TLC Tugger or TLC-X?

Q: “OK, you guys have like a million foreskin restoration options. How do I decide?”

A: When you’re getting started, it really comes down to the TLC Tugger or the TLC-X. TLC Tugger founder, Ron Low, explains:

The strapped TLC Tugger is what I used to get the results you see in the before/after pics on our site. I think my more recent innovation of the TLC-X is capable of giving an even better cosmetic outcome, for reasons discussed at our old User Forum.

Our new TLC Selects spacer disks system works with the TLC-X to let you alter the device length to effectively target your FFRP as you gain slack. See this GIF animation. To put this into action you need the optional set of expansion disks (TLC Selects) for the TLC-X. These give you 7 increments of 3mm each which should take you through about 2 years. Another piece that’s 24mm long gives you 2 more years of gradual device lengthening. (The GIF shows both 3-piece and 24mm options).

The TLC-X also adds strapless options like Rubber Bands (video), fixed Pusher displacement (video), and Springs (video). I do think it’s a good idea to use straps or weights when possible. Strapless tugging is convenient but there is no “free lunch.” As opposed to the TLC-X strapless modes (fixed, spring, rubber band) you will find that USING an external weight, strap, or traction rig means you can apply the device in a more relaxed manner so you will get a more comfortable wrinkle-free application with fewer attempts. External tension also makes it easier to reproduce a tension setting so you can carefully apply the 4-Hour Rule.

Going strapless/weightless on the other hand means that all the tension your outer-facing skin will feel is that which you trap DURING application. So you’ll roll skin up, and through some sleight-of-hand hold it there taut while applying the retaining cone. However, the tension that’s sufficient to cause growth is very gentle, so this is TOTALLY something you can do. I’m just giving you a heads up that there is a physical reason strapless/weightless is a bit more challenging. Chances are you’d need to modify the 4-Hour Rule into a 2-hour rule to account for the more haphazard applications you’re likely to achieve.

So if you want a recommendation it’s:
TLC Selects

That said, I got my results (NSFW picture) with the regular strapped TLC Tugger as I said.

-Ron Low
847 414-1692