Danglers Intro

Until the TLC Danglers demo video is ready, here is an intro:

In case you like the idea of weighted tension, we can now offer new TLC Danglers, a system of weights I’ve been using in bed. It can also hang discreetly down your pants leg. The advantage compared to TLC Hangers weights (which attach right to the end of the device) is that the Danglers weight attaches to a cord which can bear over the edge of a chair so the weight can hang down to tug even when you’re seated.  

Our set also includes a long lead and a pulley to help you tug up past your face while sleeping.  (There’s a magnetic release for safety). The pulley guides the cord over or through or beside the headboard so the weights can dangle just above the floor and pull with constant gentle tension.  The Danglers set is 15 ounces total, adjustable in 1-ounce increments. Pieces are also offered separately.

TLC Danglers set

Danglers Pricing:
1 ounce $12.50
2 ounce $13.25
4 ounce $14.50
8 ounce $17.00
Short lead $5.00
​Long lead/pulley/S hook​/magnetic release​ $18.75
ALL of this above $79

Also available:
16 ounce $20.75

Bedtime method:

I apply the device to my penis.  I lie back in bed.  I point my penis toward my face.  I clip a 5-foot long cord to my device.  The cord runs past my nose and over a pulley that is attached via an S hook to the headboard, and then the cord bears straight down. At the lower end of the cord weights are hooked to the cord dangling just above the floor.  

Everybody has their own sleeping arrangements.  If your bed is low to the ground this dangling may not be workable.  It’s ideal when there’s a headboard that’s not solid.  Mine is basically like this one; open.  The pulley is fixed to the lower rail of the headboard by an S hook (included in our set).  Some guys have to make themselves a 1-foot by 4-foot sheet of pegboard to hook the s-hook in.  The pegboard could stand next to the bed (so you’re sleeping at a bit of an angle toward the corner of the bed) or perhaps it stands between the mattress and headboard/wall.

-Ron Low
TLCTugger.com, Inc.
October 23, 2021