicker. I asked him if that was a problem. He said that there's nothing physically wrong or unhealthy about it, but usually penis shaft skin is thin to aid with intercourse. He said that it wouldn't be tight and snug-fitting like a natural foreskin. He then said that if I were to ask him if my penis was abnormal or disfigured, he'd say "no." I guess I'd forgot to mention that it's pretty tight when erect. 

Michael A / via Facebook May 25, 2011
John B

I just wanted to let you know how pleased with your TLC-X. Two weeks ago, before I began using the TLC-X, my foreskin overhang was 0, it covered to the tip. Now I have 1/2 inch overhang, which tapers nicely. I perhaps used more tension than I should have with out knowing exactly how much to use, but the results are great! "thanks so much 

John B / Dallas, TX July 7, 2011
John B

Thank you for your response. On Your web site I found the detailed write up that I had missed, and it answered many of my new questions. I can't wait to get the tugger. In just one week of using a 30 mm pill bottle I cant believe the gains I've made. I just started working out at the YMCA a few days ago. My glans remain completely covered from locker room to the whirl pool, to the sauna ,steam room, and shower. They popped out once , but a quick pock and they were back in their new home. The foreskin hugs the glans coming together at the tip leaving only a small 8-10 mm opening. This has never happened in my life and I had given up 2 years ago thinking it was impossible. With this success I cant wait to experience the results your cone shaped TLC-X will make. I'm so thankful for google to have been able to find you! Keep up the good work. 

John B / Dallas, TX June 23, 2011
David P

My package arrived this morning 😀 thank you for the fast service. I'm so grateful that I discovered that there are people like you that do understand what we go through and want to help us restore what was stolen from us, again thanks. 

David P / United Kingdom June 22, 2011
Jourdon J

I would just like to take a second to thank you, and your helpful wife. She talked me threw the order abit this morning and i was extremely happy with your customer support. Thanks alot Ron, you really are making a difference to some guys. Im not sure how many times you get to hear it, but im sure you need to hear it more. So thank you, alot. 

Jourdon J / Victoria, TX June 21, 2011
Simon H

I am pleased to say that I have just received my order, thank you, and am quite surprised at the speed that it arrived in France. I would just like to say that you are doing a great job of giving hope to people like myself who have the desire of finding themselves as they should be. Again, thanks and kind regards, I am not ready to forget you, 

Simon H / France June 17, 2011
Dale P

I still lack enought skin to successfully use a YS cone, but I'm getting there, very pleased with my progress. Been 3 months since I began restoring, 2 months using TLC-X. I think it's an incredibly well designed device, comfortable, I really enjoy it - thank you. 

Dale P / South Africa June 13, 2011
Wade B

I wanted to write to first send a huge 'Thank You' for your incredible invention! This is something that I've thought about for many years and am excited to start bringing back that which was taken from me so long ago! 

Wade B / Olathe, KS June 8, 2011
Stéphae B

received your product 2 weeks agoish (sorry, had no time earlier), is to say thank you very much, it indeed will help with confidence, for now, it's most psychological, and my wife notices I feel relaxed now that this "wrong" will be writed eventually, so, just to say, thank you, and keep up the good work, this is definitely a useful and constructive object, 

Stéphae B / France June 8, 2011
Sarah H

Hi. I am writing to say thank you so much for creating the Tugger! My partner bought one after hearing the vast success my parents had with it. They were about to split up due to sexual tensions, and thanks to foreskin they are stronger than ever!! 

Sarah H / Saint Louis, MO June 4, 2011
Sean P

I have received the device and am now on the third day of wearing it. I'm amazed to say that I've already seen more progress in only a few days than I have had with the DTR in almost a year. I'm not sure why this is, as the DTR seems to be a fine product. I think it may be due to the fact that this is much easier, and more comfortable to wear without any discomfort. Thanks again! 

Sean P / Canada June 1, 2011
Ryan T

Thank you, you do a real service to make my life better, and I think your TLC-X is the best little device in the world. 

Ryan T / Riverview, FL May 25, 2011
Ryan R

I made this purchace on January 7th and have already seen some improvement in my slack skin I love the TLC tugger and Im pretty sure Ive sold my best friend on buying one for himself. 

Ryan R / North Carolina February 12, 2011

I recieved my cone this morning and I have to say I'm impressed. It's so simple and so effective, and I just love the see through design. I can't wait for after a few weeks with this thing. Thank you very much!

Sully / via eBay October 1, 2011
Jonathan B

I recently saw the episode of the TLC show "Strange Sex" that included you and your product and the whole time I was watching I had only one thought, "Way to GO!" As an uncircumcised man I have spent my short 25 years on this earth trying to tell people about how barbaric the practice of circumcision is and that it is choice that shouldn't be forced on anyone. What you are doing to educate people on this subject and to help men reclaim what they have lost is great and I hope you have continuing success. 

Jonathan B / via User Forum May 16, 2011

Can you tell me what size of pusher to order now? I have forced erect coverage of 175% and 10mm pusher is no longer adequate. After 23 months of restoring, mostly with the TLC-X, I have gained about 4 cm of skin. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the results.

Rick / Ottawa, Canada July 13, 2011
Dale P

I'm amazed at how my 3 weeks of dedicated manual tugging (I also made a cannister which I've used successfully several times) has loosened up my previously tight shaft skin. Prior to starting I was unable to force any skin over my corona when I tried to measure FEC, today I've calculated my FEC to be just over 20%! I'm delighted even though I realise that this isn't growth, but rather how the skin has stretched out - it already feels so much better and more comfortable with an erection. When flaccid I can now cover 50% of my glans by forcing the skin over. Thank you for your advice and the help that your forum has provided. 

Dale P / South Africa April 6, 2011
Anthony H

I have ordered a The TLC-X® approximately 8+ months maybe ago and I must say I like it every much. I've noticed that sense I've ordered from you your have made updates with some of your products. I think its great what you do and I like that you stay active in updating your merchandise. Sense I've been using your product I've notice a BIG difference and I'm not even done restoring my foreskin but it already feels amazing! I can’t stress it enough how BIG of a difference it has made in my life. Thank you in advance for your time and look forward to your business. I tell everyone, male and female alike about your wonderful business. It’s just a matter of time before we have our first child and if its a boy I wouldn’t dream of circumcising him. 

Anthony H / Mesa, AZ April 5, 2011
Francis C

I wish to tell you I have great results with your products and find your forum to be a great resource. your regular cone works well with the older metal foreskin restorer I have here and has eliminated the need of tape! from seeing the cone shipped with the tlc-x I think it will be even better. so thanks again for those great products really solving a problem here! 

Francis C / Canada March 31, 2011
James K

I just wanted to thank you, Ron. I received my LCD tugger on Monday, and I was very happy to receive is so promptly! It is very high quality and fits perfectly. I also really like the fact that it is clear, so I can see the skin inside the tugger.Your videos on the site were one of the things that really convinced me, as I could see exactly how to put it on and how the product worked. Thanks so much, and if I find anyone that needs similar services, I will send them your way! 

James K / Gainesville, FL March 15, 2011
Ed S

Ron, thanks for the quick turn around on my order and thanks for sending the extra straps which were not part of my order! I still had my straps but they are getting pretty worn out so its nice to have the new ones. I really like the clear cone also, much easier to get one with equal skin all around within the cone when you can see it, great idea! 

Ed S / Washington March 11, 2011
Brandon B

Thank you for a great product. I am shure you have heard this from every man who has used your product. The longer I have been married, my wife seemed to enjoy more. For me sex become to be more of a workout than something to enjoy. I did not realize that being circumcised would cause such a problem. I was circumcised at birth for no reason that I know of. I purchased your original tugger back in October. I wear it about 8 hours everyday. The glan has become soft and shinny. I have increased the amount of loose skin. And sex for me is better than it has ever been. Your product has changed my life. 

Brandon B / Texas March 6, 2011
Karl U

I have been using the white TLC Tugger for about a year, and I had always thought, "it sure would be great if I could see the alignment through the cone". So I was pleased when I revisited your website to discover that you now have clear tuggers. So, I purchased a new cone (the white inner part is just fine). I have been delighted with the results. Now I can see if everything is correctly positioned, and as an added bonus, the new cone seems to grip much better than my original one. I haven't had it slip off since I got it. Gradual slippage had been a problem before. Nice work! 

Karl U / Ferndale, Washington March 4, 2011
Dennis K

I have read a lot about you and your company in the internet and I am very happy having received a mail from the famous Ron Low himself! :o) I received the package quickly after a few days and the quality of your devices really satisfy me. I am an engineer just like you I think and I find it a very good idea to use the self-retarding effect of a cone for this purpose. Thanks especially for the additional center rod. I might already need it becaus I have already reached the end of the smaller rod. Maybe I will need a longer pusher soon. I used to be really sad and disappointed but your products give me hope and confidence! THANKS! 

Dennis K / Germany February 24, 2011
Tom S

Incidentally...The shipment arrived really fast (Monday of this week). Beautiful quality of the weights. Obviously high caliber engineering and manufacturing. Nice to encounter such quality work these days. Thank you. 

Tom S / Phoenix, AZ February 16, 2011
Ron J

I got my Tugger in the mail today, only two days after you sent it. I was able to put it on after only a short time of trial and error. It feels great and I'm starting to imagine what it's going to feel like to be a more complete man. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your invention. Thanks also for your very complete instructions and videos. It really helps to have someone so interested in customer service and in the cause of male restoration. 

Ron J / St. Louis Park, MN May 25, 2011
Cory L

I received it this morning. Put it on in about 60 seconds....wearing it now...very very comfortable...dont even know i am wearing it. I tend to wear tighter clothing and even with my jeans...can't see the device at all. And it does fit very well. Much much appreciated. You are doing wonders for all the men out there. Being covered down there makes me feel less naked even when i am. Thanks again. Again, surprised by how comfortable it is. 

Cory L / Canada February 11, 2011
Wesley D

First of all, I would like to thank you for dedicating your time to such a cause and creating such high quality devices. Some of the things that I've seen men put on the internet were quite scary, but this seems very doable to me! Your circumcision restoration looks great, too, Ron! I watched the Howard Stern show you put on your site and I must say I disagree with the judgments made about your penis - it was definitely the best looking one there - and your prepuce did look authentic! 

Wesley D / France February 7, 2011
Joel B

I'm thrilled with my tugger! I've worn it since Saturday and have no complaints. It's extremely comfortable, easy-to-use, and what's more - looks completely unnoticeable when wearing pants ( I usually wear fitted pants, so this was a concern. ) It may be a bit premature saying this, but I'm already beginning to notice it loosening my skin. I am confident I will get amazing results after a few months of use. 

Joel B / Baltimore, MD February 2, 2011
Adam K

First of all, I want to tell you what a fantastic product you make, and you have a very comprehensive and easy to use website that made the decision to purchase one of your products easy. 

Adam K / San Francisco, CA January 28, 2011
Stephen B

Thank you for your patience and due diligence. The new pieces you sent are a perfect fit.  

Stephen B / Palm Springs, CA January 18, 2011
Chuck C

I just wanted to congratulate you on the TLC-X. I just got it in the mail today. I washed it off and put it on. WOW!!! I'm impressed with the smoothness of silicone. It looks a lot better than the TLC Tugger from 2 years ago. I like the innovations like the dynamic tension and the plunger. Most of all, I LOVE how much more comfortable it is than anything else I've tried. (Even the old TLC Tugger.) I haven't tried all the features yet, but I'm very excited to get started with them. Thank you so much. 

Chuck C / Mesquite, TX January 26, 2011
Jeff K

Just wanted to pass along some feedback. I've been using the TLC-X for almost a year, and have noticed (and documented) substantial progress. Also, coming out with a clear skin cone was a great idea, I prefer the clear over the white. And I even reordered the clear part of the TLC-X to replace my current one. Thanks for providing a great product. 

Jeff K / Anacortes, WA January 22, 2011
Tom D

Hi Ron....thanks for for sending. I have been ordering like crazy. I gave this to a friend of mine to try. They are pretty excited about it. I wanted to tell you the new clear cone ROCK!! I think the fit and security is so much better. Thank you for always improving what you offer. 

Tom D / Richmond, VA January 20, 2011
Suzanne S

Thank you for your site--it has changed the way I think about circumcision (clearly, I WASN'T thinking!). Thank you for educating me that foreskins are healthy, normal, and somewhat able to restore. My future son thanks you (and hopefully my husband will soon too!) 

Suzanne S / Grand Rapids, MI January 27, 2011

I got my TLC x through the post the other day and I must say it is brilliant. Its surprisingly comfortable for what it does and one tends to forget he's wearing it. Anyhow its brilliant, well worth the money and thank you. You certainly are a paradigm of justice for many people. 

Chris / via YouTube January 14, 2011

I purchased a TLC tugger back in November of 2009. It's a great product and I still use it... I have it on right now as a matter of fact. I've seen some great progress and I think I'm ready now to get the TLC-X to start working the inner skin more. Thanks for your work, Ron! 

Bill / Oxford, MS January 4, 2011
Thomas E

On Thursday, 23 December, 2010, I had open-heart surgery. While in the Pre-Op area before being wheeled into the Operating Room, I was being prepped under the direction of my primary anesthesiologist. He was of eastern European origin and had a first name that didn’t have any vowels in it. I was getting several IV lines, being scrubbed and draped, given some relaxation medication, and having my urinary catheter placed. My primary anesthesiologist made the comment that it was unusual for an American man of my age (46) to be uncircumcised. He followed that up by asking if I was born abroad. I politely said no while secretly beaming inside at the level of progress of my foreskin restoration. I have been restoring for five of the last six years and while I’m not quite at my destination – flaccid I’m a CI 7 while erect I’m a CI 5 and my goal is CI 9. I was proud of my progress and my ability to "fool" a man of eastern European origin. Thank you Ron, I couldn’t have done it without you and your TLC Tugger products. 

Thomas E / Seattle, WA January 9, 2011
Donald S

Ron, (if I may continue) Maybe I should also say that I love my TLC-X. And while I’m not as methodical at using it as some restorers are, I use it a lot. I also have a CAT II Q restoring device, and I love that one too. Actually, I find it good to alternate between 2 somewhat different devices. When I’ve had one on for a while and it begins to feel a little uncomfortable, I simply switch to the other one and continue restoring. I know a man who has several differing restoring devices, and I’ve toyed with the idea of buying one or two more myself.  I have noticeably more foreskin (or loose shaft skin) now than I had a year ago. It’s very easy to see the difference. I haven’t measured my progress, and I don’t feel I need precise measurements. It doesn’t matter to me. I can see that I’m making progress, and I knew the progress would be slow and take lots and lots of patience. I wish so fervently that I had never been circumcised. I hate it. I was a victim of the ignorance and superstition of so much of the American medical establishment (not all of it, though). I just want to be natural. Complete. Whole. The way God made me. They cheated me out of that. I’m sick of being damaged goods. I wish I had someone to supervise what I’m doing and correct anything I’m not doing right, or not doing as well as I should, and spot any problems. But I don’t think I’ve developed any problems. I don’t want to join any discussion or support groups. I don’t want to go that public about it. (I did give my name and address with e-mail letters to the Massachusetts State Senate committee and to the American Association of Pediatricians. I was willing to go that public in the hope of influencing American medical practice toward ending routine neonatal male genital mutilation.  The madness of this blood ritual has got to end – though I didn’t use incendiary terms like that in the letters I wrote.) I haven’t been able to find a doctor who knows anything about foreskin restoration and could therefore help and supervise me and potentially keep me out of trouble. It sure would be nice if I could come to you once and show you how I’m doing things and see if it can be improved on. The video demonstrations on your web site are very helpful, but one can’t tell everything from them, and some things don’t seem to work as quickly and effortlessly for me as for you. I would sure like to reach the point where my developing foreskin covers my glans completely and stays down unless there’s a reason for it to retract. But I’ve read that most restored foreskins don’t stay down on their own, unless one gets one or another type of surgery done (I guess there are at least two types), and I’m not sure I want to let anyone anywhere near my penis with a knife ever again. Maybe my developing foreskin already does better than some, because it mostly or even completely covers my glans once I pull it down, and it will stay that way for hours if I stay naked and nothing arouses me, or, usually, if I wear fairly snug underpants or go commando. Sometimes it even deploys over most (and occasionally over all) of my glans on its own, when I’m very relaxed and not thinking about it – usually when I’m sitting and occasionally when I’m lying down. I can even see the beginnings of an acroposthion (an overhang) sometimes. I’ve begun to think that I might like to keep at this until I have some overhang. Moreover, my growing foreskin contracts and puckers beautifully at its end, into a nice tiny hole. I just wish it would stay that way always, except when I pull it back or get a hard-on. But my new foreskin seems awfully thick to me, especially at its end. And I can’t devise a way to tension it in either the TLC-X or the CAT II Q without capturing a fairly thick end of skin inside the outer cone. I always carefully pull (or roll) the inner skin up and out before I apply the outer cone. But that doesn’t make the end part any thinner. I remember reading, on your site or somewhere, about marking little lines with a felt-tip pen along a line where the end of the foreskin should be (I forget the technical term for that line – the end of one’s foreskin when it’s deployed). But I never really understood the concept, or how to determine that line, and it didn’t seem very crucial to me. No other sites that I’ve read mentioned doing this. So it must be possible to develop a new foreskin with good coverage without doing this. So I don’t really know if the end of my new foreskin is staying at the same line or is fluctuating, or migrating down, or up, or if it really matters. I think I’m slowly growing new skin on both what will be inner skin and what will be outer skin. Maybe I’m wrong. Lately (maybe for more than a month now) my skin doesn’t seem to slide out over the outer cone as readily as before, and if anything, maybe there seem to be two outer edges developing, and I have to pull and roll more inner (?) skin out in order to extend all my slack skin over the cone (that is, not to trap any extra skin below the pusher). Another thing: I’ve always seemed to have more skin on the left side of my glans than on the right side, and lately I think this differential is increasing. I can’t seem to correct this by pulling more on the right side as I tension my skin or by wearing the tensioning rod on my left side.  All in all, I’m quite pleased with my progress, but I’m also concerned about a few things, and I sure wish I had some guidance – or at least one initial meeting with you, “doctor,” to check it. (You’re the expert. I’m your patient, doctor!) Basically, just to have you show me how – for sure. But that’s probably unrealistic. Oh how I wish they hadn’t messed up my penis (robbed me of my foreskin) when I was a helpless baby and couldn’t say no and couldn’t defend myself. Thank you for letting me unburden myself of these thoughts and concerns. I just have to keep hoping that I’ll be pleased with what I eventually end up with. And thanks, not only for your wonderful, prompt, personal attention to your “guys,” your TLC restorers, your “patients,” but thanks again also for your heroic efforts in behalf of the unborn, to end this idiocy. You’re a great guy, Ron, and Alice is a great help too. I sure appreciate you both. You are heroes. You’re doing a great service to us damaged men, and to the men not yet born.  Warmest regards, 

Donald S / Johnson City, TN March 14, 2010
Ives H

I just wanted to let you know that I made a lot of progress and I have recently been able to fully retract my foreskin for the first time when I am soft. When I am erect, I am able to retract further than I ever could, though, still need more stretching. It was very liberating and I can not thank you enough. I'm still using the first device you sent me and it continues to be working. I appreciate your help and I hope your device will help others. 

Ives H / Canada December 31, 2010
Tom D

I just order a TLC tugger for a friend. He is pretty excited after I told him about all the benefits. It's a 50th Bday gift. It is never too late to get started. I have had great success with mine and I am thinking about going to your new weights. Any feedback for me on that? Thank you for all you do for the cause. I have to tell you my ED is totally eliminated. AMAZING!!! 

Tom D / Richmond, VA December 21, 2010
Bruce W

Hello! Just wanted to give you a quick update that things are going really well and that I interchange the X with the tugger depending on my situation. I am really impressed and my significant other also has noticed the dramatic extra skin that has been created. I had a very "loose" circumcision so my skin was always loose but now it is more loose and "baggy."I can almost fully cover the head when erect with pulling.Otherwise all is good and I'll keep at it!! 

Bruce W / Bronx, NY December 14, 2010
Matthew H

By the way, last month I ordered a full set of TLC Tugger Your-Skin cones (the new super grippy clear version) so I could try all 5 sizes. Wow, there is a noticeable difference in the stickiness compared to the white version that I tried a few years ago. I like how the clear plastic is less noticeable when I am in public restrooms, too - much more subtle than white. I'm REALLY glad that you made this new version. Thanks!! 

Matthew H / San Diego, CA December 12, 2010

Hey Ron, rec'd my RC-18 tugger cone made of clear silicone... it is SOOOO sticky, its perfect... now i can really tug... before the white one got slick from my skin oil real easy... this clear one, i dont' know what you used or how you made it, but it remains STICKY all day and sticks like hell... its perfect for me, since i dont' have a lot of skin right now... thus i can sorta reposition it now to tug more of the skin near my glans as opposed to before when it was the skin hear the base that was gettin tugged... anyways, it falls off WAY LESS is way more comfortable, and is just a superior product all around so you could advertise that as useful for guys that have slippery or sweaty skin and who need to see the skin arrangement within as like i said, i'm not at that point yet where i can easily bunch skin over top of the glans... awesome,  thanks

Steve / Canada March 19, 2010
Jack K

Thank you so much for the TLC-X (and no, he hasn't paid me to write this). Anyway, I am a complete fan of the TLC-X. I don't have to mess with straps or anything anymore. People question whether tugging without straps is as effective as with straps, but for me, I think the most effective tugging strategy is to find the method that you can do on a regular basis. For me, the TLC-X does this. It is super compact and provides a lot of tension if you have the correct rod and pusher. I like to wear briefs, and I no longer have to bother with straps nor worry about the straps falling off. If anyone has questions, ask away. Again, thanks Ron. 

