TLC Hangers - a flexible line of tugging devices and weights

The TLC Hangers weight system gives men another great option for tension. Nothing tugs as consistently as the gentle hug of earth's gravity.

The 1.75" diameter weights set consists of a 5.5 ounce conical cup that puts as much of the weight as possible up high around the retaining cone. The other pieces weigh about an ounce each, so you can fine-tune applied weight in 1-ounce increments.


Using The Cuff with TLC Hangers and other devices

Hangers Kit Features:

- Tugging device made of soft food-grade latex-free silicone
- Weights made of dense easy-care 304 stainless steel so productive amounts of weight are compact enough for discreet all-day wear.
- Compact 1.75" diameter (narrower than a typical Your-Skin Cone). They stack at 8 ounces per inch.
- Quickly adjustable for optimum comfort and effectiveness.
- NO PINCH POINTS! Because the weight is OUTSIDE the skin tube, no incidental contact with furniture will ever give you a painful bite.
- Rides higher and more discreetly than other weight systems.
- Lifetime warranty on stainless parts, plus our usual 3-months, no-questions-asked refund* option.
- The CSH collar and set screw plus the new Cuff give a quick and simple way to add variable weighted tension to the TLC-X, VLC Hanger, TLC Hanger, or TLC Air devices. (With THA adaptor kit weight also works with TLC Packer).

Apply a tapeless device against the glans

Roll skin up onto the device

Add the retaining cone to securely grip

Add weight - VLC Hanger, H5 Weight, and Cuff shown

The TLC-X can require RCH spacers to get the Cuff past the tugging handle

The VLC Packer can use weights with the THA adaptor kit

Tug-N-Wear elegantly keeps anything from hitting the floor

The VLC Hanger can also be used with a traction rig for tension

Whether you choose weights, traction, or straps for the versatile TLC Hanger, you'll fine-tune your tension setting by the 4-Hour Rule.

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