Device Sizing

There’s a TLC Tugger device in your size. See below for how to measure.

There is no trick to ordering the right size device. Don’t worry about it.

If while forcing the skin forward and nudging the glans back you can hide the glans within skin while flaccid, then you can wear a tapeless device (and if you can’t please try the taped Canister Method for a few months). If you supply us your accurate width measurements or email pics with ruler as shown below, we give you our Right-Size guaranty; that is, a three-months no-questions-asked refund or replacement option.

Just look down at your penis, and with a straight ruler measure the widest point of the head of your penis. Send the flaccid and erect numbers. We’re asking for a width, a diameter. Don’t measure around, measure across. Measure precisely to the nearest 1/16″ or nearest mm.

TLC Tugger flaccid and erect size examples
TLC Tugger flaccid and erect size examples

To get the most accurate numbers, it’s a good idea to make photos like these examples, with the glans on a ruler.  Then you can study the pictures on a screen instead of trying to decide which eye to leave open while you squint at the numbers on the ruler.  Keep the camera about shoulder height and use zoom and lots of light.  You can even send the pics to us attached to an email or text message (but NEVER EVER send us a pic of anyone under 18).

We need the width of the smallest typical flaccid state you’ll be in while handling the penis to apply the device. We also use fully erect size because the retaining cone can be worn by itself to bed, where you will certainly experience nocturnal erections. If the order is for just a Your-Skin Cone and it’s for a minor child we can live without the erect number.  For some advanced devices you will also supply your “Forced Erect Coverage,” the percent of your glans you can temporarily force skin over while erect, so we can size lengths of things like the pushers for the TLC-X, and predict whether devices like Packers or Stretch Tuggers should work for you through even a night’s sleep.

If you don’t have your measurements handy, you can still order.  Once you choose “I’ll email sizes” then the “add to cart” button will appear.  We obviously can’t send a device without the info we’d need to make it.  After you order, promptly send us glans width flaccid and glans width erect, and make sure we know the email address you paid through so we can match those numbers to your order.

WE will worry about device sizes.