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TLC Packer User Declaration

Read this! You could get hurt! Thanks for your interest in the Packer by TLC Tugger. A tugging device gives you the power to do real damage if used carelessly. Even if used correctly, tugging can cause damage if something unexpected happens. For example you might be wearing your device while you have a slip-and-fall […]

FAQ – Full Text

(In most browsers, use ctrl-f to search) Cuff: What is the cuff for? The Cuff is the clear or white thicker conical silicone fitting with the 3mm hole. Use it to secure weights thus: – Apply the freshly washed device to your freshly washed skin and grip your skin with the retaining cone – Optionally […]


We can help you do some comparison shopping – TLC Tugger® T)ape L)ess C)onical devices are made of soft latex-free food-grade silicone. The easiest and most comfortable system available; for the tightest taper. Unmatched warranty and support. – TLC-X Bi-Directional Tugger The most versatile tapeless foreskin restoration device available. Uniquely can be lengthened as slack […]