ComforTug Straps

Our ComforTug Tugging Straps for day or night tugging are available in white, tan, or black. They feature unique Bodacious™ clips which grab securely while allowing the device to float with your movement, and are fully adjustable (using the same simple solid adjuster style used for bra straps) down to 50% of nominal length.

The 72″ extra-long strap is for shoulder tugging in bed if the user is over 6′ (180 cm) tall or over 200 pounds (90 kg). Otherwise the 48″ strap should work fine.

See TLC Hangers, or the SG Extender Rig for other “external” sources of tension, or our self-tensioning TLC-X Tugger or TLC Packers for strapless skin tension with no external force or fixture.


ComforTug strap - night tugging over the shoulder (Download)

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