The versatile TLC-X gives you so many ways to tug you'll have no excuses to skip a day, and it can expand as you gain slack for the most natural looking outcome.

The Tapeless Conical TLC-X Tugger lets you tension the penile shaft skin with or without a strap. Other options include weights, self-tensioning (fixed or elastic), or a traction rig.

The TLC-X Tapeless Conical Tugger system allows you to extend the inner Pusher section against the glans for extra inner tension. You can also use it without straps, like a dynamic version of the TLC Packer. Read more about how tugging with the TLC-X differs from using the TLC Tugger.


TLC-X Tugger application with Collet – demo

TLC-X with Rubber Band Clip for strapless tension

Using The Cuff with TLC Hangers and other devices

TLC-X with Springs for strapless tension

TLC-X Kit Features:

– Made of soft food-grade latex-free silicone
– Interchangeable 83mm and 108mm aluminum center extension rods
– Stainless steel collet
– Narrowest taper available anywhere
– Unsurpassed control of the final restoration result when used with TLC Selects
– Compact tugger body is actually no wider than the standard TLC Tugger
– Includes RC-X retaining cone with broader opening than standard RC Cone
– Center pusher has groove to accommodate frenular tissue without undue pressure
– Full-year warranty and Right-Size guaranty
– Includes fail-safe lace, inner spring option, and rubber band clip

To apply the TLC-X press the Pusher against the glans

Force skin up onto the TLC-X body

Roll skin forward to cover as much of the TLC-X as you comfortably can

Use two hands to tighten the TLC-X Collet while depressing the Pushing Rod

The TLC-X applied with the Pusher extended about 1cm

TLC-X can also be strapped – daytime below-the-knee method shown

The Loin Cloth trick is a cheap fail-safe scheme for strapless TLC-X tension (or use Tug N Wear)

Weights are a handy tension option with the TLC-X (or try Traction)

Whichever tension source you choose for the versatile TLC-X, you’ll fine-tune your tension setting by the 4-Hour Rule. When used with TLC Selects, the TLC-X gives the ultimate in control of the cosmetic outcome of your restoration for a natural-looking result.

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