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TLC Tugger®
T)ape L)ess C)onical devices are made of soft latex-free food-grade silicone. The easiest and most comfortable system available; for the tightest taper. Unmatched warranty and support.

TLC-X Bi-Directional Tugger
The most versatile tapeless foreskin restoration device available. Uniquely can be lengthened as slack increases.

TLC Air Devices
Use air pressure to tension the skin tube uniformly in all directions. Air versions of most TLC devices are available.

TLC Hangers
The first adjustable stainless steel weight system for silicone tapeless foreskin restoration and PE gear.

TLC Packer
Strapless silicone packing system in a range of sizes for every state of slack and apportionment. Unmatched warranty and support.

Your-Skin Cone®
The retaining cone for all TLC Tugging systems is also a passive skin retainer to keep the skin worn over the glans when not tugging.

The first undergarment optimized for tuggers. Unique system to allow comfortable tugging with no risk of loosing track of any part of your device.

The first synthetic foreskin undergarment. Unique latex foreskin substitute can protect a tugger’s sensitivity during vigorous activities when silicone devices might be unworkable.

Device Comparison Chart
Wonderful and very thorough listing of commercial and home-made devices, with links and Consumer Reports-style ratings. Hadn’t been updated since 2009, and so neglected the newer version of the TLC-X Bi-Directional Tugger and the TLC Packer and all air devices last time we checked.

The original tapeless tugger. Very popular. Patented and hand-made by the late Dr. James Haughey. See an archived write-up.

Unique splint invented by Arthur Gibson pushes at the base of the shaft while pulling the skin tube. Tapeless. Similar function now available with a penis extender / traction rig and a tapeless tugger.

Combines packing with tugging, with or without straps. Tapeless.

Tapeless Packing Tensioner. Air version available.
Convenient source for quality T-Tapes, Supplies, Straps, and info.

Dile Insert
Bi-directional (inner/outer) tugger.

Weighted tape-based device

Second Skin Cones
A tape or o-ring method; no relation to the Your-Skin Cone.