Your-Skin Cone Usage Advice

Read this! You could get hurt!

Thanks for your interest in the Your-Skin Cone by TLC Tugger. A skin retaining device gives you the power to do real damage if used carelessly.

Men* who wish to restore slack skin use our Your-Skin Cone line of skin retainers. They let you keep the skin rolled forward so it covers the glans 24/7. To use, roll as much skin up onto the glans as you comfortably can and place the cone to prevent the skin from rolling back.

The gentle amount of tension that can be trapped during application is NOT sufficient to expand slack skin appreciably, even if worn for many hours per day.

Use care when retaining. Stop what you’re doing and seek prompt medical attention if any restoring or retaining activity gets uncomfortable. Get medical advice before starting if you have diabetes, hemophilia, Raynaud’s phenomenon, chronic substance abuse, or any condition that might affect normal circulation or pain sensation.

Bear in mind the bulky device attached to your penis when choosing what daytime activities to engage in. Consider how far from ready privacy you’ll be, and how you would accomplish resetting a device that got out of adjustment.

IMPORTANT: Try any technique with which you wish to sleep BEFORE getting into bed – while awake and with an erect penis – since you will most certainly have nocturnal erections in your sleep. While sleeping with a pillow under your knees may help keep you on your back, do take stock of the sorts of mishaps that could occur if you flop around in your sleep while wearing a device. If you decide to proceed, set an alarm every two hours the first few nights so you can check on the state of your penis and device. Never force the penis to point down toward the knee when erections are expected.

IMPORTANT: Keep the retaining device clean. The recommended regimen for silicone devices is daily washing with a soft toothbrush and soap in the shower, followed by thorough rinsing and patting dry. This will have a positive effect on the gripping power of the device. Wipe the tapeless device at mid-day (if a thorough washing is not possible) to keep it gripping all day long.

The device coming off while in public could cause embarrassment and perhaps even disqualify you from certain professions. Take steps to avoid this. A Tugging Jock like is offered by is a way to contain all parts in the event a device loosens from your penis.

While 1000s of men* have found foreskin restoration worthwhile, it is not well studied scientifically. Like many things in life, it is something we may undertake even in the face of uncertainty because we hope the rewards outweigh our general perception of the risks. Stay in touch with and the free online User Group: ( to be apprised of any newly identified risks.

When you get the gear if you are unsure how to proceed, please ask questions via e-mail, the free online forum, or by calling 847 414-1692 until you are comfortable with the answers, or return the devices for a refund.

You are responsible for your own health, and for decisions about how to restore and what activities to engage in with a device on. Nobody at, Inc. is a doctor.

-Ron Low
President,, Inc.