Jack K / Santa Barbara, CA December 5, 2010
John C

I bought the standard TLC Tugger with straps from you nearly two years ago and have used it for 23 months. The results have been amazing and I am well on the way to an almost full restoration. I intend to carry on for at least another 12 to 18 months to gain full coverage. Thank you for producing such a great product, my restoration has made me feel like a new man and it's all thanks to you. 

John C / United Kingdom December 4, 2010
Daniel M

Wow. The tlcx is like totally amazing!!! Like seriously the thing I've been needing. Straps were a total no option for me and this thing stretches my skin like no other. I'm so excited. I'll let you know how it all goes. Just wanted to say thank you so much for being such a great thinker!! I really appreciate it. I would have been miserable if it wasn't for you. 

Daniel M / Tampa, FL November 24, 2010
Holt B

I wanted to tell you that I just received my replacement inner cone in the mail today. I also want to thank you for your help. I have had nothing but good experiences with your ingenious product. What you are doing is very admirable. I will do all I can to spread the news of your products. A proud customer 

Holt B / Little Rock, AZ November 22, 2010
Bruce W

I just got your TLC X and I am very impressed with the quality. I wore it all day and up and down stairs and sitting and standing. It has no problems like the elastic straps do when I am constantly changing position. I am very impressed with everything! Thanks!! 

Bruce W / Bronx, NY November 16, 2010
Chris Z

I received my TLC Tugger today. Now THAT was quick service!! I couldn't wait to get it on. The tape I have been using was making my shaft sore and raw. The difference is incredible. I am SO incredibly happy with the look, form and fit of the product!! It was perfect. I will do my best to advertise. I wanted to leave positive feedback on eBay, but since I didn't buy it on eBay, there was no place to do so. Again, thank you so very much. It's a wonderful product. Now, I'm looking forward to the results. 

Chris Z / via yourhostingaccount.com November 15, 2010
Michael N

First off I would like to say THANK YOU for it's your site and the forums you host that have motivated me to restore. I am looking to get a TLC-X to focus more on my inner skin, I have been tugging for a year now and the growth is great. 

Michael N / Australia October 6, 2010
Nicholas C

I received my Jumbo TXL-C last week and have been trying it on. other then the initial shock of the size of it, it fits like a glove and I could not be happier. I can wear it for longer without discomfort, it fits better and there is less readjustments that I have to make throughout the day. In all I love it and will tell my friends about the TLC-X at every chance I get! thank you  Truly, 

Nicholas C / Englewood, CO October 5, 2010

I was truly amazed at the effectiveness of the restoration cones I purchased from you last year btw. I see what you mean 'bout sensitivity increases! Whoa Nelly! Thank you so much for that! ;^)  Kind Regards,

Prakata / via eBay October 3, 2010
Amy M

I was just reading the Cosmo article about circumcision being on the decline and started thinking about my husband and his healing process and then our sex life. Sorry if this is TMI but since my husband started restoring our sex life and relationship in general is amazing! We have sex at least 5 nights out of 7 and I am talking great sex, super hot sex! (and we have 3 kids under 5)! Thank you TLC Tugger for making my love life unbelievable! You rock 🙂 

Amy M / via Facebook August 20, 2010
Alfred S

As I said yesterday, I could not wait to try the new TLC-X. I quickly looked once more at the demonstration video, and replaced my TLC with it. There was no problem at all to put it on and to keep it for about 4 hours. After reading some of the threads in Foreskin-Restoration/Intactivism, I was expecting difficulties. Obviously, the craftsmanship in your custom made product is unusually precise. I am wearing the TLC-X since about 8:00am, went to the grocery store, and fiddled around the house with no problem. I did have to shorten the length of the strap by about an inch, to accommodate the longer dimension of the new device. Again, I want to thank you. There must be many men like me, whose life is enriched by your work and dedication to foreskin restoration  With my best regards, 

Alfred S / Irving, TX August 20, 2010
Jason I

I've been exclusively using the pusher technology and not the tugger technology and I've been making great progress in a very short time. And thanks for including those extra screws in your general package. I lost my first one today. Looks like some considerate forethought from experience. Other companies wouldn't do that knowing they'll get more money from the customer having to buy a replacement. 

Jason I / Los Angeles, CA August 12, 2010
Ira B. E

I'm really happy with my tugger and the TLC-x. At least for me, it's claims have more than fulfilled my expectations. The greatest thing is the exquisite intercourse. Wow! This is my restoration results so far: 1. Totally flaccid penis- complete coverage of glans. 2. Partially flaccid penis- appox. 70% coverage of glans. 3. Erect penis- appox.10% coverage of glans. YOU HAVE REALLY HELPED ME! I'VE GO SO FAR IN 10 MONTHS! I WANT TO CONTINUE EFFECTIVELY 

Ira B. E / Philadelphia, PA August 5, 2010
Max T

Got the new (way snugger) cone today--problem solved!! Thank you for your always superior customer service. I am very pleased with my results. I used to make my own devices but the TLC-X has skyrocketed my results in a year or so of off-and-on tugging!! 

Max T / Austin, TX July 12, 2010
Todd B

My wife decided to visit her family over the summer and it worked out that she would be gone for a month. Well, I had been looking at your site and I ordered the TLC Tugger while she was gone and started using it only at night. I used it for a little less than a month, and I never told her. When I went out to pick her up, we made love that night she made a strange comment. She said, "Wow, it feels like you have foreskin... and it feels great!" I never told her a thing! She normally doesn't have an orgasm through pen etration, but she did. I told her a couple of days later and now she is turned on that I am stretching at work... etc... I was circumcised very tight, and I am looking forward to the benefits of covering the glands. 

Todd B / Lakewood, CO June 29, 2010
Kevin W

It has been about a month since I purchased the TLC-X, and I must tell you, after just a month the results have been surprising. After just two weeks I was able to switch to the larger rod that you included, and now I use that one and it works great. 

Kevin W / NC, USA April 8, 2010
James T

I am very pleased with my progress. My wife thinks its less silly now and admits that sex is better. I started tugging in July of 2009 with your basic tugger and then moved up to the tlc-x. During that time, I have been tugging constantly for 8-12 hours per day, though accumulatively during that time I have missed about 8 weeks with no tugging. I'm kicking myself about that because I know that every month with tugging shows a marked increase of a few millimeters. Anyway, I'm using the tlc-x right now with the 20mm pusher and I expect to move up to the 30mm pusher next month. I want to do whatever it takes to get the "tightly puckered skin tube" that seems to be the holy grail of men who were involuntarily mutilated as babies. Thanks for your fine product. 

James T / ID, USA March 23, 2010

Hi Ron,  I just received your TLC Foreskin Restoration Cone today. I can't believe it actually works!! I love it. I am circumcised but have pretty loose skin when I pull it over the tip of my penis. I would like to have lots of foreskin. What do you recommend? Also, I gave you a favorable review on ebay. Thanks for the wicked quick service...  Regards, 

Rick / via User Forum March 19, 2010

Ron and Alice, just wanted to let you know-- I bought the tugger in February, and it is very comfortable. I can wear it comfortably for extended periods. I can wear it comfortably with the shoulder strap at night as well. I mentioned in an earlier email a little cap or collar that I put on the tugger-- I've realized that it helps me not because it tightens the skin (I wouldn't want it excessively tight) but because it helps to keep the tugger and cone oriented with one another-- when the cone begins to tip, it sometimes means that it is slowly slipping off. I also mentioned that I have what some sites painfully call "vanishing penis". It's ok when erect, but can literally vanish into my body. It still happens, but a little less often. I have to say that I'm a little healthier as a result of using the tugger.  Thanks again,

Greg / via User Forum March 19, 2010
Zenjiro M

I ordered once them half ayear ago for my circumcised friend and now I want to let you know many Japanese are grateful for TLC Tugger ! I'm waiting for 10 kits of TLC Tugger . 

Zenjiro M / Japan December 9, 2010

Ron: Just wanted to let you know my order arrived to day in California...thanks so much for the speedy processing and great product  All The Best,

Eric / via User Forum March 17, 2010

Greetings! I just received my TLC-X and it is SOOOOO ridiculously comfortable compared to anything else i have thus far utilized for restoration purposes! I simply love the TLC-X and I applaud you, Mr. Low, for such an ingenious device! 🙂 It is very easy to use, and fits perfectly! Thank you for your contribution to the world! I do have a minor question though: How do i use the little spring included with my TLC-X?  Thanks, 

Kevin / via User Forum March 15, 2010
Dave P

Ron and Alice,  Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I am using both the TLC Tugger and Packer and have found them to be the most comfortable, and discreet, products I have tried (and I have tried many over the past year). I use both subway and bus on my daily commute and have found both the Tugger and Packer to be very reliable - with all the walking/movement everything stays in place!  Thank you so much! 

Dave P / Washington DC March 13, 2010
Stephen B

I appreciate the speedy customer service, fit guarantee and turn around time

Stephen B / Palm Springs, CA January 12, 2011
Daniel M

Hey got the tugger in the mail day before yesterday and just wanted to say thank you so much! It doesn't pinch my skin anymore and is working great...you are the best Ron! 

Daniel M / via User Forum February 5, 2010

Dear tlchomearts,  Hello, my husband loves this item! Thanks a bunch from Sarah and Gino!

Sarah / via eBay March 8, 2010

Just got my Tugger today, it's hella comfy, I'm actually shocked that it's there cuz you can't tell. 

m4hornets / via User Forum February 22, 2010

Thanks a million. You don't know how much what you have created means to my partner and me. 

Colter / via User Forum February 20, 2010

Kudos to you Ron! I wore it all day today and I didn't even know it was there. No cutting. Thanks again! 

NM / via User Forum January 29, 2010

Hello Ron and Alice,  OMG!, OMG! OMG! I received the replacement Tugger on Friday and tried it out immediately. What a difference! I got it on on the second try and it fits like a well worn glove, unlike the first one which had a feeling similar to having a stone in your sneaker. I almost didn't write to you about the fit of the first one, thinking that maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance or I was just being whiney. This one is terrific! And equally as thrilling is that you sent the clear cone! IMHO, that's the ONLY way to go. I sure hope you can get it perfected enough to make the clear cones standard fare. It looks and feels just fine to me, so I'm not sure what your hesitation might be. So far I see no drawbacks with it. I was feeling irritation from the inside rim of the white cone and the clear cone seems just enough softer that the inside rim is not noticeable, but the difference could also be due to having the larger size. The ability to see the skin through the cone just can't be emphasized enough. It takes all the guesswork out of adjusting the cone. I'll be returning the original Tugger shortly.  BTW, I for one, would not be grossed out by the idea of purchasing a returned product, knowing that it would have been well washed and sterilized before being sent out. Do you think it would be too gross to note on your web page that you have slightly used items for sale at a reduced price? I see that there's a forum for used equipment so obviously some guys aren't averse to the idea. Just trying to help out with solving the problem of your returned items. It's great that you are willing to work with the customers to insure a proper fit and while you can take our measurements into consideration, there's no way for us (or you) to tell in advance just which device will fit the best without trial and error.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Ken / via User Forum February 14, 2010

Greetings!  My name is Kevin, I am 18 years of age, I was born a Jew, and my foreskin was brutally hacked off by some idiot, and no body cared about what I might think about the whole thing. I THINK THAT I HAVE BEEN ROBBED OF LOOKING LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING!!! I have considered foreskin restoration for about a year, and have read everything I can find about the topic. I have done manual stretching, and I have a CI-3. I really want to restore so I can look like a normal human being again. I do not care about sex, and I do not masturbate, because my religion forbids such activities (I'm Roman Catholic now if you can't tell lol) all I want is to look normal.  There are so many products out there, and I have no clue which one is best, and I have no idea where the heck I should even start. I am also on a very strict budget due to college, and no one knows that I intend to restore. Can you please give me some advice as to where to start? I want to look the way God intended me to look, (I mean, I'm your average yellow skinned, curly haired, green eyed Jewish born kid ) and I want to feel more confident about my body. I think it is an utter shame that cultures, such as the one in which I was born, encourage, if not demand the mutilation of a helpless male infants genitalia! Well, I believe I will stop ranting.  Thanks for your time! 

Kevin / via User Forum January 22, 2010

Hi Ron,  I'm excited because my Tugger arrived in yesterday's mail. I tried out right away last night and had reasonable success in putting it on and I wore it for a couple of hours before going to bed. This morning I decided to read up on various tricks and tips that other users have/are using and now I have some questions and concerns. I'm still getting used to navigating the web site. Today, for instance I came across a chart that I had never seen before, the Device Comparison chart. Until now I had no idea there was a deep TLC device. I'm wondering if I should have selected that model. What I've noticed is when I put the tugger in place on top of my glans I see more than half an inch of the glans still showing that's not covered by the device. This would be on the top side (opposite the frenulum side). I'm having trouble stretching the skin far enough over the exposed glans to "catch" on the tugger. Perhaps the deep TLC would alleviate that problem? I know it's still very early in the game, but I've already noticed a lopsided effect where the skin on top of the shaft is experiencing way more tension than the underside skin, which has almost no tension on it. Maybe because I'm trying to pull so much top skin to reach the Tugger? Could you give the the size or models of the Tugger you sent me? That way I'll know for sure what I'm starting with. I'm further confused because when I measure the Tugger it indicates that I have the TLC mini since the total height of the silicone is about 32mm. But the depth of the concave part is approx. 9-10mm which indicates a regular TLC. The edges are not rounded like the mini. Sorry for my confusion. I'm also not sure if I have the RC-8 or the regular Your-Skin cone, but the inside diameter looks closer to 36mm than 39mm. It's really exciting to be "on my way".    Thanks!

Ken / via User Forum February 9, 2010
Donald S

Hi, Ron!  Thanks for being so helpful, as you always are. I take it you have records on me and know that size YourSkin cone I need (if the cones vary in size). I will certainly appreciate a replacement, and so fast – wow! Let’s see what I can recall. I too would sure like to know what caused this sudden failure (after I’ve been using the TCL-X for nearly a year with no such trouble), to avoid it happening again. I sure want to be careful. I had washed all parts of the device the day before, after using it, with Softsoap brand Soothing Aloe Vera liquid soap, but doing that has never produced this result before.  Fairly often I spread one of the following on my penis after I take the device off, for the sake of the skin that’s been under stress: 1) Curél Continuous Comfort fragrance free moisture lotion for dry skin with time-released moisturizers; 2) Vaseline aloe fresh hydrating body lotion with aloe and cucumber extracts, non-sticky formula (I think this is one of their line of Vaseline Intensive Care lotions); 3) Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E skin care cream. But I would think that any of these 3 has entirely worn off, if indeed I haven’t washed it off, before the next time I don the TCL-X. And this is the first time in the 9 or 10 months that I’ve had the TCL-X that this has happened, even though I’ve been using those products right along. I’m no chemist, but it doesn’t seem to me that contact with any of those products could have messed up the silicone of my cone. So I’m mystified. But if we can figure out what caused this, I sure want to avoid it ever happening again.

Donald S / Johnson City TN March 14, 2010
Robert T

Hi there,  Just wanted to say I just received my canister order! I am so excited about restoring now and I wanted to thank you for all the positive work you have been doing in this field and bringing awareness and quality products to the market. I cant wait till I have enough skin to purchase the tapeless tuggers so I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Very happy customer, 

Robert T / via User Forum February 2, 2010

Dear Ron and Company  Let me first say I love what you are doing. A your skin cone is on its way to me thanks to your expectant fathers offer. It is great that you are doing this for the world. We are expecting our first son at the end of March and I was researching circumcision when I found your site. It had never occurred to me how awful the whole thing is.  I'm sure you have heard this before, but when I even think about it I feel sick, saddened and violated. I was born 41 years ago in New Zealand and cannot believe this happened to me in a 'civilised' country. I am at least thankful that they didn't totally botch it up, and I have hope of some restoration. 

jiff / via User Forum February 18, 2010
Kurt G

I think you should get a humanitarian award for all of your efforts developing, making available these great devices and for all of your advice and help. 

Kurt G / Fort Wayne, IN January 25, 2010

Hi Ron / Alice,  Just to say that the TLCX arrived safely this morning, Saturday. Excellent service thank you.  Cheers, 

Stephen / via User Forum January 23, 2010
Matthew V

Dear Ron and Alice,  Thank-you. i love the packer. It is helping me to live a life more stimulated in my interests, and is helping me to enjoy life more. i can jump, and even run for short periods. Eventually, i'll be able to lead a comfortable life permanently in this way. i just wanted to write a quick note of thanks, because it really helps out. If you ever need positive feedback about your product, send it to me and i'll send it back, changes pending,-- because it will probably be true. Thank-you very much, Madam and Sir   Thanks a bunch,

Matthew V / Bayfield, WI January 23, 2010

Ron,  Thanks so much. How do we handle the exchange and the shipping and handling? I'm more than willing to pay my share. BTW, I don't envy you trying to get everyone fitted properly! Until one sees a Tugger and cone up close and hold it in ones hand and tries it on, you have no idea what it's going to feel like in place. It's not like we can walk into a store and try on different models until we find the best fit. 

Ken / via User Forum February 10, 2010

I just wanted to let you know that I got my tlc tugger kit last week and could not be more happy. It was a little awkward the first few days but now I barely even notice that it is there. I'm a 19 year old college student and I have been looking for a products like yours since I was about 16. I felt the effects of circumcision most when I was getting oral from my girlfriend and she asked if I liked what she was doing, I couldn't feel it. I realized that I needed some semblance of a foreskin to restore sensitivity. Your product is amazing and I can't wait to tell all my friends. 

Dan / via User Forum January 18, 2010
Burton T

Once again, thanks for your great work! I know it will make a big difference in my progress, and fortunate are those newly starting who will have the advantage of your latest developments. I find it all amazing. 

Burton T / Marion, KS January 17, 2010

My cone and Mini arrived today. It is so much more comfortable than the previous one. I don’t even feel it on there (other than the band wrapped around my leg).  Thanks! 

Justin / via User Forum December 29, 2009

Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me. Your customer service skills are amazing, and I couldn't be prouder to be buying your product. 

Jesse / via User Forum January 6, 2010
Burton T

Thanks again for making all of this possible. While I look forward to making the kind of progress you and other long-term restorers have made, in the 17 months I have been restoring, I have gone from almost no skin to amazing coverage and signs of growth that appear on intact men. As I have mentioned previously, the benefits of sensitivity have made an astonishing difference for me -- actually more than astonishing. The very fact that I now know that the glans is not skin, makes me wonder even more why on earth -- beyond biblical times -- circumcision is even on the table. Another of society's strange and misguided traditions. 

Burton T / Marion KS January 5, 2010
Tim W

Again, Ron, thank you ever so much for your advice and help. I was voted most talkative in high school, I am so sorry this is so long. I am sure you have other things to do than read my crazy email.  Peace and respect,

Tim W / London OH January 4, 2010

Ron,  Sorry I missed this email, Christmas and too much happening. The parcel arrived Christmas eve, the size you supplied is correct. I am very pleased with the quality and functuality. I am a fair way progressed (been at it for a few years) so I will need to get a few extra fittings and will plance an order in a few days. Thanks for the prompt service. 

Mike / via User Forum January 1, 2010

Dear Ron:  I've purchased a lot of things in my lifetime, but your TLC Tugger is one of the best and the most memorable. It is so simple (KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid), I can tell you're an engineer. I wish that I had heard about the TLC Tugger sooner. By dumb luck I came across it on the internet. Keep up the good work, 

Eric / via User Forum December 31, 2009

Thax Ron I have told a few people about your product but not sure if they will order it or not but they seam interested in it , I hope that soon I'm able to get in the chat group so I can shair what i have learned with others & I'm sure that you can benefit from what i have learned as well 

George / via User Forum December 30, 2009
Scott K

I have been using the TLC Tugger and packers since April 2007. I cannot believe how much better I feel at this point in my restoration than before starting. I feel more whole, normal, and physically there have been some interesting changes, which have increased my physical and mental well-being at the same time. Things in my abdomen did not feel right for many years, and then after about 4 months of restoring with your product, there was an unexpected event that made things feel 100% right, as in correct, in my lower abdomen. This improvement has been permanent and I no longer have the physical and mental feeling that there is something physically wrong with me in that area of my body. It is solely due to restoration that this has happened, and it was your product that helped to get me there. Thank you for designing a product that has the ability to cause so many beneficial effects. I am interested to hear from you on the topics mentioned in this e-mail. If there is anything in my ideas that you need me to clarify, please do let me know.  Best Regards, 

Scott K / Lebanon PA January 15, 2010

Hi Ron,  Just wanted to thank you. I just received the tugger here in France and I'm already wearing it. I simply love it.  Thanks again,

Stephane / via User Forum December 28, 2009
Josh S

Fits like a glove, Ron. Very comfortable without pinching. What's the deal with the new shape for the stainless steel handle? Anyway, hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for everything. You, my friend, are a saint.  Be well, 

Josh S / Indianapolis IN December 22, 2009

Alice,  As the tracking number indicated, the package did arrive today. What incredibly good service you provide! I can't believe I ordered the tugger only 4 days ago and it's here already...and there was a weekend in between. I think only Santa can provide service as good as yours 😉  Thank you and Ron for providing this great opportunity that I came across completely accidentally. I was originally having a problem with irritation and even slight bleeding on my glans from running. What I was looking for was something to prevent that. My google search led me to your website for the cone and once I saw the other possibilities you provide I was thrilled! I had always wanted to get back what I was born with but wouldn't risk surgery to do it so I put it out of mind a long time ago. With your help it looks like eventually I'll have a more permanent solution to my glans irritation and for now I'll have the cone to hold me over.  You may want to consider more active marketing to the running community if you're not doing so already. You may get some runners who opt for the "full package" instead as I have.  Thanks again! 

