Welcome to the TLC Tugger / MOS offer page. Choose any of the kits on this page and get the Matters Of Size discount on your whole order (use coupon code MOS at checkout).

Our Ventless Conical VLC Tugger gear allows you to comfortably apply tension to the penile shaft.

VLC gear is very easy to use (see demo).

Tugger application demo video (Download)

– Place the tugger piece (white) against your glans
- Roll some shaft skin up onto the body of the tugger
- Retain the rolled-up skin with the clear Your-Skin Cone
- Apply tension to the handle with the included ComforTug™ strap or your choice of weights, extender rig, etc.
- NO TAPE! NO permanent mods to the extender.

A VLC is a comfortable all-day stretcher. We use the 4-Hour Rule to fine-tune the tension with any method. But since PE guys tend to also do sessions with more tension for shorter intervals than restorers do, it often becomes a 2-Hour or even a 20-Minute rule for those PE modes.

To use a VLC you need slack that lets you force-cover the glans. So nudge the glans back while raking the skin forward. If you can hide the whole glans in skin then the VLC will work for you (if can't you can use tape methods for a few months to get ready).

While using a VLC you're getting a vacuum seal by wrapping your skin around the device, so it may slacken your skin some. But don't worry; the device is custom sized so it's no wider than necessary. And since it's ventless and clings to the glans by vacuum the skin tube will only stretch as far as the stout penile shaft will let it go, which is not far.

Nobody accidentally restores a foreskin. Measure your Forced Erect Coverage now and monthly so you'll know objectively if anything has changed. Even guys who've deliberately restored for years can look typically cut any time they wish by just wearing the skin back on the shaft instead of rolled forward over the glans. Every kit has a full-year warranty (3 months for straps) plus a 3-months no-questions-asked refund option period in case you don't like the way things are trending.

VLC Devices

We have the VLC Tugger for those who prefer strap tension or a traction rig. The kit includes a custom-sized tugger and retaining cone, plus a tugging strap and the SG Clip to hook the handle of the tugger to an extender.


Our VLC Hanger is for those who prefer weights or a traction rig. It features a rod and a collar with set screw to secure weights or straps. Offered with or without weights. (More weights and longer rods are listed on our TLC Hangers page.) The kit includes a custom-sized hanger and retaining cone, plus a tugging strap and the SGX Clip to hook the rod of the hanger to an extender, as well as a ring so the strap could be clipped to the rod just behind the included collar.


The VLC-X lets you use straps, weights, or a traction rig to tension the shaft while ALSO giving optimal foreskin restoration (if you use pushing action by extending the movable rod after application and also use the included TLC Selects spacers to gradually lengthen the device so the skin is always tensioned aggressively). The VLC Packer/Stacker kit is ideal for intact guys doing PE, since the included TLC Selects let them fine-tune the device length to make sure the natural roll-over point comfortably falls at the skinniest part of the device. Includes tugger, pusher, rod, retaining cone, and strap.


The VLC Packer lets you use straps, a traction rig, or (with optional accessories) weights to tension the shaft. It can also be worn by itself in briefs (since it has no handle sticking out) to keep a passive level of tension in the skin, for those pursuing foreskin restoration. Packers are available in longer lengths for intact guys who want to make sure the natural roll-over point comfortably falls at the skinniest part of the device, or for restorers who want to get aggressive tension with a simple device. Includes packer, RCX retaining cone, strap, and ring, plus SG Clip to hook the ring to an extender.