Retaining when not Tugging

I believe wearing the Your-Skin Cone during all non-tugging hours can promote suppleness, and ALSO affect the quality and shape of the expanded skin tube, and can contribute to improved skin length.  
-Ron Low
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This may be a dermatologically simplistic model, but,…

We lose about a million skin cells per day over the surface of our whole bodies.  So the skin is always naturally replenishing cells to keep a steady amount.  New cells arise when cells deeper in the skin divide.  A “parent” cell divides in two, creating two “daughter” cells.  On average, about half of the daughters migrate to the surface, flatten, and dry, and eventually slough off like the rest of the million lost cells.  

When we tug, we increase the rate of cell division to outpace the loss of skin cells.  Some of these extra cell divisions occur while we’re wearing tension, and plenty of them occur while we’re not actively tugging (and in each cell the “urge” to divide doesn’t “remember” the direction the tension came from).  Every time a parent cell divides, the resulting daughters will have to assume an alignment with respect to each other as they occupy roughly the space of the former parent cell.  That alignment could be in the direction of a vector lying along the length of the penis, or in the direction of a vector pointing through the thickness of the skin, or in the direction of a circular dimension pointing around the girth of the penis, or in a direction that’s some combination of lengthwise, thickness-wise, and girth-wise.  

IF at the time of a cell division there is at least some latent stress in the skin, then the alignment that the daughters “choose” will be more likely to be the one that minimizes local stress.  So I say keep the skin in the desired condition – rolled forward of the glans and tightly puckered.  The growing skin will have more favorable daughter alignments that help the skin grow into that desired shape.  

We can see many examples of how continuously constrained body parts grow into a shape that conforms to the constraint.  A compelling one is the disfigured feet of victims of Chinese foot binding practices from over a century ago: Bound Feet Example  

I think another compelling one is my own shaft skin.  I stopped tugging in 2006 after tugging for 5 years.  I have worn the Your-Skin Cone to bed every night since.  In the summer of 2021 I rode in the World Naked Bike Ride to protest climate change.  Three hours after I got naked, the ride stopped for a rest and I posed for this NSFW photo: Ron naked on a bike. You can see how the skin hugs the glans, but of course it easily and comfortably rolls back onto the shaft as needed.

The bound feet and the restored foreskin are both consistent with the model I describe.  If we are getting MORE lengthwise divided-cell alignments, that means we are getting FEWER girth-wise and thickness-wise alignments.  So yes, gently retaining when we’re not tugging can help us yield a longer and more naturally puckered-looking restoration result.