Joe / via User Forum December 15, 2009
Tim W

Dear Ron:  I have been meaning to write you just to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG the TLC-X is amazing....I am gaining skin like you cannot believe. Your tip of the small amount of lotion helps so much. I am able to push the small rod all the way down and it is very, very comfortable. A question...when will I know it is time to move to the longer rod? Also...on the pusher coming unscrewed...never had it happen. I cannot imagine how that could happen when wearing the TLC-X. Hope you and Alice have a WONDERFUL Christmas.  Peace and respect, 

Tim W / London OH December 14, 2009
Donald S

Ron,  You're a much bolder crusader for our cause than I am. All guys who manage to survive American infancy with their foreskins intact will have you and similar crusaders to thank. But so far, yes, I have told a few guys about restoring and recommended the TLC-X and given them your web site. Even showed them my results so far. 

Donald S / Johnson City TN December 11, 2009

Ron,  Thanks for your quick response! I've just gone to your website and followed the ordering instructions you mentioned in your email. I'll also follow your usage instructions so I'll be able to try the TLC-X even as a beginner. I usually don't do New Year's resolutions but this year my resolution is to do my restoration. Wish me luck! Please let me know if you need any other information.  Thanks! 

Joe / via User Forum December 11, 2009
Barry P

Ron,  Thanks so much for the discount on both the skin cone and the packer. I ordered the packer and am looking forward to using it. If there is anything I can do to help the site out -- like a testimonial or pics -- just let me know.  Happy Holidays! 

Barry P / via User Forum December 10, 2009

HI Ron  Thanks for the info mate, I think i'm getting used to this vented version as I would like my foreskin back more than I'd like extra lengh right now, but you i think i heard somewhere that your penis hangs better when your forskin is reinstated. Thanks again for this device, im just disappointed i never knew that people could regrow thier skins back much sooner, your device is quite comfortale when you get used to the stretching.  Cheers Mate ! 

Josh / via User Forum December 4, 2009

Ron,  The package arrived already, much quicker than I expected for ordering/shipping over a holiday weekend. The mail car was just pulling down our street as I was getting home from work. Thanks for the quick turn around.

Josh / via User Forum November 30, 2009

I got my TLC-X last night and it works like a charm. I wore it all night and it was easy to wear. I hardly knew I had it on. It comes with two different sized push rods looked to be 3 and 5 inches. The short one I used last night and had to readjust the push rod after about 30 minutes because of stretch, same as the DTR. I had to take it all the way to the end to get the right amount of stretch. I wore it from 11;30 last night till about 5 am this morning. It was comfortable and I hardly knew I had it on. I can tell it stretched good though because I could feel it tug a little when I moved. I can say I was expecting a lot from this device and it lived up to my expectations. It was $80 plus shipping and handling and well worth it.  I know a lot of guys swear by tape and I wish I could wear tape but my latex allergies are so severe that I can not even wear the paper tape that states latex free or hypoallergenic. They lied it has latex in it somewhere because I break out with it. For me the TLC-X is a God send. When I get my 1 inch erect overhang, I will have to post pictures. LOL I have to say Thanks Ron Low For providing a great product. Now I will need to order a new push rod longer than the 5 inch rod just so I have it when I reach the end of the 5 inch rod.  KOT guys 

Randy / via User Forum November 25, 2009

Thanks a million I look forward to receiving and trying it out and will most definitely report back to you on my progress and how it fits for me. 

Cody / via User Forum November 24, 2009
Rogrick B

Thank you very much for delivering the TLC-X to me. After looking at the forums and this thread in particular http://www.foreskin-restoration.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2775 I've noticed that the TLC-X body is smaller than my gland and I also have trouble getting the your skin cone to stay on. However it works fine alone. I just did my measurements and noticed my gland at 1.25 of an inch. I'm sorry I wish I had done this sooner but if its possible I'd like to exchange the TLC-X body for a larger one. If this is possible please let me know how. Thank you very much for making an amazing product. 

Rogrick B / via User Forum November 24, 2009
Chris K

Dear Ron & Alice,  Thank you both very much. I have nothing but praise for you & your work. I tell everyone i discuss this with about your website. Lots of guys online are very curious where to get the device and I send them the link. 

Chris K / Enfield CT November 23, 2009
Nicholas J

I love my Tugger and TLC-X. I wear a device whenever I can, In my opinion all your claims have been honest and fair. The devices far exceed my expectations. Thank you so much!. 

Nicholas J / Great Falls MT November 18, 2009
Nicholas J

Ron thank you so, so very much for your help, and all the information you have given me. I will be telling my friends about you and your website. I'm very happy to have purchased my cone, and I am very eager to use it.  Thanks again, 

Nicholas J / Great Falls MT November 18, 2009
John N

Thank you Ron in advance for the great product and services that you are doing to restore one man at a time.  Sincerely yours, 

John N / Lafayette IN November 9, 2009
Chris M

Hi Ron,  das Packet mit dem TLC-Tugger ist angekommen! Werde euch erzählen wie es klappt! Vielen Dank!  Gruß 

Chris M / Stuttgart Germany November 8, 2009

Just got the Tugger in the mail today. Everything looks great. Right now I am wearing it under jeans. It seems to be hanging on pretty well. It took me about an hour of messing with it to get it to attach properly though. I think I've got it now. It seems as though the vent wasn't venting quite like it should, but I figured out how to hold both pieces and tug gently until I feel the tugger separate from my glans. Then it will grab the skin and tug like it's supposed to. 🙂  Thanks Ron! 

Jacob / via User Forum November 7, 2009
Chuck S

Hi Ron  I must tell u I am very impressed by using the tlc. I have been using it for 2 weeks about 8 hrs per day. Took awhilebto get accustomed too but I see results already. Thnks for helping me get back to my natural form. I am anxious for the end results. Also l Please let me know when u have instructions in using the other apparatus such as the plunger.  Thnx 

Chuck S / Harrisburg PA November 6, 2009
Alex D

Thank you!  I am glad I found this site. Your video's were helpful also!!!! 

Alex D / Jersey City NJ November 4, 2009

Dear tlchomearts,  Hi Ron and Alice, thanks for the fast delivery! It works very well! I left positive feedback for you. Feedback from you is welcome.  Greetings 

Michael / via eBay November 4, 2009
Peter A

Hello Ron,  Thanks again for the TLC-X which I am very happy with.  Thank you Ron and all the best. 

Peter A / Wellesley MA October 26, 2009

Ron,  2 Words- You Rock. You exemplify the definition of customer service, a standard to pursue. Looking forward to the new parts. As usual,  Thanks 

Mark / via User Forum October 26, 2009
Jayson O

Ron-  I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my YSC a few days ago and am excited to start my journey to becoming whole again. I couldn't afford to get the TLC-X as I wanted, but having the YSC has already cemented my decision to restore. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to get the TLC-X and really make some progress to becoming intact. Thanks for making a product that is giving me a new sense of pride that I'd never expected. 

Jayson O / via User Forum October 23, 2009

Hi Ron,  I am Joe from HK, the TLC Tugger was delivered for almost 3 months ago, I am quite happy with the result so far, my glans can be partialy covered when flaccid, check out the attached pics for reference, actually it would never happen before restoration started.  Best regards 

Joe / Hong Kong CHINA October 20, 2009

Hi Ron, I am Joe from HK, I was to write before the TLC Tugger was delivered, I am happy to do restoration 

Joe / Hong Kong CHINA October 19, 2009
Peter L

Ron,  I just wanted to let you know that in the short time (2-weeks) of TLC Tugger my life has already changed for the better. A new level of life has evolved- prior to TLC Tugger, time spent with my penis was for the duration of sex and hygiene. Now I have spent much time in examination and almost a "getting to know you" with my myself. I didn't know my penis had been so 'hurt'. I have learned that my Frenulum was spared in the legal mutalation, the dorsal area has been sensitive to rubbing on my boxer shorts (hurts actually), my glans is VERY sensitive with a previously unkown grey-like callus over the head, spotting to a lighter, pinkish color. Reading through the blogs links on your homepage, I am taping the dorsal side for now and manually tugging. My penis feels protected and heavier.. I feel like a man. Being a vegetarian and a bit of a hippy, wearing deorderants is not my thing, unless going to events requiring the masking of who am I, so now knowing that I have scent down there now is really awesome. I own a penis pump which has a similar tugging feel and now I can enjoy the tugging feeling all day. 

Peter L / Tampa Bay FL October 19, 2009

Dear Ron  thank you so much just got the tugger as of today about 15 min ago just want to say its very easy to use & apply . just want to say I'm very pleased with it & i hope that I truly get back what was lost. i was able to figure out where the spring went although it wasn't mention its a great i dear & i like it this way you don't have to hole the Collier up & in place. I just wish that My girl friend shared my enthusiasm with it, just have to get the never shave again hair removal sys & I will be all set .I don't know it you want to post any thing as to people saying their results or what they have said about it but i think it would help other to go along this rout if maybe they saw testimony of other people just an idea  Than you again 

George / via User Forum October 18, 2009

The whole experience has left me feeling a freak, born with a defect and mutilated to try and resolve it. I feel totally cheated by the medical staff, and pushed into the decsision on the grounds of hygiene and medical preference rather than my own opinions - as I mentioned, I did ask for alternatives. Since my circumcision barely a day has gone by when I have not regretted this decision and sometimes even wept. I have read some of the information on your site and it seems that your TLC tugger pack may be just what I need. I guess I'm in a minority position here having been circumcised as an adult, so I truly know 'both worlds' - but will this really give me back my old life? Will I regain all the moisture, sensitivity, and comfort I previously had? Is there any danger that my foreskin will grow back too tight again? Have you had testimonials from other guys circumcised as adults? Is the TLC tugger likely to be the right choice for me? My apologies for the long email, I am desperate for an understanding ear and hope that you can give the advice - your site certainly gives the impression that you truly want to help with these issues. If you wish to post any of my story above to serve as information/advice/warning to your readers, please do so, but respect the privacy of my full name and email address.  Many thanks in advance, 

Geoff / United Kingdom October 14, 2009
Tim W

Dear Mr. Ron:  What a wonderful experience! I have used my TLC-X for the last 7 days and WOW!!!!!!! What a difference already. I wear it all day until I go to bed. I don't think I can do the strap thing at night. My partner is so supportive which is wonderful. I find that when he touches me he it is already more sensitive. The X is working out PERFECT for me. It took a while to figure out the best way, but I have mastered that and it hardly ever falls off. I am looking so forward to the results. Hopefully, one day you, Alice, Kevin and I could meet for dinner. Thank you so much for everything...I will keep you posted on the progress.  Peace and respect, 

Tim W / London OH October 12, 2009
Late Starter (Atlee)

Ron: I just want to say thank you for all you have done for me getting started with my restoration. Sometimes we don't tell people enough how much we appreciate them. You have been such a help, and never refused to answer any of my questions, some of which have probably been stupid.  So thanks again. 

Late Starter (Atlee) / via User Forum October 3, 2009
John D

Hello Ron.  Thank you my cone's arrived today Thursday 01/10/09 great product fits well. Will give it a few weeks to see results. Nice to know I can wear it while asleep without worries about ciculation problems.  All the best

John D / Northolt UK October 1, 2009
Jenny V

Dear Ron Low,  I wanted to thank you so much for the article, Obstetrics and Circumcision, that appeared in Compleat Mother issue # 91. The effort that you put forth to attend the convention, start conversations, introduce these important issues to people, and then write about all of these experiences is impressive and inspiring. My husband is restoring, and maybe my two sons will someday, too. Your article motivated him to get back on track with his efforts, inspired me to work a little more within intactivism, and sparked some conversations between us about how to talk to our kids (sensitively) about several issues, now and in the future. Thank you so much for the work you do to change and improve lives, and to protect future babies.  Sincerely, 

Jenny V / Corvallis OR September 12, 2009
Nick V

I love the variation technique. A combo of elastic strapless at day, strapped at night, with manual tugging morning, noon, night and retaining cone treatment for rest is the best way. lots of variety. 

Nick V / San Francisco CA September 6, 2009
Bill H

Hello Ron,  I just sent another order to you. I watched the Howard Stern segment on your web site. I thought some of the comments that were made by the on-air people showed a very high level of ignorance concerning the foreskin. One guy even said that your penis did not look "normal" to him. You had the most normal penis of all those guys. I think those people doing the judging simply could recognize an intact penis until someone explains things to them.  I have been using the TLC-X recently and it is VERY comfortable. I think this may be your "magnum opus". Congratulations on a superior design! I did not participate in the controlled study for FEC because, at age 72, I can no longer call up an erection just because I want one.  Best regards, 

Bill H / Missoula MT September 5, 2009
Michael L

Ron and Alice,  THIS IS GREAT!!! I have been wearing my Tugger all day today. At this rate I'll be completely covered in 6 months. WOW!  Thanks. 

Michael L / Dallas TX August 24, 2009
Jaime C

Hi Ron and Alice,  Just wanted to update you....my Tugger arrived just before I left on my trip. So I put it on this morning and all I have to say is WOW! I have used other devices and this one just "feels" so right-so much better than anything else I have used. Now if I could just stop popping wood....  Thanks. 

Jaime C / Albacate Spain August 24, 2009
Michael S

I am having great results after only about 4 months. With the warm weather I haven’t been able to use the tugging strap during the day as I wear shorts to work so the stretching has slowed down a bit. It has just a little ways to go until the skin will roll over the corona and stay. It will stay for a while on it’s own but eventually roll back. I would think that in about six months time it will stay partially rolled over.  I have shared this with my doctor and showed him how it works. During my physical I showed him the tugger in place and then took it off and the skin stayed over the glans during my exam. He was very impressed and definitely wants to follow my progress. He hasn’t had a patient do this before so he is very interested and very supportive.  Thanks, 

Michael S / Santa Fe NM August 24, 2009
Steve C

Hi Ron,  Thank you for getting back you me so quickly and standing behind your product. I appreciate receiving the replacement part and will try to separate the parts only after I receive the new one. As I mentioned in my earlier email, your TLC-X is amazing and I am very thankful for the work you and Alice do. I wish more people were educated on the damages that circumcision does so that that no more baby boys would get mutilated inthe future. Again, thank you for all of you help.  Sincerely, 

Steve C / Charlotte NC August 14, 2009
Jakob O

Hello Alice and Ron!  I followed the advice and it is working quite well now. I'm so glad that decided to stick with it!!! No longer am I jealous of my partner. Thanks again for the advice! 

Jakob O / Bellingham WA August 13, 2009
Nicholas J

Finding your website has given me peace of mind. I was born on Malmstrom Air Force base back in 1985, here in Great Falls Montana. I come from a diverse heritage, my father is of French Jewish descent, and my mother is African-American. When my mom gave birth to me, the doctors asked my parents if they wanted to have me circumcised, and said that it would be easier to maintain if I was, and also stated, that many baby boys born to military families are often routinely circumcised. My Jewish grandparents eagerly wanted for me to be circumcised, as did my father. The general attitude was that this was a good thing, and would only ensure my good health and overall well-being. However, as a young man, I am deeply saddened that no alternative argument was available, either from the military, or from my Jewish relatives, to truly see circumcision for what it is, a horrible form of routine mutilation exacted upon innocent baby boys, under the guise of a societal standard, of health and cleanliness.  To add insult to injury, my Jewish relatives never even pursued the possibility of me having a bar mitzvah, since my father married a Gentile; however, I was circumcised all the same. I believe that God made me perfect as I am, (in his image), so I can't understand why God would then want for his people to mutilate something as precious as an innocent child. It completely baffles me. Your website has given me hope; I have been embarrassed for far too long, to talk, or to even discuss this for fear of ridicule, but I believe wholeheartedly, that circumcision is unconscionable, immoral, and just complete and utterly wrong. The mutilation of children performed for the sake of an arcane tradition is still mutilation, religious or otherwise. There is nothing wrong with being how nature intended.  Thank you for the work that you do, And the hope that you have given me, Very sincerely,

Nicholas J / Great Falls MT August 13, 2009
Atila R

Dear Ron:  I don't know if you are interested in the progress of your customers or not. I started using the tugger about 3 1/2 months ago. I was very tight, probably a C-2. I had a lot of questions for you at the beginning. As you know this process takes time. I am pleased with my progress. I am still doing manual stretching exercises daily as you suggested. I can cover my glans now pretty good to put the tugger on. I am able to keep it on most of the night, at first I don't think I had enough tension on it. I still have my good days and bad days of it coming off during the day.  You probably don't remember but I told you my right foot was swelling about a month after I started restoration. I talked to the Dr.l and told him what I was doing. I am still having problems with my foot swelling, but he said it is not from my restoration. It sure was hard to talk to him about it, but I needed to rule that out. I was quite relieved. I can already tell a difference in my sensation when the foreskiin that I have developed rolls over the glans duiring sexual activity. Also when I am sitting, it almost covers the glands. Well thanks for your help.  Sincerely, 

Atila R / Amarillo TX August 10, 2009
Nikolay B

Hi  Today i get my order. big thanks! 

Nikolay B / Murmansk Russia August 12, 2009
James B

Ron - thanks for yr message. For yr info I achieved full coverage about 3 years ago. It took me approx 10 years! Since then I have not done any tugging and the results do seem to be permanent I am extremely satisfied. As a nudist, people assume that I have a natural penis, as did a girl friend too! All the best (but keep me on yr list, please) 

James B / London UK August 4, 2009
Zygmunt J

Hi Ron,  I would like to say thank you. I can see and feel some improvements after many months of hard work. Please send me your e-mail with your discounts again. I am thinking about ordering new cone and longer pusher. I will contact you in September.  Best Regards, 

Zygmunt J / Toronto Canada August 2, 2009
Adam F

Hey Ron,  I thought I would send you an update photo. It's been 6 years and 8 months since I started my project. Not too bad for someone who was cut tight. I have been alternating between the TLC-X packer and the Mini Tugger. This is with just tuggin or packing down the leg with straps switching from left one day and then right the next. I only retain at night sleeping and on my off days. I believe I have reached another stepping stone. For about 3 weeks now the skin has been stayin over the head on it's own in the morning hours with loose boxers on, but still have to wear an o-ring when dressed. I am still going to continue the project for a full ten years. I want it to stay while fully flacid on its own. I have been thinking about buying for variety one of your packers P16 or P24 with the metal ring ring at the top for a strap.  Sincerely, 

Adam F / Bangor ME August 2, 2009
Justin L

Ron,  I've previously ordered a few tuggers from you. This time, I seem to have lost my MINI while my dog (yes, my dog) simultaneously chewed up my regular tugger. I seem to have been having more success with the MINI lately, although after 2-3 hours, it would become uncomfortable. It seems that the cone didn't grab my shaft skin uniformly. It would be painful at the points where it did grab the shaft skin. Since I am now in the market for a replacement, I would be most grateful were you to give me some guidance on which model would be best for me. 

Justin L / Dallas TX August 1, 2009
Tom F

I wouldn't be able to guarantee I could comply with the randomise tugging hours needed for the trial, however if there is another way I could contribute please let me know. All the best of luck with the trial... and thank you again for such an amazing device... it is definitely helping me to regain... well confidence if nothing else. 

Tom F / Sydney Australia July 29, 2009

Hi Alice,  I'm afraid someone already opened the package for me. But I do know a fellow drummer who would love this. Thanks very much and have a great day! 

Robert / via User Forum July 28, 2009
Bob W

Hi Ron,  I'm really impressed with the tugger. It is comfortable to wear, and seems to be making a difference already. I have one problem. I took the metal pole out of the notched piece that presses on the glans, and that was a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, when the device slips off, the notched silicone piece which fits inside the inner cone was lost, only today. Can I order a new one or two in case, and is there anything else you feel might help that I should order?  Best wishes 

Bob W / Littleborough UK July 24, 2009
Lucas L

Hello,  My canister kit and Your Skin cone arrived today, and I'm very excited to get started on my restoration journey. Thanks for such fast service! I order it last Friday and I'm very impressed that it has arrived here in Canada in less than a week!  Thank you very much 

Lucas L / Toronto CA July 23, 2009

Hi Ron,  Thanx for sending the TLC device for me. I Really really really appreciate it and I really really really mean it. I just don't know how to thanking you and I really cant wait to receive it & try the device. However, I will always keep in touch with you and update you with my progress.  I also will share my experience while using it as well as to promote your device to my friends & to every man in the world about your device. I hope more and more Malaysian people will have the awareness of the importance of having foreskin as their treasure; that nobody in the world can take it away from their body. Together we make zero circumcision in the world! Thanx again and keep in touch.  Best of regards, 

Keith / Kuching Malaysia July 17, 2009
Burton T

Ron-  I continue to make what I think is amazing progress, but I am pushing more and more into tugging as much daily as possible. I started at almost zero 11 months ago, and now have skin just on the verge of wanting to stay over: I do realize that it will be some time yet until I achieve natural coverage, but it is in sight. Meanwhile, you are right, of course, that a cone is required at all times (including the gym) because the 'new glans' exposed is far too sensitive to stand the chaffing.  I have been using the TLC-X and was finding it uncomfortable for tugging not matter what I did although it otherwise was fine even with the long rod. I revisited the site earlier this week and reviewed your helpful video once more. I have concluded that at least for now, I need to use the original TLC. In the interim, I have found that by removing the rod and inserting the smallest of packers, I could use the X like a regular tugger, of course, the problem being keeping the 'package' together.  I have ordered the regular TLC, and I think that for now it will serve me well. It also means that I can be safely packing without tugging and have it secured to my boxers with a shoestring. My patience with consistently wearing briefs after years of mostly boxers ebbs and flows, so it is nice to have an alternative. Keep up the great work. I probably -- like so many others -- have told you, but it bears repeating: Without your dedication, many of us would never have known how to achieve restoration of what was taken from us. We may never get those nerves back, but the increased sensitivity is nothing short of amazing, and my long-time wish to have that uncut look is being realized.  Thank you! 

