TLC Selects Animation

Our recent innovation of extensible devices – like the TLC-X, TLC Stacker, or VLC-X – is capable of giving the best possible cosmetic outcome, for reasons discussed here.

To see how optional TLC Selects change device lengths, see this GIF animation.

The animation shows how the TLC Selects spacer disks system works to let you alter the device STARTING length to effectively target your FFRP continuously as you gain slack. To put this into practice you choose a combination of expansion disks (TLC Selects) for the specific added length (in 3mm increments every few months) to keep up with your increasing slack. So the 3-piece 21mm set gives you 7 increments of 3mm each which should take you through about 2 years. Adding the 4th piece that’s 24mm long gives you about 2 more years (8 more 3mm increments) of gradual device lengthening. (The GIF shows both the 21mm set and the 24mm option).