The full TLC Tugger gallery of pro-intact songs and song parodies will be back soon. Thanks for your patience.

Born Intact – Circumcision Sing-along – Parody lyrics for Born to Run (Live)

Uncut Apology – circumcision regret parent appeals for forgiveness in song

It’s Beautiful – Pro-Foreskin Parody of You’re Beautiful – Fine Art Slide Show
Losing Your Religion – parody of Losing My Religion – Circumcision Anguish
Wouldn’t Skin Be Nice – Circumcision Parody
Another Brick in the Wall parody – Worst Day of His Life (Circumcision Protesters)
Dicks New – anti-circumcision parody of Fix You by Coldplay -Karaoke sing-along
Circumcision (to Superstitious) by Blood Sweat and Tears front man
Amputee / Refugee karaoke – anti-circumcision parody w/o Vox
Redemption Song parody – Sensations Strong – foreskin restoration / end circumcision
Forgive Me Love – Your House – parody: circumcision regret
Keep Him Whole – circumcision parody Bring Him Home from Les Mis