Burton T / Marion KS July 17, 2009
Roy M

Restoration was off my radar for a number of years (mostly given my age and the assumption that cell proliferation would decrease as a function of age), then I saw your Howard Stern piece and I was motivated to try again. I ordered your TLC-X a few months ago and it is making a difference... maybe age is not the most important variable. Anyway, just want you to know I support your charge, and keep doing what you are doing. 

Roy M / Dripping Springs TX July 16, 2009
David M

Hi Ron,  I've been using the TLC Tugger off and on now for about 2 years. I've had pretty good results, but I've had to stop using it from time to time.  I think this is a great product and I thank you for inventing it and for your work in the anti-circumcision movement. Keep it up!  Sincerely, 

David M / San Francisco CA July 15, 2009
James M

Well I was able to discreetly get the package from the mailbox to my room, so luckily, the whole thing went down without a hitch. The inconvenience was negligible, but since you offered, the free size 8 senslip would be nice 🙂 I'm already seeing some results, even though I've worn the thing for only a day...I have no doubt the skin will recover, but tonight after a full day of wear, I am already seeing natural rollover when soft. It's not much, but it's there...I'm going to keep wearing it through the night, and hope it stays on. The thing fits like a glove, though, and the straps work just fine.  Thanks for a wonderful product! 

James M / Oakland CA July 15, 2009
Travis I

Dear Ron and Alice,  I just wanted to write to you and say thanks for the TLC Tugger. You're champions. After 6 months of taping 5 years ago (and all the hassle that goes with that) I lost motivation, but it did help me to get enough coverage to use the TLC without any problems at all. I was talking to a few mates (who all thought I was mad to want to restore - two intact and one circumcised) and went searching for a new method when I came across the TLC Tugger. And... IT'S BRILLIANT! My partner has stopped stirring me up about it (because intimacy is available instantly -hehe) and it's just part of getting dressed now.  I've used it for a month and have quite a few millimetres more of forced erect coverage already! Finding the right tension took a little persistence as I was slightly over-zealous to begin with but all good now. 'Over the shoulder' at night is a work in progress but 'below the knee' during the day is a cinch and nothing hits the floor, which was my main concern initially, but all good there too. All the very best with making millions with your products as I am a strong believer in circumcision being a pointless and unecessary operation originating in outdated and arrogant beliefs. I've joined the forum and get support from there to keep going and hope to one day achieve my coverage goals.  Again, thanks for your professional instructions/order/delivery/packaging and the product itself. I'm wrapt.  All the best, 

Travis I / Preston Victoria (Australia) July 14, 2009
Reynolds A

Hi Ron, sounds VERY cool, and I'd love to help, but I wear tight jeans pretty much all the time so my only tugging opportunity is when I'm at home and/or asleep. Even so, it's most definitley helped increase my sensitivity, and thus my sex life, so THANKS! And good luck with this trial 🙂 

Reynolds A / Boston MA July 12, 2009
John S

Fascinating experiment Ron,  I'm in. I've had good results with the TLC-Tugger, I went from Coverage Index 3 to 6 in about 7 months. Am happy to provide descriptions and/or photographs as desired 

John S / Ferndale MI July 8, 2009
Eric W

Hi Ron,  Having owned the TLC-X for over a week now, I want to commend you on your superb craftsmanship. It is apparent that you put a lot of thought into designing the product, and I am impressed. I particularly enjoy the versatility of the TLC-X. When using the device without the extensibility feature, I was wondering if it would be safe to remove the set screw and collar so that I don't accidentally lose them. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.  All the best, 

Eric W / Troy MI July 8, 2009
Burton T

Ron-  I would be more than happy to participate. I am very pleased and quite amazed at what I have achieved in 11 months although I still am looking forward to the time when the glans remains covered once the tugger or packer is removed. I should say that to this point, I have been either using the tugger (without tugging) or a packer 24/7. I have not been tugging regularly because it has taken some time to get to this point (I was starting pretty much at zero and now can pull my foreskin about half way over my glands when erect). I have found that when I try to tug, I move around enough that 'equipment' failure is inevitable. I may be trying to be too aggressive.  I do not normally wear shorts except at the health club, so that in itself is not a problem. What would concern me more is that I travel a great deal on business, and I obviously cannot wear the tugger and get through security when flying. I also don't check luggage, so I am marginally concerned about what the tugger might been seen as with the TSA's equipment. Nevertheless, I remain at your disposal and am most grateful for the support of your site, products and the results I never dreamed could be possible. The process has completely transformed my sensitivity to unimagined heights, and at 58, it makes me wish I could have done this long ago. However, when I looked into it previously, support such as offered by you did not exist.  Thank you. 

Burton T / Marion KS July 5, 2009
Ben M

I would just like to say thank you, I received the your skin cone yesterday and I have noticed a better fit, and everything. When I first got the normal sized one I read the sizing measurements and everything and thought that I was more or less in the range. It seemed that often my penis would slip out of the other one but with the larger size i dont have that problem. Thanks for telling me what I needed. 

Ben M / Tucson AZ July 4, 2009
Bob M

What great fast service! I'm a rancher and farmer. Stopped at the mail box (about a half mile from the house) while in the tractor and was pleased to find the package. Put it on right there. What great comfort compared to the home made devices that I have tried over the past few years. Keep up the great work. Your "inventor ability" is impressive. It would be nice if more men could talk as simply and plainly about restoration as you do. 

Bob M / Idaho June 30, 2009
Charles R

Thank-you very much for your help! I have just placed my order,very excited!x

Charles R / London UK June 28, 2009
Mark T

This is great. thanks a lot. I can already see progress after 3 weeks. I am very excited. Great product. 

Mark T / Edmonton Alberta (Canada) June 27, 2009
John M

thank you for the TLC Tugger. You sent it to me in April of last year and so far it has worked wonderfully. I have noticed some fairly significant growth. Again, many thanks! 

John M / Chicago IL June 25, 2009
David V

I have received and have been using the new TLC-X and I wanted to tell you it is the best device I have used so far! I have several years of "experience" with restoring, and I have tried almost everything: - I started in 2003 with a canister/tube setup 'cause I barely had enough to tape it up with. - progressed to the stainless steel R2K (ForeSkin Natural Restorer). The constant taping/untaping was probably the most annoying part of the process...but I put up with it, and it worked. (I think that in the beginning, almost everyone new to restoring has to use some form of taping).  I also bought and tried various weights and trumpet tips, etc. After about two years of that, I developed a mild aneurysm/weak spot in the groin from 'wearing' the R2K at an odd angle which 'pinched off' a vessel or something. After that happened, I had to quit for over two years, but I had gained a significant amount of new skin; I could, most of the time, wear underwear/briefs, and the new skin would stay forward. -Toward the end of 2006, I bought and tried the TLC Tugger, but alas, I found that awkward and I didn't want to use a strap/tugging arrangement , so I didn't use that much either. - Then, finally, I just recently was browsing the web/restoration sites, and I found out about the TLC-X. I looked at it and ordered it right away.  So here is the news: It is very compact compared to others. It is very comfortable/easy to use, compared to the others. It goes on very easy, and is obviously easy to take off = convenient. Because of your design, it has not aggravated the aneurism/weakspot in the groin so far. That means I can now conveniently use it whenever I want in a gentle manner, with little or no discomfort, and I know that if I am patient, I will reach the goal/growth that I have set for myself. ...I thought you would appreciate this inspiring story and especially my appreciation of the TLC-X that you have developed.  Thanks so much. 

David V / Clovis CA June 18, 2009
Tom F

Hi Ron  I wanted to thank you firstly for such a wonderful product. I received it last week, it only took 4 days from the date of departure to reach me here, in Australia.  So far I'm extremely happy with it. I don't have a great deal of extra skin at the moment, so I'm having to re-apply the tugger a couple of times a day. I wanted to ask about that... I'm finding that after 2-3 hours of use the skin becomes a little tender and seems to need a breather for 5 minutes before re-application... due to lowered blood flow to that area I'm guessing? Is this normal? Or am I applying too much pressure / too tight? Otherwise it seems to be working quite well. I'm still within the initial stretching period... but there is a noticeable difference in the amount of skin available to stretch already.  My only other concern is a small part of my remaining foreskin, along the scar line of my circumcision, is a little inflamed.. .it has been since I began originally stretching.... I know you're not a doctor but I'm guessing a little time out to let it heal up is a good idea before re-starting stretching again?  Anyway, all the very best, and thanks again for such a wonderful product! 

Tom F / Sydney New South Wales June 22, 2009
Ben M

I do not need any special components to the Tugger, I am pretty average. But one thing is for sure, I am ecstatic to begin using this device! 

Ben M / Tucson AZ June 22, 2009
Patrick P

I've been using the TLC-X Tugger for almost two months now. I can't believe how much progress I've made. My new foreskin has made clothing more comfortable and improved my sex life greatly. Thanks for inventing this device. It has greatly improved my life to get back some of what was taken from me when I was only an infant. 

Patrick P / Tyler TX June 17, 2009
James H

I just wanted to let you know I got it yesterday and after using it for about 7 or 8 hours yesterday and a couple so far today I can say that i like it a lot so far. Its very comfy and compact, I hardly notice it on my skin or in the mirror. I am also not really new to restoring, I have been doing it on and of (mostly off) for 5 years, and have used 2 other devices, a PUD GP and a CATII. The PUD was great but not good for my current job, and the CAT was really uncomfortable and due to the design of the pusher my penis would show signs of being pushed on by the pusher, the TLC X has nothing close to that. I went with your product after seeing the care you put into making them in one of the videos on your site.  You really show that you care about your customers and helping them reach their goals and not just selling a product. I really wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for so many men out there and that I am looking forward to ordering different pushers from you when I need them. 

James H / Bronx NY June 16, 2009
dave v

I received the TLC-X and tried it out... very nice, comfortable and compact. I have a couple of years experience tugging/growing, using a variety of techniques.  I had to quit for about a year 'cause I over-strained one of the blood vessels in the groin area because of accidentally 'pinching' the blood vessel while using a difference device. I am starting up again now...more gently this time. That's why I'm trying the TLCX this time; it seems nice and compact, easy to put on/off, and so far very gentle , esp. in the 'back' part near the sulcus, where it gets most of the pressure at the edge of any stretching device. The compactness is nice also 'cause it helps in concealing under clothing.  Thanks for your developing this, and your support of all of us out there trying to get back part of what we lost so long ago.  take care, 

dave v / Clovis CA June 14, 2009
David W

thank you immensely for doing what you do. I've always felt something missing, as if I were less of a man or incomplete because my penis is choked by a scar. I just want to be whole again and I'm hoping this works 

David W / Philadelphia PA June 8, 2009
Casey B

Ron,  I applaud YOUR brilliant innovation. YOU are the true entrepreneur, engineer and revolutionary intactivist. I am merely making small design changes to YOUR ideas to fit my personal situation. My glans is exactly 3 cm across when flaccid, and is exactly 4 cm across with a rock hard 100% erection. (These are not rounded, luckily they landed on nice whole numbers). I would love some extra your skin cones, Whatever you think would be best for me to work/experiment with. I don't know if you are offering them for free or not, but I'll glady pay for them. And I'll be careful griding, I'm not trying to lose any MORE body parts here!! As you have instructed, I ordered a regular TLC tugger and a RCX (extra wide) skin cone. I also threw in a 1.6" regular your skin cone, just because I fetl like it. (1.6" would be the right size base on my measurements, right?)  I must thank you again for your remarkable customer service, and just your... how can I say this... service to all of mankind, really. The world needs more people like you. 

Casey B / Torrance CA June 8, 2009

I got it a couple days ago. It's very easy to use and pretty comfortable ^^ It came with some rubber bands and a spring. I didn't see these things in the instruction videos on your site. I was wondering what they were for? I may have missed some instructions though, had problems viewing some of the vids on your site. Anyway, I am pleased with my purchase ^^ Thank you ^^

FD / via User Forum May 6, 2009
Russell P

I tried for years with poor results and a lot of frustration. I am allergic to tape and some rubber,until I bought Ron's TLC Tugger (Which Im wearing as Im typeing this)and my DTR I had little to no gaines.  Once I got my TLC Tugger it was like magic,I started growing new skin almost right away and am covered 24/7 now in only a couple of years but I need a bit more,if the tip of my penis sticks out any it makes me crazy,cant stand that rubbing on my boxers ect..!  I can honestly say that the TLC started me on the right track and Ive had no reaction to it which for me is amazing lol!  Thanks Ron for such a Great Product :0)

Russell P / Cushing MN April 30, 2009
Clint P

Ron,  I was so impressed! The way you handled that was great. The new PX-XL is about 1/4" bigger in diameter for about 1 5/8" total not quite 1.75" but close enough. Thanks so much for the self-addressed stamped return envelope!! You made my day returned my faith and I'm easy to please. Look forward to using the product would not hesitate recommending. You don't really have competition — glad you're a great businessman — and that's greatest. I've tried several ways to uncircumcise and made a few things out of the plastic black 35mm film tube/canistors and inserted plastic pill bottles using a screw to get that bi-directional stretch. Learned the hard way epoxy glue is not good against skin! Ouch. I also tried a trombone mouthpiece and an O-ring to get that tape-less fit (always hated tape). But of course an O-ring put too much pressure per square inch and caused problems. You've solved that problem quite nicely!  You've solved major problems in a big way. Also tried T-taping with Micropore tape, too much bunching but it worked a bit. Wow what a long road it's been... Thanks for your help. I can remember twenty years ago realizing in my own heart the suspicion of what circumcision had done and felt the rage didn't know where it came from. Then heard Dr. Dean Edel about five years later talking about "The Joy of Uncircumcising!" by Jim Bigelow, PhD. That book put me on a quest.  You've done it my friend your product and tenacity have really been good. I wish you all the best of luck. And when you have time go to my website! nspesp.org  Thanks, 

Clint P / Eugene OR April 20, 2009

Thank you so much. I received the extender you sent! The extra recess certainly helps. The edge still cuts across before the corona, but is hardly as painful. I've gone onto the restoration site to see what has been written about it and found some interesting points that I will play with to relieve any other crimping issues. You clearly are putting alot of your time into all of this. Thanks. It's clearly not just a business for you. Please keep it up. But as far as business goes I hope you feel well rewarded! 

Gregory / Milwaukee OR April 16, 2009
Derek O

I have been using the TLC X for about a week now and I am shocked to say the least about how wonderfully it is working. I already notice a difference in the amount of foreskin i have. I am just shocked. I was left with a good amount of slack after my circumcision, but with this product I am already seeing more skin. I started just using my hand to stretch my foreskin at first and I used tape to keep my glans covered during the day, however, I wanted something more consistant and I was getting raw and sore from the tape. I found your website and the last week has been GREAT.  Thank you so much 

Derek O / Logan UT April 7, 2009
Joe H

Just wanted to thank you for Your awesome products and excellent service. The TLC-X and Your Skin Cone rules in the Foreskin Restoration World. I am now able to restore without skin tears, tape, harsh clamps and the like. I actually prefer to wear my TLC Restoration Devices over nothing! 

Joe H / Saline MI April 6, 2009
Robert C

Thanks for sending my replacement skin cone for the TLC-X. The replacement seems to have more texture than the old one and really grabs and holds much better. Don't know if you changed your process for making them but this one sure works much better. Since switching to the TLC-X a year ago I have made gains unlike the original TLC. Anyone trying to restore really needs to switch to the TLC-x as soon as they have enough foreskin to do so. I am using the PX20 with the longer push rod and still I am extending 1.5 inches when stretching. The shorter rod only worked for a few months before running out of length.  I have been restoring for 2 years now and am completely covered but I want enough to have some overhang then I will be satisfied. Restoring the foreskin has really improved my wife and I's sex life. I also like the look and feel of the new foreskin. I know there are other systems out there that I have not tried, but after using your product I would highly recommend the TLC line as I know that it works great great great!!!  I just wish I had known about restoration when I was much younger and could of had a restored my foreskin many many years ago.  Thanks 

Robert C / Harrisonville MO April 3, 2009
William E

Ron,  I just got my TLC-X Tugger in the mail the other day. I wore it last night while sleeping and am wearing it again now. It's very comfortable. The videos on your site made it very easy to learn how to wear the device properly. You have amazing results to show in the videos! I like the frenulum notch on the device. I'm one of the lucky guys who got to keep his frenulum intact. Mine is quite large. I've had a few guys comment on it. I already have a fair amount of loose skin. After some time of getting used to the Tugger, I may get a longer TLC Stretch Tugger cone.  I applaud you for being so open about this subject. As a young boy, I had seen my father's intact penis a few times. I never could understand why part of mine had been cut off. My father died in 1991. He was not comfortable discussing a lot of things with me, so we never really had the chance to discuss the issue. Shortly before my mother died of cancer in 1995, we were going through some old papers and found the hospital bill from when I was born. She said, "Oh, look! Your circumcision was only $50!" That opened the door for me to discuss my feelings about the subject. I told her openly how I felt cheated that a perfectly normal part of my body was cut off for no reason. (I was not yet out of the closet and had no sexual experience other than solo masturbation. I had never felt a foreskin or seen one close-up except for a glimpse of my father's.)  When I was done explaining my feelings, my mother looked surprised and said, "I never knew you felt so strongly about it." It was a very cathartic experience. My mother was dying of cancer, and I didn't know how much time I had left to tie up loose ends like that. It was during that conversation that my mother told me something I never knew. She said that when I was born, my father wanted me left intact as he was. As a nurse, my mother thought I should be cut "for hygienic reasons." I asked her if either of them signed any type of consent form. She said no. I then asked if anyone even asked either of them what their wishes were. Again she said no. After I came out and dated a man in the Netherlands for a few months, I became more aware of what I was missing. The fact that neither of my parents had consented to my circumcision or was even asked bothered me more and more. My sister suggested that I get a copy of my birth records from the hospital. When I got my records, I discovered that there truly was no consent form for my circumcision. There was, however, a note that the doctor "ordered" that I be circumcised in the delivery room immediately after birth.  I remember my mother always telling me how they had to call the doctor in on his night off to deliver me at 12:30AM. She said the first thing I did when I was born was pee on the doctor. I've often wondered if he "ordered" that I be circumcised in the delivery room without my parents' permission as some sort of payback. At the very least, I'm thankful that he left my full frenulum intact. It truly is a man's most erogenous tissue.  Check out the anti-circumcision page on my website (www.skyguy.us). Among other things, I have a good article written by Marilyn Milos about the reality of infant circumcision. It reads like some medical experiment from Nazi Germany. I applaud you for speaking out about the truth of circumcision. I just joined www.foreskin-restoration.net with the user name "skyguy". If you would like, I will be happy to add a link to your TLC Tugger website on my anti-circumcision page.  Best regards, 

William E / Madison WI April 3, 2009

Hi Ron - I have always been envious of uncircumcised men and thought there would be no hope in restoration without surgery. I tried manual tugging which I found both tedious and ineffective. When I found out about your products, I took the chance and ordered a TLC Tugger. Upon receiving it, I was simply amazed to find that it slipped into place with little to no effort on the first try. I hooked it up to the leg strap and off-a-tugging I went! I wear it to work, around the house and to bed without any complications and the sensation is quite intense, in a good way. thanks so much!! 

