TLC Packer

P0, P4, P8, P16, and P24 TLC Packers - tapeless passive tension devices

The Tapeless Conical TLC Packer allows you to comfortably apply tension to the penile shaft skin without straps. The amount of tension is limited by how you stretch and roll out your skin as you apply it. It takes some slack to get it into place. This device is not for everyone. But there are situations for which it is perfect.

TLC Packer models are described by the length (in millimeters) of the cylindrical stage, for example the P8 has an 8mm long cylindrical portion. The available device diameters are 27mm, 30mm, 34mm, and 38mm. Custom 44mm versions can also be made. Each Packer has the same concave inner curvature in the base as the TLC Tugger. For other strapless options, see our TLC-X and TLC Air devices and TLC Hangers weights system (yes, weights work with your TLC Packer).

For clarification, TLC Tugger’s packing devices that let your wrap your skin around these various sized pieces would be called “retainers” by some other device vendors. To us, a “retainer” is a Your-Skin Cone that lets you keep your skin worn over the glans with skin in direct contact with the glans.


TLC Packer application with fail-safe lace (Download)

The Packers feature a sturdy hand-made steel loop at the tip. This can be used for tugging with weights. To use with our straps you’ll need to add a 1″ ring between the Packer and the strap’s clip. The Packer’s loop handle is mainly there so you can affix a slack safety lace (and attach the other end inside your pants). This lace method or TugNWear is highly recommended as a fail-safe so if the device ever comes loose from you, nothing will hit the floor.

Place the Packer against your glans

Roll skin up onto the body of the Packer

Force skin over as much of the Packer as you comfortably can

Grip skin to the Packer with the retaining cone

Optionally the Packer can use strapped tension – daytime leg method shown

The Packer can use Hangers weights (with the THA adaptor kit)

Tug-N-Wear elegantly keeps anything from hitting the floor

The Packer can be used with a traction rig (with optional valet ring and SG Clip)

If you choose to add weights, traction, or straps for the versatile Packer, you’ll fine-tune your tension setting by the 4-Hour Rule. If you use only the passive tension which you can apply during the application step, the tension setting is less precise.

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