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Howard Stern interviews TLC Tugger founder Ron Low
TLC Tugger on The Learning Channel’s Strange Sex
American Circumcision – award-winning documentary including an interview with Ron Low (trailer 1:58).
Full movie Available on Netflix and on Vimeo
Circumcise Me? – BBC documentary including an interview with Ron Low (full)
Howard Stern 2008 Prettiest Penis contest with Ron Low
Tosh.0 highlights intactivism and does a delightful job interviewing Brother K of the Bloodstained Men. Includes 2 second still photo of Ron Low (8:14)
The Real Reason You’re Circumcised – College Humor Classics (3:56)
Sarah Silverman chooses INTACT penis. You should too. (3:47)
Welcome to the Foreskin Revolution (The Feed: SBS Australia) including an interview with Ron Low (11:30)
Broad City: Intact friend describes intimacy in terms the cut guy can’t grasp
Ron Low remakes REM’s hit as Losing Your Religion – a lamentation on foreskin restoration (4:30)
Jay Thomas Show plays Ron’s song Grow It Back Again (5:26)
Meet TLC Tugger by DJ Kenya Matthews
Epic Poem: The Rape of the Cock (6:31)
BBC Documentary Interviews with Restoration Pioneers (2:41)
Howard Stern condemns Mario Viera’s “accidental” circumcision (4:29)
Stan and Terry Radio Show – Foreskin Restoration with Ron Low (25:31)
Foreskin “for a better glide” on the Naked Attraction show (4:32)
Jay Thomas tries Foreskin Restoration on the air with Ron Low (8:49)
Howard 100 News interviews IntactAmerica’s Georganne Chapin
Born Intact – Karaoke Parody of Born to Run (4:58)
2005 interview with TLC Tugger founders (1:54)

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Functions of the Foreskin
Elephant in the Hospital
Circumcision is Bullshit Mario Lopez condemns forced circumcision on Howard Stern Show (4:29)