Rich / Seattle WA April 1, 2009

I already received your package today! Thanks for the quick response in getting the order to me. Just wanted to let your know the inner cone is a perfect fit! Nice job! So far it is much more comfortable than the catII I like the clear retaining cone. It lets me also see that my skin color is not changing to much under tension. Just wanted to let you know I almost had a problem with the length of the retaining cone though. I'm a big time grower and flacid i'm very short. This works fine but if it were any longer at all I would have a problem getting it on.  This is a very nice product and I wanted to thank you for helping the rest of us reach our goal  Thanks 

Randy / via comcast.net March 19, 2009
Glen D

Hi Ron,  I was corresponding with you last year around the beginning of Nov. /08. With your help I purchased a Jumbo TLC-X body w/ wide pusher and a RC-18 retaining cone. Originaly I was wearing it with the elastic bands (strapless) but could not wear it too long beacause it started to hurt. I later started wearing it without the pusher and elastic bands, and starter using the strap . This enabled me to wear it all day @ work with reasonable comfort (I stand most of my working day, so this works well). I still continue this practice to present, however as recent as around 2 weeks ago, after work when I get home I remove the strap and add the pusher and elastics, and wear until I go to bed.  Since I have been using the two methods in conjuction I believe I have been noticing considerably more progress. I just really want to thank you and let you know what a huge efffect this has made in my life , just knowing and seeing that this is working has given me great hope and pleasure. This greatly restores some of my control over my body that was taken from me when I was most vulnerable.  Ron, I think I'm ready to place another order...........I already have the RC-18 retaining cone, which fits reasonably well, however I would like to try it one size smaller just to see if it might fit better. Also I would like to place an order for couple more pushers, the PXO and PX2. please let me know the total cost and I will mail a money order to you. Thanks alot Ron  sincerly 

Glen D / Ontario CA March 19, 2009

Hello,  My name is Chris and I found your site after my wife and I decided not to circumsize our son to be born in April. Boy am I glad my wife does research and thinks about these kind of things. I didn't know any better and was going to just have him circumsized. Now I see why this would be a bad decision. Anyway, this made me upset that my penis does not really medically function the way that it should because I am circumsized. It made me upset more about the fact that the glans is supposed to be a mucous membrane, not skin, than it upset me about not having crtain nerves/muscles because of it!  My wife and I do have a website with pre-pregnancy pics and a picture of the positive test...yeah, we like our friends being up to date on it... I'll send you a link, depending on if my wife an I decide if this would be a good thing for me or not... Thank you for any advice or insights you can provide and thank you for your website.  God Bless, 

Chris / via User Forum February 28, 2009

Hello,  I started tugging after perusing the internet after becoming fed up with delayed ejaculation and thinking it was a problem I would have to live with, not knowing that my circumcision was to blame. I started as suggested with the canister method (using items purchased from you), moving quickly to yout tlc with straps. After reaching a plateau I tried the other tugger (not a tlc one) that uses the push/pull technique. However the solid plastic used was very unforgiving and uncomfortable. I then discovered the tlc-x. The silicon usied is so much kinder to your glans and grips much better than the other materials. I think that although the other tugger was strectching my foreskin, it may have been not doing much for my glans, at the very least it may have been causing it harm.  Now back with the silicon my glans is improving every day! I started with a gradual reddening (not soreness) and noticeable sensitising of my glans (my wife - and I!) can now masturbate me and I can reach climax much more quickly than before. In fact, it is close to becoming premature ejaculation, but this coud be due to some medication I am on - however premature is easier to deal with than delayed! My glans was previously brown like my skin - I am Asian) and keratinised but the reddening and smoothing of my glans is now almost covering the whole glans.  The only minus side is the stretching has been very slow for me. I have been stretching for over two years now and I only have a bunching of skin behind the glans and when using the your-skin cone or a baby bottle teat my glans will stay covered by my stretched skin for a few seconds before popping out. Also if I am not wearing any protection over my glans I will sometimes have this wierd feelin if I sit on my haunches where my glans will pop into it skin temporarily!  I am however delighted withe the speed of your service. My tlc-x arrived in the UK within 4 working days of ordering! Please feel free to use this email on your website. However just one small comment and your suggestion as to how I could overcome a slight problem... when using the tlc-x with a strap sometimes the silicon will flex and the screw mechanism will slip off the wavy part of the assembly and I will find that my glans is not being pushed as effectively (if you see what I mean).  Do you have any comments on this or a possible solution? Anyway thanks again for your devices and website - the improvement to my qwuality of life and self-seteem cannot be underestimated. 

Keith / United Kingdom February 24, 2009
John M.

I know I have nothing to be ashamed about, but past experiences have taught me it's important to be discreet about my unhappiness being circumcised. I was a child when I was circumcised so I definitely remember it and it was very traumatizing to me. Whenever I openly discussed it, I faced nothing but ridicule by everyone, including my family which only set me back at overcoming my trauma.  On a positive note, I have been using the TLC tugger. My erections are not as tight and restricting as they were before and I am very grateful than that. I am a long way off from having my glans covered with penile skin, but I'm determined before I die that it will get done.  Thank you for your help. 

John M. / Flushing NY February 13, 2009
Davey M

Hi Ron,  Hows things? Hi from Australia. Hey, I've been using your TLC tugger for 5 months now and have had great success. I'm really pleased with how quickly I'm getting coverage. Now I feel I want to upgrade to the strapless TLC-X model. I'll send you a pic of how well my skin is growing back and will be guided by you as to the best sizing for me.  As you know when it's hot or cold, there is much more coverage but this pic is at room temperature. I'm very surprised at the progression and feel it will only take half the time you suggested to gain full coverage. When erect, I can easily force skin to the tip now, something which I could never do before. I don't know if you need to see a pic of that first though. To make it easier for ordering, can you advise me on what I need to do and what sort of deal you can give me to upgrade. Looking forward to your reply.  Cheers for now, 

Davey M / New South Wales, Australia February 1, 2009

Hey Ron,  Just wanted to let you know that I got the package the other day and everything works perfectly.  Thanks again!  Thanks, 

sean / NJ, USA January 28, 2009

Great product. I am very happy with my purchase. 

Mike / WI, USA January 27, 2009

Your customer service is second to none!!!!!! 

Jeremy / MN, USA January 23, 2009
Chris B

I saw that you have a discount for expecting dads, and I wanted to know if there was one for the tlc tugger kit which I am ordering. My son was due on Jan 26...but he came a bit early. So today we are suppose to take him to be "cut" but last night when the nurse came by she gave us some information that has changed our minds and we are going to leave him intact. Just in the nick of time.  Well thank you for your time and I look forward to getting your product soon.

Chris B / Taylor SC January 23, 2009

Thank you for your on going commitment to this cause. I have purchased items from you in the past, and I like I'm sure other men are truly happy for what you provide and the web site that promotes and awareness to this unfortunate unnecessary brutality to males. Thank you again for this email and for promoting awareness. Please always stay in contact with me of new products or events. 

Mark / NM, USA January 22, 2009
Joe M

Hi Ron,  Been using the TLC-X for about 3 weeks now and am pretty pleased overall. Good quality material and workmanship. One thing I'm noticing though, maybe you can help me out. I'm getting a bit of irritation on my shaft skin, do you recommend lotion to ease that? Will it prevent the your-skin from grasping the skin? I'm having a bit of a hard time getting enough skin into the cone when I place the device on. Seems like the opening of the cone is not wide enough. Do you make the cone with a wider opening? I didn't purchase the elastic strap and maybe I should have. Will using just the tugger w/o the strap be less effective in getting the skin to eventually stretch?  One last thing, more of a constructive criticism, the tip of the rod causes me some discomfort especially when driving or just seated. It's jabbing me in the thigh. Not sure what you can suggest about that. Overall though, as I said, I'm more than satisfied with the product, just want to know how to address the points above. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks for inventing this. 

Joe M / via User Forum January 22, 2009
Daniel T

just wanted to say thanks. My tugger got here yesterday which is impressive timing to say the least goes on well and pretty much stays there all today no probs. wore it to bed but dont know if ill do that again till iv got a bit more coverage cz woke up wd a raging boner and it hurt like heck.lol but yea im very happy with it and the fact its tapeless is so conveniant I cant see me missing a day 

Daniel T / via YouTube January 21, 2009
Sean R

Hi Ron,  Hope u are keeping well. I have been using one of your tlc-x tuggers until yesterday when i accidentally flushed part of it down the toilet. Could i get a repeat order of the previous one you sent me. I found one of your TLC 10 Dollars which Dr Ball gave me after a consultation with him a while back.  Is this still valid to be used? I can fill out the order and make payment this evening.  Cheers Ron. Talk soon, 

Sean R / Bracknell Berkshire, UK January 15, 2009
Frank C

Ron,  The TLC-X arrived today. I'm really pleased with it. I started with the TLC Tugger on Nov 1, and have increased from CI-2 to CI-5. I judge the CI-5 by having consistent flaccid rollover covering half or more of the glans. That's when going about commando with no device. If I've been in the gym wearing briefs, it will come out will 100% coverage and remain that way through my shower. I also notice that the skin of the glans is much silkier. I realize that these early gains are most likely due to loosening of the skin, and the that having increased skin is going to take a lot more time from here on out. My regimen has been to wearing the tugger with leg strap during the daytime, and the skin cone while I sleep. This seems to be a good combination.  By the way, I'm 68. I had been disturbed by my lack of sensitivity in recent years. Now I know why! Thanks for a great product.

Frank C / Peoria AZ January 14, 2009

Thank you for doing this work. It took me a long time to work up the courage to start this process. I know that restoration will make a huge difference in my life.  Regards,  

Robert / via User Forum January 13, 2009

Dear Ron  Thanks for all this advice. I have already made some progress and look forward to doing better with this new gear. I can tell you that heavy and consistent hanging (now at 5kg) does push (or pull) the FS forward, as well as lengthening the dick. Win-win, I would say.  Regards, 

George / via User Forum January 12, 2009

Ron,  Just to confirm that the package with the tlc-x and the other items you sent arrived yesterday safe and sound. Had no problems with delivery at all (told my parents I was expecting a package with a 'surprise' so that it wasn't accidentally opened). I genuinely feel that I am now well on the way to emotional recovery - much was to do with feeling that I hadn't taken steps to find a solution yet - and courage in this department has improved so much with your help. I have a new general sense that my past trauma and pain could have a positive influence in allowing me to help others avoid such experiences. I'm now confident that very soon I will do the following: - inform my parents: they're currently misinformed about circumcision and its effects in general through little if any fault of their own.  I've kept the foreskin restoration topic to myself at the moment because I know that informing them straight away would immediately induce defensive feelings and give me a mountain to climb. I know that they will be extremely supportive of me and that their views will change easily if I approach this correctly.  First, I'm going to (re-)read up very well on the truths of circumcision so that I can accurately and effectively alleviate their concerns and inaccurate or irrational beliefs or understandings.  Secondly, I'm going to find out everything possible about my own circumcision and research the reasons given for it so that I can apply my new knowledge in the right way.  Thirdly, I'm going to let them know that I have something that I must talk to them about so that I can move on emotionally and that it has nothing in any way to do with assigning blame to them - it is for my current health and is not an attempt to open any possible past wounds or feelings of guilt they have.  I'm then going to explain my concerns about male circumcision and let them know that I am currently working on something that will reduce many (but not all) of its effects (btw, I mean emotional and physical recovery in general including this and the other targets, not just skin restoration). Finally, to the extent that they are comfortable with, I'll be completely open and tell them as much as they want to hear about my foreskin restoration. My pressing aim is to ensure that my parents are informed and thus never unwittingly act as advocates or encourgers of this unnecessary violation of the right to genital integrity. - find out why I was circumcised: its important to me to find out for myself why I've been through this experience. This means requesting medical records, speaking to parents, maybe even doctors. I think it will greatly help me to research all methods that the doctor could have tried to tackle the diagnosis. - help others in the same position as me: you seem to have a little more experience in this field than me (gross understatement).  Any suggestions? - help prevent what has happened to me from ever reoccuring in the future: same as above. I am no longer frightened or embarrassed to take on and defeat my the greatest issue that I've ever faced. I won't live my life with my head buried in the sand pretending that nothing has happened or that I, and people in similar situtations to me, could never win even if I, or they, try - I realise that foreskin restoration and emotional recovery are not overnight processes but I'm in it for the long run. In time, this experience will make me a far stronger person.  Apologies if all this seems tangential but you seem like a good guy who could understand. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and for helping me in that way and all the ways I've mentioned above, I'm eternally grateful to you. If there is any way in which you think I could help achieve your aims with respects to intactivism and foreskin restoration, please let me know and I'll do everything I can. Thank you for helping me, 

William / East Renfrewshire January 7, 2009
Burton T

Ron-  The Hangers arrived today. I watched the video showing weights on Sunday, so I was able to figure out the routine fairly quickly. Actually, if I had been observant in recent months, I'd have been using the weights. In any case, I already find this to be a much better alternative to tugging, and have been out shopping to Lowes and Best Buy and other places with no fear. I've never been able to tug other than over the shoulder on days when I am not too active: Tugging down does not work for me.  I feel very secure with the hangers in spite of the strangeness of having them dangling there, and actually they are much more comfortable than tugging. Looks like you have hit upon something that should be of great benefit to me. In spite of my obvious progress, I think I have leveled off lately, and I am hoping this really helps to push along the process ... still being patient, of course! As effortlessly as my foreskin now bunches up and slides over the glans when flaccid, I am so looking forward to that day when it wants to stay there on its own for periods of time.  Thanks.

Burton T / Marion KS January 5, 2009

Thanks Ron, arrived today! very happy to get started so far so good. A bit of trouble applying the cone when rolling the foreskin up as I mention my flaccid length is very small and I also found the skin I have so far is uneven (probably from being right handed and also from being cut so deep). But I got it after a number of tries.  Kind regards 

Craig / via User Forum January 3, 2009

Hello Ron,  I just purchased your TLC tugger. I want to say - first and foremost - thank you for what you are doing. It takes courage to challenge senseless traditions such as this. You are truly doing God's work. I look forward to improving sensation - and subsequently - improving intimacy for my future partners. I now get ther chance to "make love" instead of "fucking." Thanks a million!  Long live the foreskin!!! 

Ron / NV, USA January 2, 2009
Tony M

Many thanks for my TLCX which arrived on Christmas Eve! A nice present! I'm thrilled to let you know that the new size sent to me fits well, and is quite comfortable. Thanks. Hope you've had a great Christmas, and have a very prosperous New Year! 

Tony M / West Midlands, UK December 28, 2008

Been noticing for months that the growing 'skin is working to try to hug (close around) the flaccid glans. Just lately noticed that it is trying to do the same thing as erection starts, and holds on tight for as long as it can. They talk about muscle memory. I think the skin has a memory also. 

Jay / (c/o Armed Forces Post) December 28, 2008

I now have the TLC-X and the Tugger with the straps. Is there anything else I need to start seriously tugging? I recently started tugging about 20 hours a day and I love the way my glans feels. I can't wait to start seeing more results! {Note: the elastic tubular knee brace seen in the demo videos is not included (we get those at Wal-Mart), and we recommend keeping Eucerin Original lotion and Cetaphil Gentle non-soap liquid skin cleanser on hand.}

Randall / South Carolina November 21, 2008

Dear Ron,   At birth I was left with VERY little skin after my circumcision, so this is why I can't believe the progress I have achieved with the TLC Tugger X in less than a month.  I did try taping for less than two weeks before that became a REAL PAIN and I ordered the TLC Tugger X.   Your product is AMAZING!  See attached photos of my progress in less than 1 month.  THANKS!

Paul / Miami August 28, 2008

Hello. I’m new to your products. I’ve only been wearing the cone for 3 weeks, and I had to write to tell you that in just that short time, my sensitivity has increased 5 fold. The skin is just now starting to stretch, but just covering my glans has made an improvement more dramatic than I could have imagined. I wish I would have started using this 10 years ago! Thank you for your inventiveness. 

Paul / Las Vegas August 23, 2008

Thanks Ron.. BRILLIANT device.. BRILLIANT.. OH and it's SO comfortable too.. I can wear it to sleep with no problems at allllll it's insane.. Thank you sooooosoo much for this device. 

Michael / Quebec August 9, 2008

Thank you for the fast delivery of my order. You guys are great and you have by far the very best and most informative web site of all. 

Richard / New York June 11, 2008

Super darn comfy is how I would describe the new TLC! It just arrived in the mail. I it popped on so easily and the material is very comfortable. I'm wearing it now and is not very noticeable, certain far less so than the three other brands I've tried. 

Andre / PA, USA June 9, 2008

thank you for the prompt, smooth and intelligent handling. It is a pleasure doing business with you! Many greetings and best regards, 

Samy / Egypt May 21, 2008

Hello Ron  I just have to comment on your product. Ive been using the Your Skin Cone for almost a month. Prior to this I was taping for over two months. Your product is remarkable. I am seeing a gradual difference in the amount of skin as it becomes loose and begins to bunch up around the base of the head.  I wanted to let you know its going well and I appreciate youre providing such an easy solution. 

Jack / Texas May 19, 2008

I believe I have reached another mile stone in my project. For about 2 weeks now I have been able to keep the skin over the head without the use a any retainer while on my treadmill for 30 minutes. I am just wearing gym shorts with no underwear and even with the bouncing the skin remains, but still haven't reached that point with underwear and pants. Still need a retainer for that, but I am feeling encouraged. I look forward to trying the new 3.5 rod when it comes. I have no problem pushing the other all the way so that the end is snug under the bar with no discomfort. I truely believe your new TLC-X is going to take me to end of my project. 

Adam / Maine May 16, 2008

Dear Ron,  I finally got the TLC Tugger today. It was in a Post Office envelope with their regrets for the damage. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the Tugger: you made it strong enough to withstand the Post Office machines. I put it on an hour ago. Even though I have not yet grown much skin, it stayed on at the first trial.  It is so comfortable, that a moment ago I had to take my pants off to see if it was still in place. Thank you for using your engineering skills to help us overcome what was done to us. I wish I had known about the possibility of foreskin restoration 60 years ago. I may be the oldest man to try it (I am 77), but I would like to die looking the way I should have. I really do appreciate your kind but down to earth concerns.  Best regards, 

Alfred / Texas April 14, 2008

Dear Ron:  My tugger is working perfectly--no flaws, no problems. Some notable progress as well.  Thanks for everything, the device is really a delight.  Sincerely, 

Matt / Wisconsin April 7, 2008

Hi Ron~ Got my TLC-X today and am wearing it now. I am looking forward with great hope to the day my foreskin is "restored". I do hope I can be as fully restored as you, but my goal is achieve what I can through dedication and time.  Thank-you for making this easy-to-use device available! I briefly tried the tape method, but that is just too bothersome, both in application, wearing and removal.

Robert / North Carolina April 1, 2008
Robert C

Ron I have been using the TLC tugger for a year now with remarkable results. I am fully covered when completely facid. I have been wearing at least 10 to 12 hours a day except on Saturdays, and I wear the skin cone at night.  I want to get to where I have enough overhang when not fully flacid. I have been looking at the new TLC-X and wonder if having the extra inner skin stretch would be beneficial. Logically I believe it would, but just need some advice from the expert.  I have been quite amazed by the cover I have gotten in a 12 month period, so I would like to think that the TLC-X would complete the process. I also want to finish by getting as tight a taper as possible. Thanks for developing such a great product!! 

Robert C / Missouri March 24, 2008
Tony C

Thanks for your quick response. I received an replacement today. Your company never ceases to amaze me. Your new TLC-X (larger) cone is perfect and works great, actually results are better than I imagined. You have, once again proven, your word is your bond. 

Tony C / New Jersey March 10, 2008

Dear Ron,  I wanted to give you an update about the Tugger-X. You know I started in Dec. only 4 months. I have had unbelievable results. I had decided to not wear the -X, or any cones last night. This morning my glans was halfway covered, I guess all thru the night. I'm already halfway towards my goal.  I want you to know you are a strong part of this winning {User Support Group}. I find it positive and nice down to earth members.  Your friend, 

Randel / Long Beach March 6, 2008

Ron: Just a short note to let you know I received my new Tugger X today. Very comfortable--adding just the right tension in the right places. I've made so much progress in just one year that I have had to use the longer rod right away! I think that with this new Tugger, I'll make more progress much more rapidly than with my original Tugger.  I will be displaying my new Tugger X at future NORM meetings and will inform everyone about its superiority over the old Tugger. (I'm not knocking the old Tugger--I made a lot of progress in the last year). Thank you for the super fast shipping--ordered just Saturday and received on Wednesday!!  Regards to you and Mrs. Low, 

CEW / Chicago March 5, 2008

I've been doing some manual tugging and tape stretching for about a month or two now, but tape irritates my shaft skin and manual tugging isn't as consistent as I'd like. I just order your TLC Tugger and am excited to get started tugging around the clock! I'm a 20 year old college student at a Christian College, and am getting married in May... my fiance is supporting me in this and I'm excited to continue to tug and grow my foreskin as we're married so that sex will get better for both of us! Thank you so much for your product! I can't wait to receive it! 

G.O. / Illinois February 22, 2008

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I received my Tugger in the mail today. I had to square some information w/ my post office. I haven't heard or seen anything of the first package. It may have been returned to sender, but if it ends up here I'll be sure to send it back ASAP. Thank you so much for your help. I love this thing, it was super easy to put on and to adjust. I've been tugging for a few hours now and am on my way.  Thanks again for everything!! 

Brian / via User Forum February 21, 2008
David S

I have purchased both the TLC Tugger and the TLC-X Tugger. I am very satisfied with your products. I like to have options for different uses and activity levels. I have recently ordered the packing devises and look forward to trying them out. I would highly recommend your products to my friends. You have a great and informative web site. Keep up the good work. 

David S / via User Forum February 10, 2008

Hi Ron,  I wanted to let you know that I got the Tugger kit in good order. After a couple weeks of manual stretching and taping, I'm now wearing the Tugger full time. I'm amazed how it stays in place and it's comfortable. I wore it at the office, today, for the first time and had no problems.  I sure do appreciate all the work you've put into this and the service that you're offering. I'm looking forward to full coverage! One of my friends feels that I've got too much time on my hands. Frankly, after hearing Dr. Dean Edell discuss this on the radio, I started out by keeping a condom on all the time. Within a very short time I noticed an enormous increase in sensitivity. I had no idea what I was missing.  This is an enjoyable journey and it feels great on a much deeper level to be working toward a goal of regaining an important part of my anatomy that was taken from me without having any say. Thanks again for your efforts in developing the Tugger and for your support. 

