Viafin-Atlas company sells a temporary artificial foreskin undergarment product called SenSlip. This is great news, because it is raising awareness about intactness, and increasing men's curiosity to seek improvement. There's nothing like the protection of your own skin tube, but a SenSlip can protect a restorer's sensitivity during certain active sports and other activities (karate? horseback? dance?) if tapeless silicone devices prove unworkable. SenSlip requires laundering, and each cycle causes it to deteriorate. SenSlip has a much shorter service life than a Your-Skin Cone.

SenSlip is sold in sizes and is usually sold in quantities. TLC Tugger will for a limited time offer individually wrapped single units.

We're selling the new, improved SenSlip, which is more sheer than the original. We offer the flesh-pink color. If you want the other SenSlip colors, including brown, or sizes we don't list, please get those directly from

See the SenSlip Application Guides: SenSlip Page 1 SenSlip Page 2 to understand how it works.

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SenSlip “synthetic foreskin” undergarment for protection and normal appearance

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