Our Air devices are available in three configurations: TLC Air, TLC FlexAir, and TLC-X Air.

TLC Air - Use with air pressure, weights, straps, or traction

The TLC Air has a stainless inflation tube rather than a tugging handle. It can be used for air tensioning only, or for air with weight, or for hanging weight only, or with traction. Using a strap is also possible if you loop a 1″ ring over the set screw. The steel tube can be nice and short to be discreet, or add one long enough to hang weight.

TLC FlexAir - Includes a tugging handle.  Use with air pressure, weights, straps, or traction

The TLC FlexAir has the steel inflation tube PLUS a regular chrome tugging handle. So it adds the option to easily use it with straps when not inflating (if you screw the tube out). The presence of the handle means the steel tube has to stick out much further, especially when hanging weights while inflating.

TLC-X Air - Includes a tugging handle on an airtight body.  Use with air pressure, weights, straps, or traction

A TLC-X Air is just like our popular TLC-X except:
– The solid aluminum Rod is replaced by a steel tube,
– The hole where the tube slides is airtight,
– The Pusher has an air hole through it, and
– The Cuff, Spacers, Squeeze Bulb Pump, and Air Valve are included.

Because the hole where the rod slides is snug fitting, the TLC-X spring and Rubber Band modes are ruled out with the TLC-X Air.

All the air systems now use a Squeeze Bulb Pump (instead of the optional silicone hose) that snugs into a 1-way air valve at the end of the steel tube. The pump or hose is removed after inflation and kept close to top up pressure as needed. Also a conical silicone Cuff helps keep the air pressure from making the retaining cone lift. A collar with set screw holds that Cuff to the steel tube.

People ask how to turn their existing device into an air version. A non-air standard Tugger body can’t be air-equipped.

To convert a non-air TLC-X requires “only” a new TLC-X body, air Pusher, and air Tube – plus the bulb pump (or air hose) and stuff – to be a TLC-X Air (cost approx. $85). At least the Selects, collar/collet, and retaining cone are common to air and non-air versions. To put it another way, a TLC-X Air kit requires only a regular TLC-X body and springs to provide all the options of both the air and non-air versions. You’d probably also like a Pusher with no vent hole and shorter aluminum Rod, but that’s optional.

Gentle inflation pressure must be used. We include a few small round band aides as a tool to help you keep your meatus closed tightly enough to prevent air from entering the urethra (most guys find that air intrusion very uncomfortable). Whether you settle on this method or another air exclusion technique, only you can determine the seriousness of the threat posed by pumping or breathing air into the bladder and the best way to mitigate the risks.

Non-Air methods can give more than enough inner-side skin tension to provide optimal skin expansion. You control the inner-outer tension ratio by your choice of where along the skin tube’s length you let the device grip your skin. Adding Air gives you another degree of freedom about where to let the device grip you. It does not give “more” inner skin tension.

There is a simple way to experiment with Air techniques using only our RCX Your-Skin Cone and a balloon. This method is described at our User Forum. Unlike some other Air methods, it does not leak, and it doesn’t let Air shoot up your urethra.

TLC-X Air Demos

Using the TLC-X Air foreskin restoration device. (Stream in new tab)

Using the TLC-X Air foreskin restoration device. (Stream in new tab)

An adhesive bandage on the glans may keep air from going up the urethra, or use a rubber cap made from a condom

Roll skin onto the TLC Air and add a retaining cone

Add large Cuff (or spacer and small Cuff as shown), plus collar and valve

Use new squeeze bulb to inflate TLC Air or inflate by mouth with silicone hose

Wear TLC Air inflated. Keep hose handy to top up the pressure.

Tug-N-Wear can contain any TLC Air version

We generally add gentle tension in accord with the 4-Hour Rule, but inflating by mouth or even by squeeze bulb pump is imprecise and does not lend itself to this experimental approach. NEVER tolerate pain. Consult TLC Tugger or the User Forum regarding any concerns about these new techniques.

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