Kurt / via User Forum February 7, 2008
Norman P

Hi Ron and Alice,  Many thanks for the TLC tugger mini cones and elastic straps. Arrived with me yesterday and I have already tried the cones. Very comfortable to use.  With thanks and regards 

Norman P / United Kingdom January 18, 2008

Ron and Alice: I received my TLC Tugger kit in the mail today. I'm already tugging; I've tried both the down-the-leg and the over-the-shoulder methods and I'm finding it all very comfortable and easy to use.  This is the best belated Christmas gift to myself. I'm going to keep referring to your excellent website for more information. Thanks again for your help and advice; you have made my year!  Sincerely, 

Bryce / Toronto December 31, 2007
Larry M.

Ron hard to believe but I have enough slack that the size 8 is too short. So I went ahead while I have the funds and invested in the extra cones. Thanks this is changing my life in ways I cannot explain. I almost have enough slack to start cresting to crown of my head. Awesome, I never thought that the image in my head of what I used to be could someday match the reflection I see in the mirror, plus my partner loves it, which hasn't hurt my sex life. win/win. 

Larry M. / Seattle December 29, 2007

Just had to write you and let you know what a great INVENTION!! Better than sliced bread. I have the tugger and cone and I use a large boot type shoestring around my leg for tugging and it works great. I already have some foreskin thanks to an inept doctor many years ago and I can tell mine is really starting to get longer...Very comfortable to wear.  Thanks again ...you are great! 

David / Monroe, LA December 27, 2007

i just received my tugger today,and after some initial frustration,found this device to be a perfect fit with no discomfort! thank you for an amazing product! 

Barrie / Ontario December 4, 2007

I'd just like to say that I got mine yesterday and put it on immediately. Fits great and grips so comfortably. I wore it all night at work and had no issues.  Thank you so much for making this great product. I have to admit that I had my doubts as to its ability to grip and do so with comfort, but no problems so far. SO much more comfortable than taping. I Love this product. 

Samuel / Tulsa November 24, 2007

Hello,  My name is {EC}, and about three weeks ago, I was circumcised, due to having a lot of skin irritation, redness, itching, and even though I shower twice a day, and I'm very clean, I still suffer to all of these conditions. I went to my doctor and he told me that because I have horse skins (foreskin) that I would have these skin irritation all the time. I ask him if he would recommend me to get circumcise, and he said that's a personal decision I would have to make,  well I made the biggest mistake of my life. the urologist who performed the surgery cut way to much foreskin, it's very tight and it hurts when I get an erection. I'm very depress and sad, I did some study on-line on restoring the foreskin, and I came across this web page The Joy of Uncircumcising, and the Norm foundation, I call Norm, and he recommended your product and gave me your web page. 

EC / Chicago November 23, 2007

Ron, I received my package yesterday. Everything looks great. I am starting today and will let you know if I have any problems. Thanks again for your rapid and professional responses. 

Jim / Canada October 31, 2007

Dear Ron,  I am so so impressed with the Tugger. I just wanted to say that my first impressions are really good. I have been using a {weighted device} for years but my main problem is being able to use it enough to have a dramatic effect and am put off because of the tape involved and problems involved removing for sex. The {weighted device} was also very expensive. I wear the tugger nearly all the time and am confident it is suitable to wear in my new role as a paramedic - a role in which the {weighted device} would never be able to be worn. I find it so easy to apply and remove the tugger. My wife certainly prefers me using it too in preference to the {weighted device}.  Thanks again for providing such a great service. 

Alan / New Hampshire October 9, 2007

Hi Ron, my apologies for not acknowledging safe arrival of the TLC Tugger up till now. I just wanted to let you know that I received and have been using it ever since, it arrived very quickly. I really like your product.  Also I already watched your new videos are awesome and hope you continue posting more when you get a change. Once again thank you for help,   sincerely,  

Manuel / Florida September 26, 2007

Hey Ron,   Just wanted to thank you for the fast service again. I got the TLCS-16 today. All the way to Tokyo in 8 days including the day I ordered! I've lived here for 14 years, so I know a regular letter usually takes 7 days coming this way and 5 going to the US. Your the best. Thanks again.   Regards,

Paul / Japan September 19, 2007

Thank you for the GREAT shopping experience checkout was simple with paypal and shipping was super fast (shipped friday and got here monday).  

Danny / Utah September 17, 2007

Ron,  I just wanted to let you know that I received the TLC Stretch Tugger that you so kindly send to me a week or so ago. I didn't think that you were serious about sending it and so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mail. The one piece unit (TLC Stretch Tugger) is definitely easier to use than the two pieces of a TLC Tugger and a Your-Skin Packing Cylinder.  Several months ago, I purchased a {hard plastic device} to do a live side-by-side comparison and regretted the purchase almost immediately. The {hard plastic device} is very uncomfortable to wear. The TLC Tugger is orders of magnitude more comfortable. I remain a committed fan of your products. 

Tom / Seattle August 24, 2007

Hey guys, just wanted to say that I got the tugger today and it feels great. This is so much better and easier than tape it isn't funny!! 

Duane / USA August 17, 2007

Ron thank you for sending th tuggers etc your site is bookmarked and your product will be recommended. it is the most comfortable and affordable and the diversity of your line allows for modifications as time goes on 

Joe / Hawaii August 6, 2007
name withheld

I can't believe how fast your merchandise arrived and how comfortable the packer and cone feel when worn. I am a bit confused about the use of the packer based on the descriptiion on the web site - maybe I didn't need one at all. I thought that the packer would stretch the skin so it would become larger in diameter and allow the skin in time to roll over the glans. The packer I ordered is not large enough in diameter to do any stretching but I see they are all 1 3/16 in diameter and just longer. The botttom diameter is smaller than the 1 3/4 width of my glans. Will the packer I ordered still accomplish the same thing over time? Maybe there is not yet enough foreskin to stay in place over the glans even though there is enough to cover it - it just rolls back behind the glans as soon as it is unrestrained. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. 

name withheld / Toms River, NJ August 1, 2007

Ron, thanks again for such prompt delivery of your products. I received the mini tugger and RC8 cone to help get a tighter stretch. I have been using the RC10 and tugger for about 4 months and have had amazing results. The best part about the whole stretching of the foreskin has been the increased pleasure during sex. Unbelievable would be the word. I have not failed during sex since beginning the stretching. I wear the skin cone to bed every night and wear the tugger about 12 hours a day. The wearing of the skin cone at night has proved to be very safe and the extra tugging during night erections has helped to. Your invention is so simple but yet so effective. Thanks again for all you have done for all of us that were circumsized as a child. 

Robert / Kansas City July 30, 2007

I ordered a TLC mini and a strap today and I would like to request that the TLC mini be grooved for a better fit. Now that I am at the end of my restoration I would like to thank you for your device and for how it has helped me. You have a great website and I hope that you can help many more men in the future. 

Jason / MD, USA July 28, 2007

Hey Ron - Just letting you know how it's going, since your website said to keep in touch and let you know time to time. Well, I've had before pictures before starting, what guy does not take a picture of themselves now and then..lol I tugged during the day, but wore only the cone now and then and at night. I noticed like you said within a short period, a nicer sensitivity, smoother glans. Then I stopped for about a week. I was in a situation, work wise where I can't hide it. I work in {physical performing arts} and have to wear tight fitting outfits, yup, you can almost make out my manhood through the clothes and I'm screwed if I got an erection, I'm not small.  I started up again and I ordered the test kit "SenSlip" for when I go through this again with work. SenSlip will at least protect my glans and then I can tug at night in bed. Last; I started my life with a little more foreskin than most guys that were cut, and still had lots under my glans. In short, I notice already I've got some loose growth, more than my normal!!!  Thanks Ron, like this idea very much, it's so far working for me, we'll see if I can for 18 months. It does stay after 18 to 24 months of tugging, right? I mean after all that time, I won't have to tug anymore?  Thanks, 

Tony / California July 16, 2007

Hi Ron: Thanks for the reply. I had observed the video before and looked at it again. It looks like it is really being stretched! I didn't think of it in terms of growing new skin (although I knew that), I was thinking more about the tension. I figured the strap thing out. I am just ending an 18 year relationship. It's tough, but I knew it was time. The guy I am currently interested in is uncut-that is why my dawning happened. He is really supporting me, even though he is happy just the way I am. I'm also right at the age for the midlife crisis thing and it hit me pretty hard. Thanks again for all that you do. I am already seeing a difference after such a short time. 

Douglas / Denver June 29, 2007

It worked! I trimmed the Packer0 and it is now working and staying on with the your skin cone. You've been very helpful in this whole process and I really appreciate it. 

Al / Alabama June 21, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that I got my Tugger today, just a week and a day after I put the money order in the mail. Thanks for the fast response. It seems to fit just fine! Wow, no tape needed! 

Dave / Puerto Rico May 15, 2007

Hello Ron,  Thank you very much for the personal response, which was sent so quickly! You were right, I used the packer for tugging ... so this is why it failed. I would love to have a replacement packer with safety loop (this feature definitely makes sense). Can I have the next size up packer?  Per your e-mail, "Let me refund the Packer 0 and also replace it with your choice of a looped or non-looped model." No need to refund the packer; a replacement will be great. This is greatly appreciated! Your customer service is fantastic. 

Angelo / VA, USA May 10, 2007

Many thanks for the Tugger which arrived safely to day.It only remains for me to wear it correctly.and produce the results I want,a complete foreskin. Your service has been first class and I am delighted with it. 

John / New Zealand May 7, 2007

Wow, Ron! What service...my tugger arrived in the mail yesterday, just a few days after I ordered it. I'm giving it a try today, very successfully. It works amazingly well. After several years of wrestling with a pill tube and tape (ugh), this is a breeze to install and use. Only question at this point is to see if I'll need a packing cone, since I'm already about a CI-4 from the previous device. TBD. Thanks, man. You've got a winner here. 

David / VA, USA April 30, 2007

Hi Ron, Just a note to say thanks for your great product! I'm coming up on a month now and have experienced gains just as you describe on your site. 

CT / Tucson April 28, 2007

Thanks for actually reading and responding to your mail.i think you have the best product related website.i like the news i have learned things that other sites do not have.i found out about your site on yahoo! answers i think you or someone pretending to be you have answered some questions on it. 

tlh / via User Forum April 25, 2007

Hi Ron!  I received my tugger and I am trying it out!  I love it and can se the skin stretching already. I have a question though! Did you send me a larger version or is this the regular size? It pulls off sometimes and I am not sure if that is common or not. Maybe I just have it pulled too much. Any advise would be appreciated! Thank you very much for anyhelp you can provide!  {Thanks Jim. We resolved your fit issue at no charge of course.}

Jim / Seattle April 21, 2007

The package you sent on the 10th arrived yesterday on the 15th (Mon.). Thanks again so much for your superior product and service. 

Paul / USA April 20, 2007

Hi Ron or Alice!!  I was the proud owner of a TLC tugger and I think I lost it somewhere (maybe a jealous shorter-skinned or no skinned friend borrowed it?) I'm intact and my tugger had a groove for my frenulum which made it quite comfortable. After I bought my original TLC you devised 'spacers' for more advanced tuggers. Now you're talking about mini-tuggers. I'm confused! I have overhang but I'm going for major overhang. What will I need besides the TLC Tugger® with Your-Skin® Retaining Cone to get me back on track? Will I need a spacer or two?? Will I need the mini kit? I'm really serious about this and am VERY satisfied with the results I obtained with your TLC tugger.  A major fan in Montreal!  {Thanks, Michael. Since you wrote I have introduced he TLC-X, which is compact like the Mini, gives variable extension like the Stacker spacers, and has a frenulum relief groove like the Intact. I've also gotten better at sizing devices to supplied measurements.}

Michael / Montreal April 19, 2007

Ron, I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with both your first class business sense and also woth your frequent, and very positive, contributions on the board. As a newbie it's nice to know that there are people out there who have been through everything I currently face, and it's even nicer to know that you, and others, are so quick to provide encourgement and advice. I just wish I had known about tugging thirty or forty years ago. But, then again, I guess you weren't in business back then! Thanks for your VERY rapid delivery, and your great attitude. 

Randy / USA April 18, 2007

Dear Mr. Low,  I just ordered a kit of your products. I got chills of excitement and trepidation. Excitement that I can shortly begin to become normal again, and trepidation about my parents. It's a done deal and I am glad.  Cheers! 

Scott / USA April 17, 2007

Hi Ron,  I received the packer and new strap today (I broke the clasp on the old strap, unfortunately, but it was time for a new one anyway). You told me on the 11th to expect about 4 days for delivery and it's only the 13th. Thanks for being a stand-up guy and getting your shipments to their destinations long before people expect them to be there.  I'm a member of your foreskin-restoration.net group and a loyal customer. You have a great product (I could probably make the same types of items myself, but I like to buy them from you because I want to make sure you're getting support for your efforts - they're greatly appreciated). I'm sure you'll hear from me again when I'm ready for the Mini Tugger. Thanks for your efforts. K.O.T. 

Stephen / Portland April 13, 2007

Hi,  thank you for the pakker 8. When I bought the cone and tugger in may of 2006, I was a little bit doubtful about the success of your instruments, you 've developed. I was circumsiced at the age of 15 month ! Today I believe, that there was only one answer for "the little problems" of the boys with the penis = circumcision in the 60s. Alternatives were unknown, perhaps for the doctors and hospitals without the profit. You can believe, that I hated the circumstance of my penis without a foreskin. I was a shock, when I noticed, that the glans of the most other boys I knew were covered with skin.  Now I'm 44 years old, and the feelings in the glans without a foreskin is sinking year by year. I use the cone and tugger since a year and I'm astonished about the success. Cause I'm working as a clerk in a bank, it was easy to wear the instruments day and night. Meanwhile the most part of the glans is covered by a "new" foreskin. Time to say thank-you for your development 

Thorsten / Germany April 13, 2007

Hey Ron, WOW -- I just got the tugger in the mail today and tried it on. This is a GREAT product. Thanks so much. I spent a few years using tape and cotton ... this is so far superior! Great work. best, 

Andrew / Los Angeles February 26, 2007

Thank you for such quick delivery, I received the tugger a couple of days ago and its working just fine. Regards 

Bruce / London February 9, 2007

Greetings, Ron... Thanks for the money order advice. I'll be mailing it out today (Monday, Janurary 29th 2007). I've been wanting to do this for the longest time but never got around to it. Being that I've been going to the NORM meetings here in Los Angeles and hearing all the positive feedback on your TLC, I've finally decided to just get up and do it! You're a friggen hero, Ron... THANK YOU!!! Best wishes with everything you do! (smiles) 

Leo / California January 29, 2007

Hello. My name is {omitted}. I am Spanish and I do not speak well English. I want to congratulate to help to all the people who like I, were circuncidados. I do not know so that my parents circuncidaron to me. No of my brothers (3 boys) is circuncidados. Only I, single I. They said to me that it was because I had infection in the penis. I don´t believe...  I have bought TLC Tugger. I hope to receive it soon to have results soon. Today it is my day of luck. I always dreamed to have skin in my penis. I hope that it works.Thanks. 

Manuel / Spain January 29, 2007

I want to thank you for sending me your device all the way over here to Ecuador, it took exactly 8 days as you said. I am really happy, and after trying all types of tape methods, the tlc tugger plus the cone are amazing. That also proves your ability and intelligence to understand the problem and come up with these products that are helping so many men every day. I am getting used to putting on the cone, and it keeps getting easier as the days go by. Thanks again Ron, hope you can help me with my question.  PS: I would vote for your efforts for a Nobel Prize ;D ;D

Pablo / Ecuador January 24, 2007

Your words are uplifting. At at age 48, I've got new, wonderful goals; I'm going to regain something that I never knew I had lost. I want to start right away. I'm grateful for the gift that God and my parents had given me. 

Jesse / Idaho January 23, 2007

I've been using the Tugger since August and am seing results already. I thank you. And my girlfriend thanks you. 

Robert / San Francisco, CA October 16, 2006

I still have my frenulum, it was never taken away when circumsised and my new skin does stay in place even in the shower after soaping and pulling the skin back and forward for washing , so I guess I must be close to full coverage.Would you say I just need to be patient a little longer ?. Whatever the answer, you have definately given me a confidence about my new look,even my wife finds it hard to imagine how things were before. 

John / England October 14, 2006

I just received the tugger and straps in the mail. Thanks for the fast service! I have been using a {weighted} type device w/ tape for 3 months, and with good success. I have used a combination of weights and elastic stretching with that device. However, as the foreskin grows, I am having more and more difficulties with keeping the tape attached to the foreskin. The foreskin, during stretching, now pulls behond the head of the penis, so there is no underlying support to provide pressure to keep the tape attached. The way your tugger is designed, I think that problem should now be eliminated. I am anxious to give it a try!

Dale / Mifflintown, PA October 12, 2006

I'm a CI-7 now, thanks to the tugger.

Milton / Sacramento October 8, 2006

I'm delighted with the product, as I knew I would be. 

Rex / Potomac, MD October 8, 2006

Thank you for keeping me informed i get a great sense of good client relations and being a part of TLC groups. 

Svend / West Midlands, UK October 3, 2006

I appreciate so much what you have done for me Ron, and I feel younger and healthier as I look down and have a foreskin again and more than ever before. With just your products have come from skin folded behind the glans of my penis. (having used homemade devices for a year) to foreskin that stays at least 1/2 way over my glans now for at least 8 hours after removing the tugger, packer or even just the skin-cone after some form of stretching and that is just within 3 weeks and that is pretty awesome I think. You are making me one happy man and if it is possible to get the next size up Packer. I will look for a message from you so I will know when to check the mail Thank you again for all of your caring and support. Gratefully, 

Ron / Oregon September 28, 2006

Hi Ron.  Just a quick note to say thank you for the very helpful responses to my questions. The information on how to setup up the straps for tugging seemed to be the key to my problems. After putting on the tugger straps correctly, I realized I was tugging with too much tension, causing much discomfort and slippage. I can't believe the difference, wow, it's very comfortable and no slippage, even at the gym. All of the discomfort has gone away as well.  An additional thanks for the information on the new forum group. I joined last night and look forward to all of the helpful advice and support.  Cheers, 

RKD / Port Washington, NY September 21, 2006

Before your product, I used a baby-nipple and micropore tape for 3years so I really appreciate not having to redo the tape several times a day; I have worn your tugger nearly everyday all day, since I received it. I have told dozens of people(all online) who have asked me what I restore with, that this is the product I use -- and I know of at least two cases where they said they bought one. 

Brian / Wanaque, NJ August 7, 2006

I received the VLC Tugger I ordered on eBay. I must tell you this thing is awesome! I wore it a couple of hours the first night and all day at work today. I have a fastsize extender and it gets so uncomfortable after a couple of hours I have to stop for the day. Not the VLC. The only problem I had was that on a couple of occasions when I re-applied the device I didn't get the skin just right, it became painful and I could see some tiny blisters starting, so I removed it and put it back on and it was fine. I am considering ordering a few more tuggers with straps and your-skin cones. I have read on the MoS forum that some users do better with the larger cone, so I will probably order both cone sizes. I would like to get a few units because I do some traveling for work, and believe it or not I have a tendency to misplace or lose things in hotels. It would also be nice to simply have a back-up if I need a replacement part. So please know it won't be a typographical error if you get an order for something like four units at once (by the way, and you may already be aware of this, the fastsize was $300.00, so thank you for making yours so affordable). Again, thanks for a great product. 

Tim / Warren, PA August 16, 2006

I just picked it up the the post office, and put it on. Oh my this is brilliant! I cant wait for the months to go by and for me to see results. Thank you so much for your help (satisfied customer)

AD / London September 7, 2006

I must say your product is striking in it's simplicity. Elegant, even! 

Rob / Massachusetts July 29, 2006

Hello Ron, Thanks, I received my shipment yesterday. I tried the personal skin cone last night and wore it to bed, you're right you barely know it is there. I am wearing the tugger today while working from my home office and it too is surprisingly comfortable.  I look forward to my 1 month results, hopefully I'll exerience an increase in sensitivity...that will be the first indication this is all worth it. I'll let you know how it goes, and if I have any follow up questions.  Cheers, 

Dave / Londonderry, NH July 13, 2006

You are truly amazing my friend. I think you should win the Nobel Peace Prize. The strap is working great now! I LOVE YOU! HAHA. I just can't wait till I start seeing results. Thanks again! 

Cody / TX, USA July 6, 2006

Good day!  I received in my house the purchase made with vocês from the TLC to tugger.  I wait to always count on its company.  Very obliged. 

Joselito / Bahia, Brazil July 3, 2006

I recently bought a LTC Tugger outfit. It is amazing that it works as advertised! 

Jerry / Waynesboro, VA July 1, 2006

Thank you once again Ron, I look forward to receiving the shippment you graciously prepared for me, and with regards to being a spokesman for tugging I will be glad to spread the word. I have already "informed" my friends of this yet unfortunetly they were less than open to listen & understand the true importance.  You have to admit that it is a sensitive topic to casually discuss, especially with men & their defensiveness toward their sense of physical mastery. The women I have shared my experiences with seem to be much more understanding even though they don't possess the same personal connection with the barbaric ritual involved. If you have any suggestions/pointers on how to bridge the subject with men I would be more than interested to hear about them. One Very Happy Camper,

Will / Ottawa June 27, 2006

Hey, thought I’d give you some positive feedback. I’ve had your device for about 2 months now. I still haven’t figured out how to wear it (and tug) under my pants during my day, at work etc. But, I have been tugging in the evening with the strap around the foot stool of my lazy boy, and a weight when I’m up walking around. I can usually get in about 2 hours a night of tugging.  I know that true success can take a couple of years, but, I had, what I consider to be, my first hint at success the other day. I always experience major shrinkage after hardcore cardio exercise (jogging etc.) When I got home from a 20 km roller blade the other day I realized that in my shrinkage, for the first time, I had a “turtle neck”! The head of my penis was about 2/3 covered. I couldn’t believe it. As soon as I got in the shower and warmed up it went back to it’s normal size. It happened again yesterday after a 10 km jog. It’s wild, I love it, can’t believe that I’ve experienced that already. I have NEVER had any sort of covering on the head of my penis before, regardless of how shrunk I may have been.  This small window of success has really inspired me to stick to it.  Cheers,

James / Vancouver, BC June 17, 2006

In your section of "explicit how-to photos", were those taken with an intact penis or a restored penis? {note: photos are Ron, who was circumcised at birth}

Eric / USA June 14, 2006

Hi, Thank You Very Much for your greatest support, I will find someone that I can turn on to restoring, it might take sometime but I am sure I am not the only one in my area. Thank You for everything for the support, I greatly appreciate it. I will keep in touch. Have a nice day. Respectfully,

Michael / Ottawa June 9, 2006

Received new cone and packer--very good.I am very pleased with the product and service-using a combination of these Tlc products I can really see success ahead-what a difference to coping with T tape alone which-although effective is awkward and cumbersome.I will definitely recommend your product.

Peter / Cumbira, UK May 19, 2006

I saw you on BBC TV last night, in a program on circumcision, albeit screened at midnight. Overall it was very well presented, with enough humour thrown in to make it not too serious, but not trivial also. It all helps to bring the topic out into the open in this country. It was great to be able to see you and the oven where my TLC Tugger was 'born'. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your invention and commitment to the restoration movement.  {Note: Watch BBC Three for re-runs of the "Circumcise Me?" episode of the Mischief documentary series}

Roger / United Kingdom May 17, 2006

It's been a while, hope things are going well. I have been using your product faithfully for about 40 months now and my wife and I could not be happier with the results! When I first started using the Tugger I thought the sole benefit would be mine. But not long after I started enjoying the difference my wife began to as well and the results together have been amazing.

Scott / Crystal Lake, IL March 22, 2006

Thank you for your wonderful customer service, and for providing a fantastic product for restoring men everywhere. Keep up the fabulous work. 

Stephen / Brooklyn May 13, 2006

Dear Ron, Thank you SO much, you have no idea how much i appreciate this. It is such a relief to know that i will finally be able to start my journey, to being, whole again. Like I had said before, I have wanted to have a foreskin, since about 13, when i found out what it did and its importance. I felt violated when I found out what they did, i felt like i had something stolen from me, BUT, I'm gonna put it back, And I will be spreading the word about your product. After researching for months, and finding yours to be the absolute hands down best solution for guys trying to restore. You have no idea how much this is giving me.    Thank you again,

Brad / Billings, MT April 30, 2006

What amazing customer service you offer!  I got the smaller cone today and it works 100X better than the larger one.  I must have stretchy skin too because this seems to be going quite quick.  It's working great so far! GReat product!  Very comfy!  Many thanks!

Corey / Massachusetts April 28, 2006

I received the tugger today. I'm wearing it right now. It's amazing, how well it holds the skin...unlike anything I've tried before. In time I will tell others of it...it's a pretty personal journey for me right now. Thanks again for the quick service and I'll be in touch as I grow 🙂

Tom / San Francisco April 21, 2006

I've just received my TLC Tugger. Thank you very much for the two $10 TLC bills. I strongly support you in your fight against circumcision. I have been circumcised at 16 (for medical reasons) and until then I had had no problem (it was even much better!) with having a foreskin, and so I just can't figure out why a modern civilized country like the USA can allow such useless infant mutilation. People should have the right to decide for themselves. For a French man, it just seems totally silly and unbelievable! Keep on fighting!

Benoît / France April 12, 2006

Hey Ron, The tugger arrived today! yippee. Thanks for keeping me updated. Now I'm ready to get started and throw the tape away. Take care,

Kim / Dallas, TX April 10, 2006

thanks a lot.... great customer service!

Nick / Traverse City, MI April 8, 2006

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you because now after some creativity on my part & now that I have the tugger everything is going smoothly!!) I LOVE MY CONE!!! I am at the 4 month period since I first began taping the skin forward & now I can really see a difference & more importantly FEEL the difference!!) I am now a strong "advocate" against foreskin removal!!! Thanks,

WR / Ottawa, Canada April 5, 2006

Been meaning to thank you for your speedy delivery to the UK.  Many thanks!  Will let you know how it goes but experiencing good movements in the right direction already after only two months. All Best.

Todd / London March 27, 2006

I received my Tugger last Monday. Thanks! I already started using it and must say, I'm impressed. Although its doing its job by stretching the skin, it is still comfortable to use...and reliable, as I am not worried that it would come loose. I sincerely hope that I will get results soon. Will keep you informed about my progress. I already told a friend about the tugger and he might order it soon.

Zhak / South Africa March 25, 2006

I am anxious to finish what I began a few years ago. I've not been consistent for the last two years because of the comfort factor. Taping can cause micro cracking that can be painful especially when removing the tape. Right now my gland is partially covered depending on the time of day. Your product looks to be a long needed answer to all of the men who were cut at birth. I was one of the lucky ones that had a little bit of skin left over. Being in the military and due to the close quarters we live in, seeing other male penises are a fact of life. I am always envious seeing an uncut male and long for the pleasure they feel. Thank you.

Kirk / on duty in Iraq March 24, 2006

Hello, the cone arrived. Thanks very much for the fast shipment! I appreciate it very much and have left positive feedback for you. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated also. Thanks again!

Grace / North Carolina March 18, 2006

my husband is noticing a nice difference while using the cone...thanks very much...and kindly leave feedback for our Ebay acct...thanks, 

Nona / New York March 19, 2006

Dear Ron, I've recently ordered a TLC Tugger and a Canister starter kit from you and wanted to say a BIG thank you! I was very impressed how quickly I received my goods, especially as I live in the UK and how well made the items were. I've been using the Canister method for a week now and am pleasantly surprised how, once working out how to use it, how simple and comfortable it is to use everyday. I thought my Penis may feel some sort of pain tugging but it's amazing how pain free it is! My job evolves walking around for most of the day so I was conscious about people being able to notice that I was 'tugging' but it's been very discreet when wearing loose fitting trousers and had been comfortable to walk around with it on.  I've been thinking about restoration for a few years, uncertain if these devices would work, but I really wished I'd ordered them a few years ago, I didn't have anything to worry about. I can already tell a small difference in the sensations in the head of my Penis already and a slight loosening of my skin. Thank you very much for everything, I already feel happier now I'm restoring my foreskin, I can't wait to see the results after several months and years! I would recommend your products without hesitation, like I said I wish I'd started years ago! Best Wishes

Alan / Westbury, UK May 14, 2006

Dear Ron, I've been using your Tugger since last August with amazing results. My foreskin has grown from the starting place behind my corona to almost half the coverage of my glans. The results of your device have been better then I expected. I cannot praise your product enough.  But I have reached a point now where when using the device there is a space between my glans and the inner cone, causing the device come loose and fall off. I would like information about ordering the spacers from you. Please write back with pricing information etc. Thanks,

Jonathan / Banning, CA March 16, 2006

Kimash'ta! That means, "It came!" in this case. And in perfect condition, just as advertised, kimash'ta. It took me a while to remember how to "strap up," but that was the only problem.

Roy / Japan March 15, 2006

It's been one month since I started tugging using your awesome TLC tugger.  I couldnt be happier with it, and the results are very promising.  I have posted a couple pics in case you have a desire for testimonials. Hope all is well

Zach / Las Vegas March 15, 2006

Ron: Thanks for the quick shipment. I've been trying the Tugger for about five days, varying the amount of time as well as strap configurations, trying to determine which is best for me. I truly am surprised how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is to wear under jeans and even without cutting up a pair of briefs. I can be described as a "grower" and I'm lucky enough to have a decent amount of slack skin. However, I've never had that skin which bunches up behind the corona slip over the head when I'm standing. Well, it did just that today. I certainly don't kid myself into thinking I've grown any new skin yet, but it is nice to know that it's on its way and being trained in the right direction. What a surprise it was to feel that tension of the foreskin covering about 80% of the head. I came clean last night in a frank discussion about restoration with my friend, Eric. I was more than a little surprised how interested he was, firing question after question at me including, "What's the web address?"  So consider "the word" spread and you'll most likely be getting a new order from Eric in New York one day soon. Best regards,

Scott / Brooklyn, NY March 12, 2006

Thank you for making these available. When I got the idea back in the early 80s, it was even before the first book was published showing how to go about it, so I just tried various things for a long time.

Tom / Beltsville, MD February 26, 2006

1 1/2 years into tugging and your product is still holding together very well. Thanks. 

Jeff / Bensenville, IL February 16, 2006

Just want to let you know I got my tugger and straps a few days ago and have been happily tugging away ever since. This thing is a hell of a lot easier to use and more comfortable than the tape methods I'd tried and is really easy to conceal under a pair of pants. Thanks.

Christopher / Seattle, WA February 11, 2006

Dear Ron, I'm anticipating the arrival of my new tugger! I don't know if I can put into words how much this means to me. The restoration process is more than just something physical to me, it's something psychologically fulfilling as well. Every time I see my scar I'm reminded of how helpless I was coming into this world and, in some ways, still am. Restoring my foreskin will be a way for me to re-affirm my faith in myself, that I can deal with whatever life throws at me. This may be mushy or cliched, but thank you again. Thank you for the opportunity to be a whole man again. I hereby promise to tell others about your devices. As an intactivist, I feel it necessary to show expectant parents what they will be stealing from their sons if they allow them to be circumcised. I don't want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. Thank you. Sincerely,

GW / Gettysburg, PA February 9, 2006
(name withheld)

Hi Ron, I received my Tugger today and am wearing it now. I didn't expect to be able to wear it right away because I have so little slack skin, but surprisingly it's staying on! Thanks for great service, a well-made product, super fast delivery, and your obvious commitment to helping men become whole again.

(name withheld) / United States February 6, 2006

THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT Your TLC TUGGER arrived at my door within 4 days of my ordering it in the U.K...Great delivery. I saw your product and thought it was a great innovation.This is why i bought it.After trying it for 1 week,i realised that it actually works! In fact it work far better than i would ever imagined! I hope this product makes you all money and happiness you need. Thank you..........

Kevin / United Kingdom February 6, 2006

Meant to e-mail your before, the tugger arrived here in the UK in less than 1 week!!!

Simon / Wiltshire, UK January 30, 2006

I ordered my cone friday-Tuesday, It's already here. Thanks for the BEST customer service I've ever had online. I'm very excited to see what difference it makes

Kevin / United States January 30, 2006

I got it. My journey starts today. Thanks, man.

Ryan / United States January 18, 2006

Hi. Just a note of thanks.  The speed of your service was quite incredible. I live in England and ordered a tugger and recieved it in waht i think was less than a week, which I thought was pretty awsome service. Now I am trying to join the TLC Tugger group. Which is taking longer than actually recieving the tugger. Would be nice if the Tugger worked as quickly as your service, but I know I am in for along haul, but am sure it will be worth it. Thanx,

Trevor / United Kingdom January 17, 2006

Wow lol..that was quick response.I appreciate that It's about one in the morning here I guess there's a couple hours time difference but thanks. I really do believe in this whole restoration thing man, I've seen a bit of results just from manual stretching and things, getting the TLC Tugger was just the next step in the whole process.With out being all sentimental or whatever lol, again I just want to say thanks - you really are improving people's lives. 

Marco / Rahway, NJ January 15, 2006

You really do provide excellent service. No matter what my results, I really appreciate the courtesy and service.

Eytan / United States January 14, 2006

I just want to thank you deeply for the cone that you made for me last year. Restoration is going great! I have sent others to your website because they seek to restore, too!  I'm grateful for all that you do! Be well,

Scott / Spokane, WA January 13, 2006

Hi Ron, Thanks for your email. I'll be watching the mail with anticipation. As far as answering your question, I've talked with my girlfriend about it before I made my decision. She is the love of my life and we can discuss absolutely anything. She is German born, and mine is only the second circumcised penis that she has seen. She is very much okay with my desire to have a more European looking penis, and is thrilled that it may improve my sensitivity as well. I'm not sure however that I will be sharing my foreskin restoration story with guys though, unless somehow it comes up in the normal course of conversation. Why, you may ask? Well, I told my friend Bob about foreskin restoration, and all the benefits of it, as well as the details that I know. He really didn't care for the conversation, and absolutely refused to be involved. I guess I should not have seemed so excited about it. I may consider getting a vent-less cone in the near future as well. I am involved in PE and have already made some fairly unbelievable gains. My girlfriend has been rather thrilled with the progress I have made, of which she has reaped the benefits. I noticed that you mentioned that it would make a nice ADS, so I figured I would get one to add to my PE arsenal. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to using your products. I was very impressed with your straightforward honesty when stating how long I could expect to re-grow my foreskin. That was a big factor in making the final decision. I will send you periodic reviews of your product as I notice changes. Of course I'm sure I'll be pleased. Thanks,

Chuck / United States January 13, 2006

I saw your product featured in the BBC3 documentary, Circumcise Me, last week, and can't wait to get my hands on (and my penis in) one of your TLC Tuggers.  I've been fascinated by uncut men the last few years and want to have a go at (re)becoming one myself.  I've placed my order today, so cheers to you and the BBC!!

Mike / Portland, OR January 11, 2006

Hi Ron,  You sent me a TLC Tugger in October. Prior to this I had taped for a couple of years. The results of your Tugger have been excellent and I'm really moving forward with pace now. What a surprise to see you on BBC TV in the "Mischief: Circumcision" programme which was shown mid-evening on Thursday Jan 5th and repeated late night on the following Saturday. It was great to see you demonstrating the Tugger in your kitchen. You came across as a really sincere person and - well - I can't thank you enough for what you have helped me achieve.  Best Wishes, 

Bill / Lancashire, UK January 9, 2006

Ron, Hi, and thanks for shipping the "Your-Skin" cone so promptly. It arrived today in fine shape, and I'm wearing it now. I can report that it's so comfortable I am not aware it's on, and have to check sometimes to see if it's slipped off. It's probably a good thing I wear briefs! I rigged up a canister apparatus, but apparently NO tape will stick for long to the kind of plastic (contact-lens moisturizing drops bottle) I used. It worked great till the tape slipped off every time. I think I'm going to try manual tugging for two or three months, and if that doesn't produce noticeable results by then, I'll probably order the TLC Tugger. Thanks again for the prompt order-filling, and Best wishes,

Jon / Kansas City January 9, 2006

I received my tugger. After several years of getting frustrated with tape techniques, including a {weighted device}, I finally have something that feels comfortable. 

Gary / Florida January 6, 2006

Thank you Ron. I can't wait to begin the process. I've told my best friend who is also circumcised; and he expressed a good deal of interest. He said it'd be a while before he has spending money again as we're seventeen and jobless; and that he wanted to see how mine was coming along first, however I will refer him to your site when the time comes as I've browsed many a tugging-device page and haven't come across any products as seemingly practical or well-made as yours.

Ryan / United States January 6, 2006

Ron, Thanks, for your new shipment of packers. I have noticed the difference immediatly. Your products have encouraged me a lot that my foreskin restoration project although a long undertaking will be successfull.  The new molds with a smoother finish and with the edges ground off are a great improvement. I have found it easier to insert and is more comfortable because of the smoothness. Thanks Again, Just wish I had started this 20 years ago.

Jeff / Albuquerque, NM January 3, 2006

yea ive tried other foreskin restoration technics. from T- tape to O-rings to the restorer 2000 they were good to get me started but not enough to finish the job. your product is by far the best. 

Stan / Canton, SD December 30, 2005

Thanks for creating the TLC Tugger. I started with the regular tugger last spring and am looking forward to the next steps (use of the packer and graduating to the grooved tugger as I have a faily intact frenulum). I've made great progress with your device using a padlock for weight and just wearing the cone during the night.

Joe / Nashville December 29, 2005

hi there ron its becky and i just wanted to let you know my husband is happy with the cone and would like to get the tugger soon and it fits great he says i just really want to thank you for being so very helpful.  

Becky / United States December 27, 2005

Hi Ron - I was so excited about ordering your product that I wanted to send you a quick email to say "Thanks" in advance. I have fretted for years about not having great sensitivity in my glands due to the loss of my foreskin at birth. Thank you for giving me the chance to help restore what was taken away from me before I ever knew I had it.

Adam / Denver, CO December 27, 2005

Hi Ron, Just to let you know the Tugger arrived safely this morning. All washed and now fitted in place. I'm a bit short of skin yet but managed to fit it and it is pulling nicely. I tried the T tape method a few years ago and did grow some extra skin but after about a year had problems with skin tears and sensitivity. Hopefully the tugger will get round all those problems and I can get permanently covered 🙂 Thanks for your service. Take Care

Dave / Southhampton, UK December 9, 2005

Hi Ron, The tugger arrived yesterday -- wow, that's a fast shipment from the US to Australia -- shipped Friday and arrived the following Tuesday!  I really like it, especially the texture of the units which seems to enhance the grippiness. I have only used it for a few hours using your strap adjusted to minimum length and around the waist, however it feels comfortable. And it's amazing the immediate results you seem to achieve (after a long period of non-tugging -- probably mostly short-term), but nevertheless somehow satisfying.  Anyway thanks again, 

Guy / Victoria, Australia December 6, 2005

I am just getting started in my restoration project. But I love your products. My intitial progress and success at getting slack skin has been great. I am sure that over then ensuing months or years if it takes that, I will be well pleased with your tapeless cones. They are comfortable, don't fall off and are easy to use.

Jeffrey / Albuquerque December 3, 2005

I have it on as I write. The cone is the greatest!!!! THANKS 

Jordan / Long Island November 25, 2005

i just wanted to say thank you for this amazing device. i decided to try your canister method, and i have to say, this is my third day with the device on and it feels totally natural. sometimes i forget that i even have it on. i just wish it didn't take so long to get the skin to grow. i have had some skin pinching the first time. this morning's shower, i removed the device and retaped it afterwards. its much easier the second time when you know what to expect. this is great. i am telling my partner about it so he can grow his foreskin too. thanks again.

Dennis / Blue Point, NY November 13, 2005

Ron, thanks for the info on the phone today during your lunch! the book I found you in is called "everything you know about sex is wrong" Russ Kick, editor, 2006. Every once in a while i get obsessed about the circumcision issue, but usually let it go as impractical to change. Your product is the first I have thought seriously about and that looks as tho it's actually practical for daily usage.  I'm going to try the cone and see how it goes. So thank you for that!

John / Columbus, OH November 1, 2005

Hi Ron, Have been away so have just received my TLC Tugger today. Just want to say it's great Ron. I am using the shoulder strap at present and it is so comfortable you wouldn't know you were tugging and I truly believe that I can wear this all day with comfort. I suppose I am eager like everyone else to see overnight miracles but we all know that to do this right it will take time to replace what was taken without approval. Luckily in Australia the rates of circumcision have dropped drastically since I was born (I am 45) that it is now a very strange thing to happen when it was the normal practice when I was born. I think I was fairly unlucky as by the time my brother was born years later it had changed very much that he was not cut and even the year after I was born, a vast majority of my schoolfriends in were uncut. A huge difference in only one year. Many thanks for a great device Regards

Peter / Victoria, Australia October 29, 2005

I have been wearing the skin cone since it arrived and it is wonderful! It has not slipped off a single time. I wore it yesterday with loose-fitting briefs while playing the organ. Playing the instrument requires a great deal of lower body movement. I checked between services and it was positioned exactly as it was when I put it on! Thanks for the video on your website. It was very helpful to see an expert put a tugger on and has made the task much easier for me. Again, thanks so much for your help and for your wonderful product. I see changes daily in the appearance of my glans and its sensitivity and in the amount of loose skin and coverage. Thanks and best regards, 

Greg / Georgia October 24, 2005

Thanks Ron I just happened to stumble upon your website and others offering restoration, I never knew it was possible and it still seems rather far fetched. But, we'll see. I did some research on products and finally chose yours for several reasons: your enthusiasm, accessability, and informative website, tapeless possibility of a tapered foreskin tip (& price !) Since I first discovered this possibility I've tinkered with my own devices...such as a home depot plastic funnel cut down and taped on... but, eventually tape hurts, peels the skin off, is a nuisance etc... Anyway, thanks for your time. I look forward to receiving the product.

James / Los Angeles October 19, 2005

Hey, bud! I need a new TLC tugger. I have worn mine out. I have used my old one for about a year now and have started to get real coverage. My sex life and also my spiritual feelings of wholeness have improved beyond description. Just wanted to let you know that, because I am so appreciative. PS... I need the larger size one.

Lynn / Illinois October 17, 2005

Hi Ron, my name is Kevin. I'm a 34 year old male who recently purchased the Your-Skin Restoration Cone. I was totally shocked at how fast it shipped to me. I had the little box with my cone in about 4 days. I was expecting to wait a week or more. Prior to the cone i was just rolling the skin over the glans but there is not enough to totally cover so I push the glans down inside and used tape to hold it closed. I've been wearing your cone for only one week steady and already I am experiencing tremendous gains in sexual sensitivity. You mentioned in a month to expect sensation, well it has taken me less than a week. To put this in perspective, I used to have the consistancy of rawhide on the glans of my penis. I could literally stuck it with a pin and probably felt nothing. Ive already noticed most of the rough look is almost gone. When I take the cone off i can feel a thin film of moisture on the surface. I cannot believe an 8 dollar chuck of silicon shaped as a lampshade could do so much. I thank you Ron from the bottom of my heart. Thanks so much. ps - in the future i will be purchasing a TLC Tugger device.

Kevin / Nova Scotia October 11, 2005

It arrived today... I am wearing it now, and it is really comfortable. Thanks for helping to restore what we have lost!

Jonathan / Alabama October 7, 2005

I just thought I would let you know that I didn't think the tugger would work. I figured it would fall off, but it doesnt it stays on fine and is very comfortable! 

Jon / Lakeland, FL October 7, 2005

Dear Ron I am very pleased to say that the Tugger pack arrived safely this morning (Wednesday). Thank you very much for such efficient dispatch. I am already wearing the 'Your Cone' and find it most comfortable, but do not think that I yet have enough spare skin to use the Tugger.. I am delighted with my purchase and will keep you informed of progress. I am really into restoring and look forward to the day when I have sufficient skin to use the Tugger. I have also joined the TLC Tuggers' Smartgroup and look forward to reading how other people are getting on. Once again, many, many thanks for all your help and sincere congratulations on your efficiency!! Best wishes,

Michael / Surrey UK October 5, 2005

As of 9-19-05 I have recieved and begun using my new TLC tugger and all I can say is WOW! NOt only was it shipped in an extremely timely manor..but as soon as I got the package, I ran it inside, washed it off and put it on..I can honesly say that I am thouroughly impressed with this creation. I know that I (as well as the others that I will be recruiting into this practice) will not regret this investment. Once again, I thank you and look forward to the results in time.

Stephen / Corpus Christi September 20, 2005

Hey Ron, Just wanted to let you know that I received the order!  Thanks for shipping it so fast. First impressions of the TCL tugger are great! Thanks,

Nathan / San Antonio September 18, 2005

A few weeks ago I purchased a Tugger from your web site.  I just wanted you to know that I got what you advertised, at the price you listed, it came in a few days, and it is a great product. It is so easy to use and I can see the effect of wearing it already.  I hope you get filthly rich. I have tried several restoring methods, I'm 54, and this is by far the simpilist, most economical, and productive method I have tried or seen advertised. Congratulations. 

Michael / Franklin, OH September 5, 2005

Ron, I don't know you personally, but I want just say a big thank you for taking the time to respond back with recommendations of what we should do. This type of care for your customers is great! I will be following your instructions as close as I possibily can. Thanks again, 

John / North Carolina August 30, 2005

Dear Ron, I have been away on a trip, but when I got back the TLC tugger had arrived in the post. Thank you so much. I would certainly recommend your product to anyone I hear about that needs it, though I am not aware of anybody who does. For me this has made circumcision worse for being the odd man out, since circumcision has not been routine in the UK for many years. I would also like to mention some immediate benefits I have had with the cone. When used on its own it is comfortable, it is simple and discreet to wear and it relieves me from thre daily irritation of the glans rubbing against garments which I have experienced every day of my life. From what I have read circumcised men do not normally experience discomfort from rubbing as their glans become desensitised, but in my case it has always been sensitive. I suppose I should be grateful for that but nonetheless it has led to daily discomfort. Once again I thank you. Best regards,

Richard / NSW, Australia August 13, 2005

Through your TLC products you're really doing something great to help so many people. hats off to you!   There was no question about circumcision when my two sons were born. i think one day they'll be grateful for the decision to leave them as nature intended.

Dave / New York City August 5, 2005

Man, your device is the best. The tape is the most horrible thing imaginable. your cone and tugger cause no pain or rash or anything. Thanks

Brad / Miami, FL July 30, 2005

The tugger arrived two days after shipping and I've begun to use. Look forward to seeing hte results that it'll produce. Thanks for the quick, responsive, and professional service. Look forward to doing business with you in the future. 

Greg / Alexandria, VA July 23, 2005

Ron, Received my new cone and tugger a few days ago. Thank you much. Love the new texture; seems to help keep it on more during high tension moments like squatting.  Now I can get back to stretching.  I make sure to put it in the medicine cabinet now when I'm not using it.  Thanks again. Keep the ideas flowing with your products.  

E.S. / San Diego, CA July 20, 2005

You are AWESOME! I'm so excited to receive your product. Thanks again and keep up the good work.  Lots of men out there owe a debt of gratitude to you for such a great device.  I received my package just as you promised and have been wearing it religiously since. It took a little bit of time to get readjusted, since I hadn't been restoring for several months. But once I became accustomed to it, I soon realized the positive results I can get from the TLC Tugger. Thanks again for such a great product. I'll gladly share my results with anyone who'll listen.

Eric / San Francisco July 19, 2005

good morning thank you for sending me the tugger. i received it yesterday and am using it today.

Ralph / Amsterdam July 7, 2005

By the way, with my glans covered for a little more than 2 weeks, the change in sensitivity is fantastic, incredible! I can't believe it! Thanks for showing the way!

Mike / Greensboro, NC July 5, 2005

My Tugger just arrived, and yes I'm wearing it! I'm still learning to use the straps, but I can't believe how comfortable it feels.  I ordered the regular size using the suggested measurements, and I'm hoping the tugger part isn't too small. It covers only half of the head of my penis. I have an average size penis, I don't think I am needing the "oversized" version, but I guess I was expecting the tugger to be bigger...(from the pictures) anyway so far it seems to fit. Thanks for your product, and I'll tell those that I think might be interested. My partner still thinks I'm crazy! 

Tom / San Francisco June 28, 2005

Dear Dr. Low, Thank you very very much!  I will certainly tell my cut friends and will kepe you posted. Hug, {NOTE: Ron is not a doctor}

Christopher / Jacksonville June 21, 2005

Awesome! thanks. I am sending an e-mail to my friends back home and forwarding a link to your website. I will include a link to your website in my groups as well. Goodluck!

Jack / Sterling, VA June 7, 2005

I must confess that I am very apprehensive. However, as I grow older, anything that might help sensitivity is worth a try.  Thanks!

George / Clovis, CA June 6, 2005

Hi, i got the tugger yesterday, just wanted to thank you for prompt service and a great product!

Pat / Waltham, MA June 4, 2005

I am very pleased with my TLC Tugger and the fast delivery. Although anxiously awaiting it, the wait was very short. The illustrated instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It is easy to put on and remove, and comfortable enough to wear all day. Thanks for making my dream of foreskin restoration attainable.

Merritt / San Diego, CA June 4, 2005

Dear sir, I just received your package today, very happy and with thanks. It's very fast delivery and low cost. In Malaysia the postage is more higher compare to US.   I will study and try it . The Silicon Cone is very soft and I think it should me comfortable to use.  Let me try it.  ok? Thanks & regards,

Tsai / Jalan Ampang Malaysia May 21, 2005

The shipment arrived this afternoon. Thanks so much Ron. I appreciate your work in the world. Thanks for giving me back my foreskin. 

Stephen / Hatfield, PA May 13, 2005

Just put the tugger on and I love it!  Much more comfortable than the canister! I didn't know if I would have enough loose skin to use it, but I do.  I'll recommend it to all I can!  Thanks Again!

David / Mayfield, KY May 5, 2005

Thank you again for your help.  I really like the design of the tugger and can't believe how quick and easy it is.  While I wish I had my original anatomy, I'm very happy to have my restored foreskin. Thank you for all you do for those who want the same. 

Charles / Denver April 21, 2005

I got the package today. works beautifully.  Thanks for the fast service!

Wolf / California April 4, 2005

I have received the TLC Tugger and Mini tugger.  Great devices and design, very comfy!  Thanks for the speedy shipment. 

Kevin / Ferndale, WA January 19, 2005

After telling a friend about the cone, he was so interested in it, he made me order him one. It is still the best, and most comfortable device I have encountered yet. Thanks, 

Keith / Atlanta, GA March 3, 2005

On opening the package I was sure I had been duped as a fool - could this be all you claimed it could be?  As an old pro at T-taping (18+ months) I had talked myself into this toy of yours not being any thing other than that - well, did I have to eat my own words.   It is fabulous - I can't get enough of it - it works under the heaviest of conditions I have thrown at it.  Last week I had to install {something} for an {enterprise} and wore it every day, up and down stairs, from squatting to climbing a ladder to do rigging.  It stayed snug and firm - my only complaint is - why didn't I know of this product earlier - it would have saved me so much time and other sticky problems in the past.  It is a wiz to apply - a flash to remove - and easy to wear under anything.   I wear it everywhere and all the time - with confidence and assurance that at any time I am able to remove it in a flash for those great spontaneous encounters or just going to take a pee - its clean - no mess - no fuss - discrete - what else can I say I just love it - I have also introduced 2 other guys to it and I hope they have placed an order.  Also l have notified NORM here in NZ that this product should be promoted as the Number one item for any guy wanting to restore their 4skin..... just fabulous that's all I can say....  This will be a great part of my life until I reach my required 4skin length - keep up the great work - there are more men out there that have not yet found you and I guarantee you when they do they will be just as pleased a I am - yours forever grateful, Jon

Jon / Auckland, New Zealand March 24, 2005

I had a friend take pictures of me using the TLC tugger and also how things look without it (lasts a few minutes).  I plan to post them to the user group as soon as he has sent me all of them.  You should be proud though.  You've made a great device, and I know it's helped me.  My urologist knows about it and approves my use of it.

Jay / Cincinnati, OH January 19, 2005

Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the "Your-Skin Cone" product.  I find it very comfortable and effective.  It does not cause any discomfort compared to the O-rings which creates a sore spot in the shape of a band at the point in which it rests on the shaft skin.  In addition, the O-rings have a tendency to partially slip off, or fall off completely, and the O-ring takes a lot more time to put back on. The cone puts back on in seconds.  At this rate of progress, it is likely that my restoration will be a lot faster than average, and I can't wait to see my progress at 6 months.  It should be amazing.   I love the cone.  It is so warm and comfortable I don't like taking it off.  I can even wear it to bed which I could not do with the O-ring. Thanks for providing such a fantastic product.  A Very Satisfied Customer, 

Howard / Ayer, MA January 15, 2005

Cone arrived in today's mail.  Hard to believe this actually stays on.  A bit fussy for me as I have no extra skin...thanks to some butcher 40 years ago.  However, with a bit of patience I can stretch the skin over enough to allow the cone to do its thing.   Much, much better than that blasted tape. I bookmarked your site in hopes that in a few months I'll be ordering the rest of the unit.  (I'm very impatient)...Will be leaving you positive feedback but I ask that you don't bother leaving me any... (I'm a bit of a private person)......Thank You....I'm quite happy with my purchase.

Pete / Newtown, CT January 11, 2005

Ki ora (hello) Thanks for the prompt mailing of my tlc tugger.  I was a bit hesitant - $100 nz is a quarter of my pay packet - and durability and ease of use were concerns, but I've found as a surfer the ease of taking the tugger on and off as opposed to tape is great.  I'm wearing it at least 50 % more and surfing heaps more often.   I work at a {business} and I can wear at work with nearly no hassle and with temps ranging from 6 degrees c to total humidity from hot washing with 82 degree c water it stays on great.. No more painful foreskin ohhh that’s soo good No painful erections great.    Staps are good too; love the clip (no explaining what fell out my pants).  One month gone, now looking forward (well as much as you can) to the next year or two..  Feel free to use as endorsement/reference  GREAT FUCKIN' JOB MATE !!!!!!!! YEA IF THE OPPORTUNITY ARISES I'LL TELL ANY/EVERYONE ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT.

BH / Otago, New Zealand December 19, 2004

I just wanted to thank you for the TLC system. If you invented it, you are a genius. I was skeptical that the device would actually stay in place, but in practice it never fails. I even jog with it on! I tried several other methods before the TLC, and they were all painful and awkward. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Mike / Lander, WY July 7, 2004

I can't believe how well the TLC Tugger works. It literally stays on for hours at a time, yet can be taken off and put back into place in seconds.  I am seeing - and feeling - great results from this device.  In fact, I'll order a second one for back-up (just in case) while I'm at the site today. 

Tony / New York City June 26, 2004

I just received my cone today and will start using it right away.  Thanks for the quick shipping. I'll go back to eBay in a few minutes to leave some positive feedback for you.  Since I've already told some friends what I am doing I wouldn't mind at all if you were to leave feedback for me as well. I'll be damned proud of my foreskin once I have it back.  Thanks

Charlie / San Francisco June 22, 2004

We've decided that we're not going to circumcise.  Most of why I want to restore is so that I'm better able to identify with my intact son and teach him the things he will need to know.  The increased sensitivity and better sensations are a bonus, too.  Your product is really, really incredible.  There is already noticeably more slack after only two weeks of tugging 12 or so hours per day.   

Mathew / Belmont, NC April 12, 2004

The product is great and I am very pleased with my results. I have got re-growth that is covering the bottom of the corona and forms a ridge behind the glands when retracted. Nice pink healthy skin. Beautiful. Thanks for making this device available.

Tim / Lincoln, NE April 9, 2004

I received everything a few days ago and the device works as advertised.  I'm very impressed with the grip since it hasn't fallen off even once yet.  I'm still trying to get the hang of taking it off and on when necessary throughout the day.  Like anything else, I'll get better with practice.  I have some "before" photos I'd like to post for everyone's benefit.  I hope to do that soon.  Of course, as I make progress, I'll post those photos as well.  Thanks for your prompt shipment.

Neil / Morton, PA April 8, 2004

Hi Ron, this mail is to let you know that the TLC arrived safely.  I am using it now.

Juan / Medellin, Colombia February 7, 2004

I think what you are doing for us men is the greatest thing.  I only wish I would have started sooner.

Jim / Las Vegas February 2, 2004

Thank you for shipping my new TLCTugger today, im so excited! My Friend bought his from you 2 weeks ago and I tried his on and i was hooked (yes, he recommended his tugger to me!)..........I'd made my own tugger, but it doesn't grip like yours does, plus i think yours fits much better........I will let my friends know about the tugger and im sure i will show it off......... Lovin Foreskin! Thanks again, 

Jim / Dundee, OR January 23, 2004

First of all, I wish to thank you for making a fine product.  I have been using your Restoration Cone for just over a month, and already I am seeing & feeling significant differences in my penis.  I am married, and my wife & I are trying to start a family.  Before, my penis was so raw & desensitized, it was almost impossible for me to receive enough stimulation to achieve orgasm.  In addition, my wife would complain that sex w/me would always take so long, & dry her out, making her vagina incredibly sore.  Now after a month, things have changed.  Sex is much more enjoyable, & we may even be able to conceive naturally.  You've really helped me out.   Thank you again so much for your product.  It has changed my life.  

James / LA, CA December 19, 2003

I have been using the Your-Skin Restoration Cone since mid-August this year (2003) and I cannot express how grateful and happy I am to have come across your device.  It is so simple yet it works so effectively. Within a week, I could see parts of the glans appeared to be slightly shiny when my penis was erect. Within a month, I was feeling experiences in oral sex that I had never felt before. Penetrative sex is now fantastic - I am able to feel every movement of my glans inside my partner. I would imagine that I have another two or three months to go before the whole of my glans is smooth and shiny when erect but what has occurred thus far has encouraged me to stick at it. Even the skin of the shaft has a new, invigorated pink and shiny colour. I cannot thank you enough!!! My biggest fear now is that they may one day become unavailable and I am terrified of losing mine! 🙂 I am very keen for other circumcised men in the United Kingdom to experience what you have to offer.  I will be spreading the word. 

Gregory / Devon, UK December 22, 2003

It's pretty amazing really. I already have some coverage, and I am so used to the cone, I don't even know its there. It has become just an automatic habit. I'm very pleased.

Keith / Austin, KY December 24, 2003

Love the cone!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new feelings that the "member" have are out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!I never thought this was possible.   I am proud of this, lets spread the word!!! I told my boss about it, and he didn't believe me so I whipped it out and showed him.!!!!!!! Thanks again Ron----LOVE YA, MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus / Dahlonega, GA December 11, 2003

Thanks for the Quick reply and the really fast service.  I have been using the TLC now for only 5 days now and I can tell it is going to be the device that will restore me. 

Bill / Denver November 20, 2003

Today morning, I received the your package. And now I am using the cone.  I'm love the cone. Perfect invenction. Congratulations... Thanks... 

Aslam / Sao Paulo, Brazil November 19, 2003

The cone arrived today, and I already have it in place. I did have enough skin after all. Man, thanks for a great product. It was really easy to get it placed. Also, I was afraid that it would be uncomfortable, but I hardly know it's there. As soon as I have enough slack, I'll be in touch to order the tugger products. I really appreciate this more than you know. Take care, and God bless . . .

Keith / Austin, KY November 7, 2003

I believe that everyone should benefit from your product. Thanks again for being such an informative and honest person regarding your products.

Chris / New York City November 6, 2003

I just received my TLC Tugger from you yesterday. I am very impressed already. I am more than willing to do this for months because it's so comfortable and easy to use. The material is softer than it looks in the web photos. Thank you very much for making this product available. Once I saw it, I knew I had to get it. 

Dan / Farmington Hills, MI October 19, 2003

To: David cc: Ron (TLC Tugger) I have been using the TLC Tugger since October 10. I can't say enough good things about this product, about the success I have had while using it, and the responsiveness and caring shown from the inventor Ron Low.  As I read all the posts about homemade devices and taping, it amazes me that for $40+ you can have a permanent solution (add up the cost of tape and supplies over the period of a restoration!) that is easy to use, quick to apply and disconnect for those bathroom visits, comfortable and is for me producing rapid results. Forty bucks very well spent; now I can focus on my restoration as opposed to HOW I am going to restore. Also, I bought the Tugger with the cut-out for the frenulum. As I have the remains of a pretty good attachment of mine, this was the only product that I could find that could address the issue. Before I bought the TLC Tugger, I tried cross taping, sockets for a weighted device, and finally settled on a PT with a cut-out. I experienced a learning curve over the first few days learning how to put on the device and keep it on. Now, I wouldn't even consider using another device. It have read about the other devices and the problems and discomfort that users of other products experience. I just wonder why more tuggers aren't using this product. As I write this, 5:00 pm Tuesday, I have been wearing the Tugger (except for my shower) since 7:00 am yesterday. I slept soundly and wasn't even aware that I was tugging all night. Initially I was concerned about the product, because I was cut so tight, I was afraid that it wouldn't be able to use it. That wasn't the case. I am now in week seven of my restoration and will post and updated picture after week eight. The results I have experienced I think are amazing. The added benefit of the restoration cone makes this really two products in one. I have asked Ron multiple questions since I purchased the device and he has been extremely helpful and very quick to respond. The only problem I have had was a three day period (last week) where the device wouldn't stay on as well. After three days of frustration, I asked Ron for help. He responded within hours. It turns out, because I have been experiencing such rapid growth, that the dead skin from the tension and growth was making the surface of the shaft two slippery for the device to stay on. Ron quickly diagnosed the problem. I took two days off (my idea), hence my marathon tugging sessions in the last two days to make up time, applied some vitamin E oil to the shaft and the tugger is back on and staying on. Initially I was very interested in the {other splint-type device}, but I don't think the product can be worn discretely. I have worn the Tugger with shorts, tight jeans, dockers and dress pants to work; it is very easily concealed.  I know I must sound like as salesman, but I am not. I spent very little money, got a superior product, it is working like a dream and the creator cares about his customers. I wish more purchases in life were this good.

Mike / Columbus, OH November 4, 2003


Ryan / Toronto October 26, 2003


Lutz / Bayer, Germany October 22, 2003

I'm anxious to get started. I've considered this for a number of years and kept putting it off. I'm glad I finally took a step. 

Brian / Auburn, CA November 5, 2003


Sue / Sydney, Australia October 11, 2003


David / Les Chapelins, France September 23, 2003

Just wanted to thank you one more time, the package arrived before I went out of town, so I was able to use it all weekend, and after just a couple days of use there is already a visible amount of skin.

Adam / San Angelo, TX September 23, 2003


Anthony / APO, AP (Pacific Military Duty) September 9, 2003

I received the cone..Wasn't too sure how it would work..but I have to say after putting it on, I really think it's going to work..WOW!! THANKS!!!!!!!! It feels awesome on also and pulls just enough!! for a little enjoyment...Who would have thought something like this would possibly work. Thanks again. I left you positive feedback.

Take Care: AWESOME JOB and it Does!!!!!

Karl / Houlton, ME August 29, 2003


Chris / Worcester, England August 28, 2003

THANK YOU! Your tapeless Conical TLC Tugger works wonderfully! I assure you, I will pass on this information to a friend of mine in Toronto, he is considering restoration. AND if he goes through with it, I will have him purchase his Tugger from you.

Scott / Toronto August 25, 2003


Torbjorn / Porsgrunn, Norway August 20, 2003

I received the TLC today. It's great. I got out my suspensory elastic and it's tugging away right now. Very comfortable and easy to put on. What a great product.

David / Arlington, VA August 19, 2003
Rev. Josh

Hi. I got the cone today. In feels wonderful..(warm) I am amazed at how easily it goes on and stays on...

Rev. Josh / Austin, TX August 15, 2003


Brenden / New South Wales, Australia August 12, 2003

I got the cones today. They are exactly what I hoped. The material is perfect for a tapeless device. Amazing how they stay on so well. I went ahead and ordered the tugger just now. I have been researching this for a year and hoped to find a tapeless device that wouldn't pinch the skin too much. This fills the bill perfectly. I'm so excited to start this project. 

Brian / St. Petersburg, FL August 12, 2003

i got the cone today-worn it all day and sure enough it stays on!!!  i am really happy w/it.

Richard / West Patterson, NJ July 28, 2003